Chapter 51

While Nick was still complaining about how he had gotten wet Amanda stormed off to her house. She was pissed, she was upset about Nick leaving, she was tired, and to top it all off she was soaking wet and freezing cold. Sitting on her bed in a dry pair of shorts and a tee shirt she towel dried her hair. She glanced at the pictures on her nightstand. There was one of her and Manda on graduation day, the one from the dolphin tank, and then a recent one of her and Nick playing with Aaron in his backyard. "What will I do when he leaves?" she wondered out loud. She laid down on the bed and wrapped herself up in Nick coat which he had left from earlier and cried herself to sleep. When Nick found her 20 minutes later he almost started to cry himself. She was lying on the bed her cheeks stained from tears and all wrapped up in his jacket. He sat down next to her on the bed and stroked her hair, " Amanda I don't know how I will be able to make it through 2 months without you, I wish there was someway we could stay together." Then he kissed her on top of the head and slipped out of the room.

When the play group arrived back at Brian's house they found AJ and Kevin playing a game of poker at the table. Nick was in the living room, the TV was on but he was just staring at the wall. "Hey Frack, what cha doing?" Brian asked. No response. HE waved his hand in front of Nick's face "Nick you in there?" "Huh, what oh sorry Bri, just thinking.?" "Where's Amanda?" "She at home asleep, she's upset about the," he stopped. Brian looked at him, "Don't worry she knows." "Oh okay, well she really upset about the tour. More than she'll let me know. When I told her I could tell she wanted to cry but she wouldn't let herself. Then when I went to check on her when she stormed off because we soaked her with the hose, she had cried herself to sleep." He looked around to make sure no one could hear him, "Frick I don't want to go, I won't be able to stand being away from her that long. I'm not just being dramatic. I'm already physically hurting just from the thought of leaving." Brian nodded, "I know man, I cried when I told Manda. I never cry but when I saw the look on her face it just broke me in two. There has to be something we can do."

Back at the house Manda had gone to check on her friend. When she walked into the room she saw her sitting on the bed staring out the window. "Amanda?" Amanda turned to her friend, "it's not fair, we finally find someone who loves us and now they are being ripped away," she whispered as she began to cry. Manda began to cry to. They sat on the bed together and cried. The next three weeks were going to the hardest of their lives.

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