Chapter 36

Manda fed the guys, and sat down at the table, staring at them eat. "You guys look like you haven't eating in years..." She said, as they all practically inhaled the food. "We've just haven't had a GOOD home cooked meal in a while." Kevin said, taking another mouthful of his eggs. "Hey, I cook..." Howie said. "Yeah, but Manda cooks WELL." Brian said, smiling at her. "Well then, I guess I'm just going to have to come over more often and feed you guys..." They all nodded their heads, their mouths too full to answer. Manda rolled her eyes. "I'm just going to go home and get changed. I'll be back." They didn't answer her.

Manda walked through the front door, and called out to Amanda. No one answered. "I guess her and Nick went out..." Manda said aloud to herself. She walked up the stairs and into her room. She decided to take a quick shower. After, she threw her hair up into a messy bun, and put on a pair of shorts, and a halter top. She walked over to the table next to her bed, and picked up the picture of her, Amanda, Brian and Nick with the dolphins. "Man, Brian is such a sweetie... What am I supposed to do when he's gotta go back on tour???"

Manda put the picture down, and began to head out. On her way out, she heard giggling. "Stop it..." A playful voice said. Manda knew it was Amanda, but wonder why she was giggling. Being the nosy one that she is, Manda walked quietly to Amanda's door, and peered in slightly. Amanda was sitting on Nick's lap, and he was tickling her like crazy. Amanda was giggling uncontrollably. Manda smiled, and walked downstairs. "Nick! Stop!" Amanda protested, slapping his arm lightly. Nick stopped. "Why? It's so much fun..." "Yeah, but you can't get any of this done when you're doing that..." Amanda said, pulling his face over and kissing him. Nick moved his hands to her waist, and began to tickle her again. Amanda laughed and pushed him away. "See!!! I can't kiss you if you're going to do that!" Amanda got up from the bed, and began to walk away. Nick jumped up at her, and both of them fell to the ground, making a loud thud. "Ow... Nick, be careful..." Amanda said, starting to get up. Nick stopped her, and pinned her down. "No more tickling, I promise..." He said, going down to kiss her. Amanda kissed him, but began to tickle him this time. He covered himself from her tickles, and Amanda ran off down the stairs. Nick chased after her, and the two of them raced around the house, like mad lunatics, screaming and yelling.

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