Chapter 35

The next day Manda woke to the sound of birds chirping and Brian's light breathing. Quietly she tried to slip off his bed, but the minute she moved so did the waterbed. Brian woke up and grabbed her arm pulling her back down next to him. "You weren't thinking about leaving were you?" She placed her hands on his bare chest, "no I really need to use the bathroom." "Okay, but if you don't hurry back I'm going to come and get you." She rushed into the bathroom and was back in 2 minutes, jumping onto Brain's bed sending waves rippling throughout the mattress. Brian laughed and she giggled. He pulled her back to him and kissed the top of her head lightly, "I really do love you Manda." "So do I Brian, so do I."

Back at the girls house Nick and Amanda were both asleep. She was cuddled close to his chest and he had his arms wrapped around her tight. The phone next to her bed woke them up with a start. "Hello," she said groggily. "Yes is this Amanda?" "Yes, who is this?" "My name is Star Clement and I'm a writer for the Orlando Chronicle." "Sorry, no comment," she muttered and hung up the phone. Rolling over on her back she stared up at the ceiling. Nick played with her hair, neither one said a word. It was Nick who finally spoke first, "Sweetie, how are you feeling?" "okay I guess, but I'm still scared." "Why are you scared?" "Because what if they let him go, what if he comes back and this time you aren't here?" "Amanda he's not coming back, the police took him to jail. Besides I told you I would never leave your side." She sighed, "Nick you can't be with me every waking second. You have a family and your own house, you have a career, and as soon as your tour starts again you won't be there at all." Nick didn't reply, he'd never thought about what would happen when he had to leave. "I won't go." "What do you mean you won't go?" she asked. "If Donna won't let me bring you with me, I won't go." "Nick, that's crazy, you love to sing, you can't just give it up." "I know I love to sing, but I love you more. If I have to choose between the two I'll always choose you." She sat up and stared at him with wondering eyes, she could tell by the seriousness in his voice and eyes he was telling her the truth. "Oh Nick," she whispered. He leaned towards her and kissed her softly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up into his lap deepening the kiss as she pulled herself even closer.

"Manda can you pass me the cornpops," Brian asked. She was standing at the stove making him breakfast and he was getting really hungry, he wanted to eat now. "No, you just wait until I'm done." "Mmm, I smell bacon and eggs," said Kevin walking into the kitchen. Brian grinned, "can't have none they are mine." "Brian Thomas," Manda scolded, "you can share." "Oh," Kevin teased, "she's using you full name." "Kevin Scott, don't tease you cousin," she scolded at him too. Brian laughed at Kevin's shocked expression, "haha you got in trouble." Kevin threw the sponge at Brian and laughed. "Mmm, Howie D smell food, Howie D hungry," a voice growled from the doorway. Brian and Kevin looked at each other and in unison said, "can't have none it's ours!!" Everyone started laughing and Howie stared at them like the were all nuts.

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