Chapter 4

Manda slowly opend her eyes, and was faced with this beautiful dirty blond, blue eyed beauty. "Man, this has gotta be a dream." She said, rubbing her eyes. "Sorry, you aren't dreaming miss..." Manda looked again, and saw that it was their neighbour standing over her.

Amanda helped Manda sit up. "Oh my God. You're finally awake... I was afraid I was going to lose you. You weren't answering me, and..." She held her friend in her arms. "Don't ever do that to me again Manda." "Believe me... I wont." Manda tried to stand up, but fell back to the ground. "Okay, I won't try that again..." She said, holding onto her ankle. "Here, lemme help you." Their neighbour picked Manda up into his arms. "Hold on." He told her. "Kay..." She said back. She couldn't help but look at him. He carried her to the front door, and Amanda opend it for him. She lead him inot the living room, and he set Manda down on a couch.

"Thanks, uh... I didn't get your name..." Manda said. "It's Brian. You're Manda right?" "Yeah..." "Is that short for Amanda?" "Yeah, but I use Manda, cause it gets real confusing..." "My name's Amanda too." Amanda said. He looked at them both. "Yeah, we know... Best friends with the same names..." Amanda said. "You get used to it after a while..." Manda added. She went to rub her ankle. "Man, that was one stupid move I did outside..." "It wasn't that stupid, it was pretty good up until the falling on your ankle part." Brian said. Manda smiled up at him. 'Man is he hot...' She thought to herself. 'What did I do to deserve him...'

Brian looked around the house at all the boxes. "So you guys just moved in, hun?" "Yeah, we didn't feel like unpacking, so we went to play some 1-on-1." Amanda said. "Now we're going to have a hard time puting everything away if I can't walk..." Manda said. "Well, if you guys want, I could help you. I have a few friends who could help too, only if you want that is." Brian explained.

The two girls looked at each other. Amanda could tell that Manda wanted them to say yes, she seemed to have grown a tad fond of Brian. "Sure. Why don't you guys come by tomorrow at around 9? Manda and I can last 'til then." "Sure, sounds good. So I guess I'll see you two tomorrow then?" "Yeah, tomorrow..." Amanda replied. "Bye." He said walking to the door and opening it. "Bye..." Manda called out.

Amanda closed the door and went over to see her friend. "He seems like a nice guy. It'll be fun to have him as a neighbour. What do you think?" Manda was grinning. "Believe me, I like him..." Manda yawned and out stretched her arms. "Here, sleep, we've got a long day ahead of us." Amanda said, pulling a blanket out of an open box, and putting it on Manda. Amanda rested herself on another one of their couches, drifting to sleep with a picture of the guy from the McDonalds earlier...

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