Chapter 42

Manda walked into the backyard, and found the guys cooking something on the barBQ. "Hey guys? Whatcha doing?" Manda said, putting the coke and brownies down on the table. "Making supper? What does it look like?" Kevin asked, poking at some of the uncooked meat. "Mmm hmm..." Manda replied. She walked over to Brian and gave him a big hug. "Happy 4th of July... Inedpendance day, whatever..." She kissed his cheek. "Hey, what about us?" A.J. called out from the lawn chairs him and Howie were sitting on. Manda walked over to them. "Happy 4th of July to you guys too." She said, bending over and hugging and kiss-kissing them. "So, Manda, when are you going to leave Brian and be my girlfriend?" Howie asked with a grin. Manda laughed, and began to walk away, leaving Howie sitting there with A.J. laughing at him. "Howie, if you seriously want a girlfriend, go out and look for one. It's not that hard..." Brian said, taking Manda in his arms, and kissing her. "You know, lately, you two have been like, imseprable. You guys are turning into Amanda and Nick..." A.J. said, getting up from the chair. Manda and Brian looked at each other. "Ah well... I guess they're starting to rub off on us." Manda said with a smile.

"Hi guys, we're here!" Amanda called as her and Nick walked through the back door. Everyone began to sit around the table, and talked while they waited for Kevin to finish with the meat. "So what are we going to do after supper?" Amanda asked. "What else?!? Go down to the boardwalk, and watch the fireworks..." Howie answered. "I meant before the fireworks." "I don't know. Walk around a bit?" Nick answerd, staring at the guys. The other guys nodded in contempment.

"Hey Brian, can you go inside and get some plates for everyone. The food is ready. Manda could you help him?" Manda nodded, and went inside to get some glasses, and forks and knives and stuff like that. They brought out the stuff, and put it on the table. Everyone passed around the plates and Kevin gave everyone some of the dinner.

After supper, everyone voted that Amanda and Nick should do the dishes. They collcted the dirty plates and glasses, and brought them into the house. They bagn to clean everything, when Nick got an idea. He whisperd something to Amanda, and she nodded.

Outside, no one exspected anything that was going to happen, until A.J. got hit in the head with a glass' worth of cold water. "NICK!!!" He yelled, running after him, and he ran through the back yard. Manda turned to Amanda to ask her why he did that, when Amanda threw a bunch of cold water onto her too. "Water fight!!!" Yelled Howie, running inside to get a glass. Everyone ran around like mad lunatics, getting everyone soaked. The only smart one out of everyone, was Kevin. He very calmly, got up from his chair, and walked over to the hose. Picking it up and turning it on, he won the fight, wetting everyone, and everything in the backyard.

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