Chapter 49

Through out the entire first play all Manda did was fidgeting in her seat. No matter how many times Brian told her to hold still she couldn't, this kind of thing bored her, but she didn't want to tell Brian that. She was also nervous about what he wanted to tell her, she could tell from the tone in his voice that he didn't want to tell her.

During the intermission between the two shows she grabbed Brian's arm and drug him to a park bench. "Brian I need to know now, I can't wait." He sat down next to her and took her hand, "I don't want to see you cry," he whispered his voice cracking. She looked up at him, "are you breaking up with me?" "What, NO, God no, I love you more than anything." "Then what is it?" " I'm leaving with the guys in 3 weeks for a Tour." She didn't say anything for a few minutes as she let it sink in, finally she spoke, "how long will you be gone?" He shook his head, "I'm not sure probably a couple months." A single tear slipped down her face as she whispered, "I'm going to miss you Brian." In that instant Brian knew what it was like to have your heart break, wrapping Manda in his arms he began to cry to.

"So Steph, do you like the play so far?" Howie asked. She nodded, " I Love Shakespeare and old theater. The classics are the only ones that are truly worth watching, like the old black and whites, I love those." Howie nodded and looked deep into her eyes, "you know it's that strangest thing but I feel like I've known you all my life." She looked at him shocked, " I was just thinking the same thing." He smiled and was about to reply when the announcement for the next play was made. They both turned and settled back into their seats. Steph reached over and gave his ponytail a playful tug, He turned and grinned at her and then took her hand in his.

"Amanda lets go for a drive," Nick suggested quietly. She nodded and stood up and dusted off her shorts. "Let me get my coat," she mumbled. He pulled his out of his car, "wear mine." She slipped it on, it was to big, but it smelled like his cologne and she wrapped herself up in it as she climbed into the passenger seat of his Porsche. They drove around for about an hour before he finally stopped near a rocky bluff over looking the ocean. He reached out and took her hand, and she turned to him. "Nick, you won't forget me, will you?" "Amanda Elaine don't you even say that, there is no possible way I could ever forget you. It will probably only take a week tops before the guys are ready to send me and Brian home because all we do is talk about you girls. You are the most important thing in my life." "What about your music?" "Even more important than that, you are the inspiration for my music, without you it would just be sound." "Nick, I swear you must practice saying these sweet things at home, because someway you always know the right thing to say," she said with a light laugh. He smiled, he loved to hear her laugh. Leaning across the car he kissed her gently on the lips and brushed the hair out of her eyes, "lets make the next three weeks, a time to remember." She nodded and kissed him again.

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