Chapter 43

After the water fight the girls ran home and got changed. They stopped for a little while to sit down and talk, agreeing that the guys could wait. "So Manda We really haven't gotten a chance to talk about what happened on our anniversary." "I know those two never leave our sides, not that I'm complaining or anything." "I know, when we moved to Florida I never expected I would end up this happy." Manda looked at her friend, "you really love him a lot don't you." Amanda nodded, "the same way you love Brian. Manda can I ask you a question?" "Sure," "Have you and Brian…" Manda looked at her friend and nodded, "on the beach." "Wow, did you use a…." She nodded again, "have you and Nick?" "No, we almost did but he didn't have protection on him and neither did I." They sat there for a minute thinking, "maybe we should go back now," Manda suggested. Amanda nodded, "just let me change my shoes."

Back at Brian's house Nick and Brian were inside talking in hushed tones. "Bri, this is really embarrassing for me to ask." "come on Nick just ask." "Okay the other night I know you and Manda, well you know." Brian smiled, "yah, I never thought it would be that great." Nick got a weird look on his face, "Anyway, Amanda and I almost did, but I didn't have anything on me and I was hoping….." Brian looked at his friends blushing cheeks. "My bathroom, second drawer on the right, in the back." Nick smiled, "thanks Bri," and ran off upstairs. Brian shook his head and was about to go out back when the girls walkedthe front door. "Well, it's about time," he said slipping his arm around both their shoulders. Manda looked up at Brian and smiled, "just a little girl talk." Then the three went back outside.

Kevin, Howie, and AJ were all playing a game of horseshoes. Amanda looked at them and laughed, "Old men play horse shoes," she called. Brian started laughing and the guys just ignored her. "You know that smart little mouth is going to get you in trouble some day," Nick whispered in her ear as he came up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist. She turned in his arms and said slyly, "then maybe you better shut it for me." He smiled and kissed her. "Oh, man there they go again," they heard Howie groan, "Kev, get the house back out." Nick pulled away from Amanda and grinned at Howie, "you're just jealous cause the last date you had was with your sister." Everyone started cracking up and Howie took off after Nick chasing him around the yard, finally tackling him to the ground, but by that time they were both laughing to hard to do anything about it.

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