Chapter 46

Manda was lying in Brian's arms while he slept. She couldn't sleep. She hated "camping out". Well, she didn't hate it, but she just didn't like all the noises... Manda decided to go for a walk, to get her mind of things. She carefully got out of Brian's embrace, and quietly snuck out of the tent. She put on her shoes, and began to walk around a bit. There were a few other tents set up, and it seemed like everyone in this park was asleep. She continued to walk, and she found herself next to a small pond type thing at one point. She sat down on a near by bench. It was slightly cold, so she curled up a bit, staring out at everything. He mind went over the past month in her head, and how great everything was. She sighed, things were too perfect. For some reason, she knew it wouldn't last...

Brian woke up first, and out stretched his arms. When he put them down, he noticed something. Manda wasn't there. He looked around the tent. "Manda?" He called out quietly, thinking she could hear him. He stepped out of the tent, and looked around. No sign of her. He didn't want to wake the others, so he went to look for her. He was beginning to panic, when he found her, staring out at the pond. He let out a sigh of relief. He walked over to her sat down next to her. "Manda, you shouldn't leave like that, you got me really scared..." Manda looked up at him. She seemed to have been crying slightly. "Manda sweetie, what's wrong?" He asked, putting his arm around her. "I was just thinking... The past month has been great, the best time of my life, but what are we going to do when you have to leave?" Her eyes looked at him, trying to search for an answer. Brian had never actually thought of that. "I, I don't know..." Manda looked away, not wanting to cry in front of him. She leaned her head on his shoulder, and sighed.

Nick and Amanda woke up last. When they came out of their tent, hand in hand, everyone stared at them. "What?!?" Nick asked defensively. "Oh nothing... Nothing at all..." Howie chimed, smirking to himself. Nick and Amanda brushed it off. They sat down at a near by picnic table, holding each others hands. "So, uh..." Nick started. "Last night Nick, I just," She smiled to herself, taking his hand and rubbing her cheek with it, "I just felt something that no guy has ever made me feel..." Nick smirked. Amanda dropped his hands and swatted him. "Not THAT buddy... I meant love. No guys has ever made me feel that way." Nick held onto her hands. "Amanda, I love you with all my heart, no one can ever take away what I feel for you. You-" Nick was cut off by Brian and Manda. They sat themselves down at the same table as them. Nick looked over at Brian, "you mind, we're trying to have a romantic talk here..." Brian looked over at Manda. They both began to imitate Nick and Amanda. "Oh Amanda, I love you so much." Brian said. "Oh no Nick, I love you more..." The two of them jumped into each others arms and began kissing. Nick and Amanda rolled their eyes. "You guys are so pathetic..." Amanda called out. "We know..." Manda replied

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