Chapter 8

"Ou... Someone's got a crush on you..." Amanda chimed at Manda. "Yeah, and I got a crush on him..." 'You aren't the only one who's got a crush...' Amanda said to herself...

Just like Brian had said, the guys showed up on the girls doorstep an hour later. Manda was able to walk a bit, she just had to limp most of the time. They all took the black jeeps, which belonged to Brian. Manda sat shotgun, and Amanda and Nick went in back. They then headed in search of a local pizza place.

While in the jeep, Manda was puting on some music. "Man, I left my CD at the house..." She said, shaking her head at herself. "Which CD?" Brian asked. "Next, Manda never goes anywhere without it." Amanda explained. "Well, have no fear ma'am, you're in luck." Brian reached over Manda's lap, and opend his glove compartement, and pulled out the "Next" CD. "Ta-da!" He said, while putting the CD in the machine. Manda grined while turing it to her fav song...

"Step back you're dancing kinda close, I feel a little poke coming through, on you..." The two girls sang, neither of them caring wether or not the guys heard.

"Girl I know you felt it, but boo you know I can't help it, you know what I wanna do, oh yeah..." Manda sung, while she held her hair down from the wind blowing it around. Brian looked over at her, and smiled.

After ten minutes of crusin' the city streets, Brian pulled into a small pizza place. All four of them walked to the door, and Nick held it open. "After you," he motioned for the girls to go in first. "Why thank you..." Amanda said, walking in. "Yeah, thanks buddy." Brian said, nudgeing his friend in his gut.

They walked themselves over to a booth, and a waitress came to take their order. "What'll it be?" "Um, how 'bout a medium all dressed, does that sound okay?" Nick said, looking at everyone. They all nodded. The waitress left, and the four of them went into a small conversation.

"So, what brings you two to Orlando? School?" Brian asked. "No. We just graduated, and we decided to just, get away from it all." Manda replied, looking over at Amanda, smiling. "Yeah. We've been friends as long as I can remember, and ever since we were little, we always dreamed of living together where it was nice and hot. Orlando just seemed like the best place." Amanda added. "So do you guys have any future plans yet?" Nick asked. "Nope. We both are probably taking a year off for now, get a job somewhere, and maybe go to FSU in a year or so..." Manda said. "Enough about us... How 'bout you guys. What do you guys do?" Amanda asked. Brian and Nick looked at each other. "Um, we, uh..." Nick started. "We work with the other guys." The two girls both were lost. "So how did you guys meet? I mean, you guys don't really look the same age..." Amanda stated. "Well, me and Nick are really good friends, even though he's 18, and I'm 5 years older than him..." Brian went on about how they met, but Manda wasn't listening. '23?!? Man, he don't look it..."

Just then, the waitress came back. "Pizza's ready..."

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