Chapter 41

About 2 hours later Brian and Manda were driving home. He held her hand, but nether one said a word. As they passed the park Manda glanced out of her window. 'Brian stop, pull over." 'Why what's wrong." She hopped out of the jeep, "come one." As he jogged across the park he saw why she had, had him stop. There asleep on a swing was Amanda and Nick on her lap. He laughed quietly as they stopped in front of them. "I swear those two are always falling asleep." "I know," she whispered, "but we better wake them up it's not safe." Brian reached down and shook Nick's shoulder, "hey Frack wake up." "Huh," he said waking up slowly. He looked around and realized they had fallen asleep, Brian and Manda were staring at them. "Hey Brian," he said rubbing his eyes and getting up. Amanda murmured something in her sleep, but didn't open her eyes. Nick smiled to himself, she looked so cute when she was asleep. "You guys want a lift home?" Brian asked. Nick nodded sleepily and picked Amanda up and followed Brian and Manda to the jeep. Brian stopped in the girls driveway and let Nick and Amanda out then he pulled into his own and he Manda went inside.

3 days later was fourth of July and the gang was getting together for a barbecue. Manda showed up on Brian's doorstep sharply at 4 with a plate of brownies and a case of coke. Nick answered the door with a smile, "hey girl," he said giving her a quick hug, "where's my woman?" "Knowing your woman she's still deciding on what to wear. Why don't you run over and tell her to hurry her butt up." "With pleasure," he told her, "the guys are out back." Then he ran across the lawn and opened the front door. He ran up the stairs and up to Amanda's door. He was about to open it when he heard music, it was their CD. He heard ALAYLM end, and then it began to play again. Smiling to himself he realized she must have it on repeat.

Opening the door quietly he saw her standing in front of her closet in a black skirt and bra. Leaning against the doorjamb he looked at her approvingly, "as much as I love that outfit, I don't think it's appropriate for the other guys to see." She whipped her head around and saw him standing there. "Nick," she scolded, "don't you know how to knock." "Yah, what's your point?" "Brat," she muttered and turned back to her closet. "Help me decide what to wear." Sighing he walked over to her closet and dug through her clothes. Within about 30 seconds he picked out a red checkered summer dress with spaghetti straps. "I like this one." "Ok," she said taking it out of his hands. She slipped it on over her head and then slipped out of the black skirt and tossed it on her bed. Then she picked up her favorite daisy clip and pulled her hair back. Slipping on a pair of white sandals she turned to him, "ok I'm done." Taking her hand they only paused long enough for her to lock the front door and then headed back to Brian's.

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