Chapter 32

Brian and Manda finally decided to leave the beach, and head back home. When they got back, Nick and Amanda were alseep on the couch. "Must have been a long day..." Brian whisperd, Manda nodded. "Let's go to my place for a bit. Let's let them rest." "Okay."

Brian brought Manda over, surprising the other guys. "Hey! What are you two doing here?" Kevin asked with a smile. "Nick and Amanda are sleeping, we didn't want to bother them..." Manda said. "Were they, um, reinacting yesterday... " Howie snickerd. Brian gave him a look. "Amanda's been through a lot today." Brian and Manda sat down, and explained everything to them. "Man, sorry. I didn't know." Howie apologized. "It's okay. I'm just scared that he's going to try and come back and hurt Amanda, or maybe even Nick..." Manda said, choaking up a bit. Brian put his arm around her. "No one's going to hurt either of them... They are going to be just fine..." Manda nodded, but she knew better. She knew how Amanda's ex really was. He never gave up with out a fight...

Amanda slowly woke up, and saw that Nick was still sleeping. "Aw... How cute..." She quietly got up, and looked around. There was no sign of Brian or Manda. Slowly, she made her way into the kitchen, and opend the fridge. She took out the milk, and poured herself a glass. When she was done, she put the glass in the sink, and looked out the window. She then felt a hand on her shoulder, and she jumped.

She swung around, and saw it was Nick. "Nick, you scared me..." She said, letting out a deep breath of air. "I'm sorry Amanda, you just looked like you needed someone." She looked up at him, and hugged him. "I do need someone... And I'm glad it's you..." "Why don't we go over to Brian's for a while? He's probably there with Amanda." Amanda nodded, and held onto his hands. He lead her over to Brian's and they walked right in the door.

"Hey guys. How's everything?" Nick said, bringing Amanda into the kitchen. Manda got up and ran to her friend, giving her a huge hug. "Are you okay?!?" "Yeah, Nick's taking good care of me..." She replied. "Let's make a promise. We never leave each other's sight. Well, unless, you know..." The two girls laughed to themselves, while the guys looked at them funny. "Let's do something. I'm getting bored." Manda whinned. "Sorry, our house isn't interesting enough for you..." Kevin said, trying to act hurt. "I didn't mean it like that... I just meant..." Amanda replied defensively. "I know what you meant. Teasing. I was teasing you." He replied. "Oh, got it..."

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