Chapter 33

“Well, what do you want to do?" asked AJ. Everyone shook their heads, "I don't know." They were sitting around thinking when they heard glass breaking. "What was that?" asked Nick. Amanda was standing next to the front window and glanced towards her driveway. "Oh my god, my car" she shrieked running out the front door. "Amanda get in here, " Nick cried chasing after her. "Amanda," Manda shrieked following after them. "Manda!" Brian yelled racing forward to grab her. He pushed her towards Howie, "keep her inside," he ordered and ran after Nick and Amanda. Nick tackled Amanda in the grass before she could get to the driveway. "Nick get off me, he's trashing my car." "better your car than you," he said sharply holding her close to him. "No, get off, he's not going to ruin my life again. I won't stand by and let him take advantage of me anymore." Then with a burst of adrenaline she slipped out of Nick's grasp and ran towards her jeep.

Nick was on his feet only 2 seconds behind her but it was long enough for John to make his move. Grabbing her arm and twisting it behind her back he pulled her close to him and raised the crow bar in the other. Nick stopped dead in his tracks. "Don't come any closer pretty boy or she gets it." Amanda was struggling against his arms her eyes wide with fear. He twisted her arm hard and she yelped in pain. When she cried out Nick took a step forward to help her. "Don't Move," John screamed. Out of the corner of his eye Nick saw Brian sneaking around the edge of the house behind John. It was dark out and Brian had dark clothes on so he was well covered. "Nick, she started sobbing, "I'm sorry." "Amanda it okay, it's not your fault. I won't let him hurt you." John backed up dragging Amanda with him, he slammed her against the hood of his truck, so that she was facing him. "You thought you could get away you little bitch. You thought moving to Florida would keep you safe. Don't you realize no one wants you, you're a slut and trash, you think he really wants you. You know he wants the same thing I wanted, he knows you are a slut, you are nothing," he hissed at her. She was crying and Nick felt his heart break, he stepped forward again. John saw the movement and flipped around, "you want her dead, then take another step." Then he turned back to Amanda, "you know he can't take care of you, he doesn't love you. I love you, I can take care of you." He told her and kissed her hard. "Ouch, you little bitch you bit me." He raised his hand to slap her and that was all the time Nick and Brian both needed to lunge at him from two directions. Amanda screamed and fell to the ground. Kevin, AJ, Howie and Manda came running out of the house towards the scream. Kevin and AJ helped Brian subdue John and Manda, Howie, and Nick rushed to Amanda's side.

She was lying on the ground shaking. Nick put his arms round her and she shrank back away from him. "What did he do to her," Manda whispered. "He told her the most awful things. He called her a bitch and a slut and told her he was the only one that could love her." "that's what he did when the were dating, he made her feel like she was trash. He made her believe that she wasn't good enough for anyone and that he was doing her a favor by dating her." Manda told him. "Nick?" Amanda whispered. "yes, baby." "Nick," she sobbed as she sat up and reached for him. He took her in his arms and held her tight rocking her back and forth. He picked her up and carried her into the house and upstairs to her bedroom.

Brian walked over to Manda, "is she okay?" She nodded and hugged him tight around the waist, "she'll be okay. Nick will take care of her." He reached down and tilted her chin to look at him, "you don't have any crazy ex-boyfriends do you?" "Nope, just a crazy current boyfriend," she teased. "Good, now lets go inside." They walked past AJ, Kevin, and Howie who were talking to the police and into Brian's house. He shut the door and wrapped his arms around Manda. "You wanna go upstairs," he asked. "Sure," she whispered. Taking her hand he led her up the stairs and down the hall to his room and shut the door.

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