Chapter 7

"Hey D, what cha doing?" asked Nick as they walked up behind him. He looked up at them "just thinking." "Brian stop that," came Mandaís voice from inside. Howie got up and followed Nick and Amanda inside to see what was going on. Brian had Manda pinned down on the couch and was tickling her. "Stop it, this isnít fair Iím a cripple." Brian just laughed. Amanda rolled her eyes and looked at Nick, " Iím gonna go upstairs. "Okay," he replied.

Up in her room Amanda pulled open one of the boxes and took out her photo album. She began turning the pages looking at all the pictures of her and Manda. She stopped at the ones from prom and just stared at them. "What are you looking at?" came Nickís voice from the doorway. She snapped out of her little trance, "oh just some pictures of me and Manda." "Can I see," he asked walking into the room. "Sure," she said patting the floor next to her, "have a seat."

He sat next to her and look at the photos. "Is that you," he asked pointing to the picture of her in her blue dress. "Yah," "Is that guy your boyfriend?" he asked again, referring to the guy in the picture. "My ex-boyfriend," she said shortly. "Oh, Iím sorry," he said softly. "Donít be, he was a real jerk. But I donít want to talk about him, thatís the past. So lets talk about you. Do you have a little brother by chance?" He looked at her suspiciously, "yah how did you know?" "I saw you guys at McDonalds yesterday, is he your only sibling?" "Are you kidding, I have four sisters, well actually one is a half sister and she doesnít live with us, but still." "Wow, your lucky Iím an only child. I wish I had a brother or sister." "You can have one of mine," he joked. She started laughing.

Just then AJ appeared in the doorway, "will you two get off your butts and help." "Sorry," they said in unison. They followed AJ downstairs and for the next 2 hours everyone worked, even Manda who hobbled around putting little thing away. When they were done, except of course for unpacking the girls private stuff for their rooms, Brian suggested they go out to dinner. "Sounds great to me," said Amanda. "Me too," agreed Nick. "Hey man weíd love to," said AJ referring to Howie, and Kevin, and himself, "but we have other plans." Brian looked disappointed but not to disappointed, "ok, then its just the four of us," he said. Manda nodded happily. "Okay why donít we go home and change and get cleaned up and pick you girls up in about 1 hour. What do you like to eat?" "Pizza!!!!" they said in unison. Nick and Brain started laughing. "Pizza it is then," he said.

"Bye Amanda," Nick called as he headed out the door. "Bye," she said from the doorway waving to him. In the living room, Brian was saying good-bye to Manda. "Well, I guess I better go, but Iíll see you in an hour." "Okay," she said with a smile. He grinned at her and then very quickly leaned down and kissed her cheek. Then without a word he left. When Amanda came back into the living room, Mandaís hand was still touching the spot were Brian had kissed her.

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