Chapter 5

Amanda woke up around 7:30 the next morning, glancing over at Manda who was still sound asleep, she got up and took a quick shower. When she got out she pulled on a pair off shorts, a white tank top, and her favorite Oakland Aís jersey, which she left unbuttoned, over the top of her tank. After she dried her hair she pulled it out of her face with some barrettes, and put on her favorite sandals. Checking on Manda one more time, she grabbed her car keys and headed out to find the nearest grocery store to get food for Brian and his friends.

When she got back Brian and his friends were already there. She opened the door and stepped in quietly. On the couch next Manda was, of course, Brian and the curly haired boy from yesterday, the tall dark-haired one was leaning against the wall and smiled at her when she walked in. The other two sat on the couch opposite Manda and her their backs to the door.

Brian stood up when she walked in, "mmm food!!" he said reaching for the bag. She scooted out of his grasp, "now Brian donít be rude, introduce me first," she teased. He pouted for a minute and then said, "okay, right there is Howie, that is Kevin, this is AJ," he said touching the shoulder of one the guys sitting on the couch. AJ turned around and flashed her a killer smile, " hello there." "Hi," she replied softly. "This tall guy right here is Nick." Nick turn around to greet her. Her mouth almost dropped open, Nick was the guy from McDonalds.

"Hi," he said shyly. "Hi," she replied just as shy, "Iím Amanda." "Nick, but wait I thought she was Amanda." "She is but she goes by Manda its slightly less confusing." "Oh, I see, so what's in the bag?" Amanda laughed, "typical male, thinking with his stomach," she teased. "Hey, Iím a growing boy," he whined playfully, "I need my nutrition.Ē ďDamn boy from where Iím standing you are eating all the right foods, because you are fine," she thought to herself, but out loud all she said was, "ok, I guess I can feed ya."

"Yummy," said Brian grabbing the bag, "doughnuts." "Hey Brian, share those." Nick demanded. Brian looked at his friend with an evil grin, "come and get em." All four guys got up and chased Brian into the kitchen trying to wrestle the food away from him.

Amanda sat down next to Manda and looked at her with a smile, "Gee.. I was wrong it only took us 1 day to find hotties." Manda grinned at her, "Girl, I predict Iím going to like Florida." "ouch, Nick give those back," came Brainís voice from the kitchen. Amanda laughed, "Me too Manda, me too.Ē

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