Chapter 38

Brian parked his jeep, right in a clearing besides the beach, and jumped out. He walked over to Manda's side, and opend the door for her. "Madam..." He said, extending his hand to her. "Why thank you, sir." She replied, taking hold of his hand and stepping out. Brian grabbed the picnic basket, and brought Manda to a spot in the clearing. He put the basket down, and ran back over to the jeep. He pulled out a blanket from the back, and went back over to Manda. He opend it up, and put it on the ground. He sat down, and patted the floor next to him. Manda smiled and sat down next to him. "So what's for dinner? You cooked?" Manda asked, half wondering, half surprised. "Yes, I DID cook..." Brian replied, pulling out some of the food, "and it's pasta. Howie helped me a bit, though..." Manda kissed his cheek. "You are too much..." "All for the girl I love." Brian kissed her back, and finished emptying the basket.

Amanda and Nick were consumed with each other, neither one wanted to break their hold. They both had moved over to Amanda's bed, and not once, broke the kiss. Amanda began to un-do Nick's shirt, but in her mind, she knew it could lead to things she may not be ready for. She took it, and threw it on the floor. Nick began trying to take off her shirt, and she did it for him. She had a few thoughts of doubt in her mind, but Nick's kisses made them slowly creep out of her head. She kissed his lips, with more passion than ever before. "Nick..." She whisperd, kissing his earlobe. "Yeah?" "I, I want this, but I'm not sure..." She replied, kissing his neck. "Don't worry... If you feel uncomfortable, tell me..." He moved his mouth back to hers, stopping her from saying more. His hands began to slowly peal on of her bra's straps off, his lips kissing her now bare shoulder. He did the same on the other side, Amanda sighing with pleasure to herself. Nick caressed her shoulder, over her neck, and to the other shoulder, then up to her mouth. He stopped, leaveing the smallest space between his lips and Amanda's. "I love you Amanda, more than anything." "I love you too Nick, I love you too..." She said. She went to say something else, but Nick kissed her lips once more...

Brian and Manda got up from their spot on the blanket, took off their shoes, and walked through the cool sand of the beach. Manda stopped him, and they stood on the beach, watching the sun begin to set. Manda wrapped her hands around his waist, and leaned her chin on his chest, staring up at him. "Know what?" She asked, smiling. "What?" He asked looking down at her, smiling also. "One month ago, I fell in love with this guy. And ever since then, he's treated me like a princess. I just wanted to thank him." Brian smiled. "Thank you my Prince Charming, for being the greatest thing to happen to me." "Thank you, my princess, for being the one who hold my heart as close as I hold yours." Brian kissed her lips, and Manda returned it. The sun set into it's resting place, as the two of them stood there, lost in the moement, and each other.

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