Chapter 45

Around 8 o'clock Amanda, Manda, and AJ regrouped with the rest of the gang. Brian and Nick decided to go get the camping gear out of the jeeps, because the gang had all decided to camp overnight in a near by park, so they didn't have to drive home late at night. They brought 3 tents, one large for Kevin, Howie, and AJ, and two medium ones for the two couples. The guys set up the tents and threw the sleeping bags inside. Then they all sat down in lawn chairs except for Amanda, she sat down on the grass in front of Nick and leaned up against his knees. Absentmindedly Nick reached down and began to massage Amanda's shoulders. She sighed and relaxed against him. Soon after that, the fireworks began to light up the sky. Nick moved out of his chair top sit next to his girlfriend, pulling her gently into his lap. Amanda pointed up at the fireworks, "look Nick, aren't they beautiful?" "Yes, but not half as beautiful as you." She turned to him and gently kissed his lips. Nick wrapped his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss. Howie glanced down and saw them, "Come on you guys, stop making out for 2 seconds, you are missing the fireworks." Nick looked up at Howie and said, "No, trust me, we are seeing plenty of fireworks," and then turned back to kiss Amanda again.

Manda turned to look at Brian in the chair next to her. She leaned over and whispered to him, "We were talking to Howie in the car and he told us he wanted a girlfriend. We had an idea, we know this girl, her name is Steffanie, and she works at the church youth group teaching art to the kids. She's 21 and I think Howie would like her. Do you think we should try and set them up?" Brian thought for a minute, "is she a fan?" "She thinks you guys are pretty good, but she's not like obsessed or anything." Brian nodded, "Why not? It can't hurt." Manda smiled and squeezed Brian's hand and together they sat back and watched the show.

When the fireworks were over Nick and Amanda immediately retired to their tent, which Nick had conveniently set up away from the others. Amanda giggled as Nick pulled her into the tent. Quickly zipping up the tent flap he got a very serious look on his face and began to kiss her neck. Amanda sighed and laid back on the sleeping bag. Nick followed her, continuing to kiss her neck. Amanda reached up and began to unbutton his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders. He moaned quietly and kissed her mouth. She reached up and ran her hands through his hair and over his bare back. "Nick," she whispered, "maybe we should stop." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the item he had retrieved from Brian's bathroom drawer. Smiling she nodded and pulled him back towards her, for a long passionate kiss.

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