Chapter 34

Manda looked around his room, and smiled. "A water bed I see..." She said, moving towards it, carefully sitting on it. "Yeah, you like?" He asked, sitting next to her, making Manda go up and down. "Yes... I always wanted to see what it would be like to..." She stared intently at Brian, not finishing her sentence. Brian smirked, and moved a bit closer, leaning in to kiss her. Manda put her arms around his neck, and pulled him close, kissing him forcefully. Manda aggressively began to take off his shirt, and he helped her along the way, breaking their kiss only once. Minutes later, Brian pulled away, and caught his breath. "Feisty one, aren't you?" He whispered to her. Manda giggled, "I thought guys liked girls who were aggressive?" She said, pinning him down on the bed, and crawling onto of him. "We do, I do... I just never really pictured you to be like this..." Manda laughed. "Just shut up and kiss me." She said, leaning down. "Yes ma'am..." Not another word came from either ones mouth. Brian moved, and this time, pinned Manda down. He held himself above her, and stared at her. He went down to kiss her, and the bed moved, making Manda giggle. He began to kiss her neck, but she still giggled. Brian sighed, stopped and laid down next to her. She slowly stopped. "I'm sorry, it's just... The bed keeps on moving. It's a little hard to get "in the mood", when this thing keeps going up and down..." She put her hand over Brian's chest. He put his arm around her shoulder, and kissed her forehead. Manda looked up at him, and he smiled down at her. "Next time... My bed..."

Back at the girls house, Nick had brought Amanda to her bed, and she was laying in it, staring blankly at the wall. Nick was sitting on the floor next to her. After a long silence, she spoke up. "Nick, was John right..." "Huh? About what?" He asked, looking over at her. "About what he said about me..." Her voice cracked a bit when she said that. Nick grabbed her hand, and looked deep into her eyes. "Amanda, I don't want you to believe a single word that guy ever said to you. He only said those things to hurt you. Everything he said was a lie." Amanda wiped a few tears from her eyes. "Honestly?" Nick sighed, and got on the bed, taking her in his arms. "You are beautiful, and have so much going for you. You have a great best friend, a bunch of new friends, a really nice, new, hot boyfriend..." Amanda giggled a bit, "and don't you think otherwise. If you ever doubt that, even for a single second, come tome, and I'll show you that you're wrong." Amanda smiled, and hugged Nick tightly. "I love you Nick. I don't ever want to let go of you..." He kissed her cheek. "Then don't. I won't leave, so don't..."

Howie, Kevin and A.J. finally were able to go inside, because the last of the police had left. A.J. decided it was time for him to go home, so he said bye, and left. Howie and Kevin headed up to their rooms, tired from the long evening they just had. "Man, I can't wait to get some sleep." Kevin said, rubbing his eyes. "Me too... I'm glad that that guy won't be coming back..." Howie replied, yawning. "Yeah. Hey, did Bri go to bed?" "Already? He's usually still up watching TV..." They both saw a light on in his room, and went to see if he was there. Kevin, opened his cousins bedroom door, looked in, and quickly closed it. "What??? What was it???" Howie asked. "I'm just going to say this, I saw Brian's shirt on the ground, and he wasn't alone..." Howie stared at him wide-eyed. "Man... He's got it good..." Kevin just laughed. "Poor, poor Howie...We have got to find you a girl..."

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