Chapter 44

After five minutes of watching Howie chase Nick around, A.J. anounced that they should start to head out, so they could get there with some time to spare to look around.

Everyone piled into Amanda's and Brian's jeeps, and they all headed off. Amanda, Manda, and Howie were in one jeep, while everyone else was in another. "So Howie..." Amanda said, looking at him in her mirror, "are you relly interested in getting a girlfriend?" Howie looked back at her, then out at the passing scenery. He let out a faint sigh. "Yeah, I sort of am. It's so hard to find a girl nowadays that will like me for ME. I've been out with a few girls, but none of them, had that magic you're sopose to have. Brian and Nick are really lucky that they found you two..." Manda turned around, and faced him. "Howie, don't worry, I'm so sure that you're going to find someone soon. I can just feel it... I have a talent for these things you know..." Howie stiffled a smile, and looked back out. Manda turned back around and looked at Amanda. "You think???" She asked her. "Maybe, just maybe..." Amanda replied, knowing exactly what Manda was thinking.

They got to the boardwalk, and everyone began to head to the place where the fireworks were going to take place. The sky was slowly starting to get dark, and it was getting a bit cooler. They all decided on a spot, that was just a bit on top of a small hill. Amanda and Manda wanted to look around a bit, but none of the guys other than A.J. wanted to do the same. "You guys are no fun..." Manda whinned, crossing her arms, and pouting playfully. "Ah, don't ya worry... We can have fun without them..." A.J. said, getting up, and brushing off his pants. "So it's settled. The three of us are going to walk around a bit, and we'll meet you back here in time for the fireworks." Amanda said. The three of them headed off, leaveing the four other to themselves.

"So, have you guys told the girls about the tour? I know we only found out yesterday, but still..." Kevin said. "No, I haven't gotten around to telling Amanda yet." "I haven't told Manda yet either. I want to, but I don't..." Brian replied, lying down on the cool grass, staring up at the sky. "I know you guys don't want to, but we leaving September, in two months in other words. You're going to have to tell them." Howie told them. "We know... Just give us some time. We're going to tell them..." Nick explianed, but wishing he didn't have to...

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