Chapter 3

When they were finished they headed back home. Manda watched anxiously out her side of the jeep to see if their gorgeous neighbors were still outside. The short one with the blondish-brown hair was still there sitting on the front porch talking on the phone, he looked up when they drove past and flashed Manda a great smile. "Oh my god.." she gasped, "he smiled at me!!!"

"Oh Lord," Amanda muttered, "Iím not going to hear the end of it now." "You hush, I noticed you were a little preoccupied at the restaurant yourself there." "I was not," Amanda insisted. "Yah sure whatever." "Oh shut up, look Nateís here," Amanda told her changing the subject as she pulled into the driveway.

"Hey girls," he greeted them as they pulled up. "Hey," they replied in unison. It took them almost 2 hours to unload everything, but when they had finished they had only a few cuts and bruises. Nate stayed a little while to rest and cool down, then he left saying he wanted to make it home before dark.

Amanda thanked her cousin numerous times and gave him some money for dinner. After he left she looked at Manda and said, "there is no way Iím unpacking now, lets go play a game of 1-on-1 at our new hoop." Manda looked at her curiously. "You donít like sports." "I know but hey Iím in a new place might as well try something new." They searched through the boxes until they found the ball and then ran outside. After about 30 minutes Manda was royally kicking Amandaís butt, but they were having fun. So much fun in fact that they didnít realize that the blondish boy the had seen earlier was watching them.

"Hey watch this," Manda said. She backed up and ran towards the hoops leaping through the air slam dunking the ball. It would have been great but as soon as she landed she crumpled to the ground yelping in pain. Amanda just stood there in shock. Suddenly their cute neighbor was at Mandaís side. "Are you okay," he asked concerned.

She nodded, "it only hurts a little," she lied as she tried not to cry. He offered her his arm and helped her stand, she grimaced in pain and suddenly became very dizzy. "Manda!!" was the last thing she heard before everything went black.

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