Chapter 50

Manda and Brian both made their way back to the play area, both of them with red eyes. Howie looked concerned, and went to say something to Brian, but he shook his head. Manda didn't fidget at all during the rest of the play, she just sat there all quiet, with her head against Brian's shoulder.

When the play was over and done with, the two couples got up and stood there dumbfounded. "What do we do now?" Howie asked. Manda took a deep breath, "Why don't we go back home for a while. We can all sit and talk or do something. I want to do something. My butt is like, dead. I think it fell asleep during the last play..." She made everyone smile again. She didn't want to be sad, and she didn't want to make everyone sad on her account, so she lightened up the gang. They all agreed, and began to head home...

Nick and Amanda had already gotten back home, and they didn't know what to do, so they went to see Kevin and AJ. Nick bounded through the door. "Hey guys! What's new here?" They were both in the living room, and they stared at Nick. "Nothing, just watching Austin Powers..."Nick looked at them, and simultaneously all three of them said; "Yeah baybee!!!" Amanda laughed, and the two of them sat down with Kevin and AJ. Through out the whole movie, the guys were making retarded Austin Powers impersonations.

When the movie was over, Amanda was sick of them. "You guys, the act is getting pretty lame now..." All the guys looked at her. "Nick, I think your girlfriend deserves it..." Amanda looked at them, "what's it?!?" Nick looked at her. "Amanda, I told you your mouth would get you in trouble..." "Nick you guys have got to be kidding..." Nick looked over at Kevin. "Kev, the hose..." Amanda's eyes grew wide. "No!!! Don't you even think about it!" She got up to run, but Nick was too fast for her, he grabbed her, and held her tight. She screamed, trying to get away, but it was no use. He carried her into the backyard, and the second they were far enough away from the house, Kevin attacked her with the freezing cold water from the hose. Nick dropped her and yelled. "Kevin! Her not ME!!!" Kevin laughed, while Nick went on about how he was wet...

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