Chapter 6

After the guys had attack Brian, and gotten their share of the food, everyone began to start work on unpacking. The furniture was all in the living room, so, most of it had to be moved to their designated rooms.

"That goes in my bedroom, and that in Amanda's, oh! That table goes in the kitchen..." Manda said to the guys. "I see someone is a natural born leader..." A.J. joked. "Be quiet!" Manda replied, throwing a pillow at him from her seat on the couch. Amanda walked in the room. "Manda? Are you just going to sit there and do nothing to help?" Manda looked at her like she was losing her mind. "Hello?!?" Manda replied, pointing to her ankle. "Can't walk..." "Fine. Here..." Amanda passed a magazine. "Do something constructive... Read..." Manda rolled her eyes, and began to flip through the pages of the Seventeen

"Where do you want me to put this?" Amanda turned around and saw Nick standing behind her, holding onto a lamp. "Um, that goes in my room. Here, I'll show you..." Amanda lead Nick up to her empty room. "I guess you can just put it... Anywhere for now..." "Okay," Nick replied. He walked into the room, and placed it in a corner. He stopped by an open window and looked out.

"It's so beautiful up here. Come see." He waved Amanda over. She went and stood next to him, looking out at the view. The sun was shining down on a few houses, making everything look so pretty. There was a light wind blowing into the room. Amanda looked up at Nick. His blond hair was slightly moving, every now and then showing his eyes, and how the sun made them twinkle. 'Wow... Nick is really good looking..." Just then, Nick looked down at her, and smiled. Amanda looked away, hiding her slighlty pink cheeks. "Come on, let's go back down stairs." Nick said. Amanda nodded, and they went to see how the others were doing.

When the two of them got back down stairs, they saw that everyone was already taking a break. The front door was open, as was the back. Kevin and A.J. were in sitting on the front porch, Howie was in the back, and Brian was sitting next to Manda. She was laughing.

"Brian's probably being the goof that he is..." Nick said slightly low to Amanda, not wanting the others to hear. "Manda looks likes she enjoying it too..." Amanda replied. "Why don't we take a break too, seeming as everyone else is. Want something to drink?" "Sure." Nick said. Thw two of them walked to the kitchen, and to their surprise, everything was put in order. Amand opend the fridge and handed him a can of Pepsi. She grabbed one for herslef, and they went in the back to see what Howie was doing.

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