Chapter 9

The waitress snapped Manda out of her trance, she looked up and everyone was staring at her. "Did you hear a word I said?" asked Brian. "Oh umm well actually, sorry.. I got distracted. Even brunettes have blond moments." She joked. "Hey," cried Amanda and Nick at the same time. Brian snickered. Amanda and Nick each grabbed for a slice of pizza, "hey," accused Nick "you took the biggest one." "Iím sorry did you want it?" she asked. He nodded. She licked the top of it and grinned at him, "still want it." He thought for a moment and then grabbed another slice sticking his tongue out at her.

"Oh.. thatís mature." Brian said. "Bite me," Nick retorted his mouth full of pizza. "Thatís okay, Iíll save that job for someone else." He said winking at Amanda. She started choking on her pop and Nick turned bright red and kicked Brian under the table. "Ouch," he yelped, "hey donít kick me." "Oh, poor baby," Manda soothed playfully. He laid his head on her shoulder and in his best little kid voice said, "it hurts." "want me to kiss it and make it better?" He sat up and grinned at her and whispered in her ear, "maybe later." Her face turned bright red and she looked at the ground.

After they finished eating they decided to go out and have some fun. "I heard there was a carnival out at Cedar Mall," Nick suggested. "Oh, Brian can we go please!!!" begged Amanda. He thought for moment, "well I guess so." "Yes," she cried, "I canít wait to ride the Ferris wheel, I love when you get stopped at the top, you can see everything." Brian looked at Nick and immediately knew that Nick hoped they would get stuck at the top too, but his reasoning may have been different then Amandaís

After they paid the check they all piled back into Brianís jeep and headed for the carnival. When they pulled up, Amanda and Manda looked at it in awe. "Look Nick," she cried happily, "the Ferris wheel, oh they have a haunted house, I want to go there." Brian was standing next to Manda and suggested that they split up. "Manda canít walk very fast because of her ankle, so why donít you guys go on ahead." They agreed, then they decided they would meet back by the carousel in two hours.

Amanda immediately dragged Nick to the haunted house. "two please," said Nick handing the man some money. "Nick," she said, "let me pay for my own." He looked at her, "you can get the next one." She nodded happily and grabbed his arm and drug him inside. As soon as she stepped in and the door had closed she knew she had made a mistake. She shrunk back against the door not wanting to go any further. Nick looked at her, "are you scared?" She nodded vigorously. He held out his hand to her "Donít worry, Iíll protect you." She reached out and took his hand and started inside the house.

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