Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 1

"Last call for flight 216 to London."

That was our flight. We all got up and headed to the plane. We got our seats, and they were all next to each other. When the plane set off, I put on my walkman, and began to think; "I can't believe it. I'm going to London, England. I've always wanted to go there, and now I am. Only a week ago, I was dreaming of this, now, I'm actualy going. And to top it all off, I get to see the Backstreet Boys in concert. What more could I ask for?"

Hold on a sec. Let me explain this whole situation to you. For the past month, we (Lisa, Christine, Cassie, and myself, Amanda) have been bugging Caroline to get us tickets to see the BSB in concert. Well, after much persuation, Caroline had come through for us. She had told us late week that her father had gotten us tickets to see them in their end of the concert. The best part of all this was that the concert took place in, you guessed it, London, England. We were told that when we land there, we're going to go to our hotel, and spen the rest of the setlleing in. Then the next day, we were to go to downtown London, and then later that night, we'd go to the concert. Then we had the next week to do whatever we wanted. Even though we we're all of young age (we're all 16), our parent shad let us go on our own.

When the plane had landed, we all got our stuff, and we headed for our hotel. As we drove in the cabs on our way to the hotel, we all admired the view. It was such a beautiful place. When we got to the hotel, we were all left in astonishment. It was so beautiful. when we first waled in, we all saw this beautiful fountain in front of us. On each side of the fountain, there was a staircase leading to the main floor. Directly above the fountain was a giant glass chandelier. This floor was the lobby. It had a bunch of velvet coverd couches, and there were doors that lead to the pool, the gym and all these other places that we couldn't wait to visit. We went up to the main floor, and we all headed for the front desk. As we headed for the front desk, there were a group of guys leaving the desk. One of them quickly flashed us a smile. He had a hat and sunglasses on, so we weren't able to get a good look at his face.

"I hate to see them leave, but I love to see them go," Cassie said, as she admired their back view as they walked towards the elevators.

"Do you ever stop?" Lisa quetioned, "besides, we're here to catch up with the BSB, remember?" Lisa and the others laughed to themselves. They always joked about meeting them, because they knew that it would never happen. They have been trying for 3 years to meet them, and it still hasn't happend.

"You know, maybe we should stop joking about this..." Caroline said.

"Why?!? We know that it'll never happen, we just do it for fun." I said to Caroline.

"Well, maybe we'll get lucky this time..." Caroline had this big smirk across her face.

"Caroline, do you know something that we don't? You can't keep things from us. What is it?" Christine asked.

"Well, I didn't want to tell you this before," Caroline got the keys from the front desk lady, "Thank you," she picked up her bags and they all headed for the elevator. She contiued, "Well, my dad said that he got us this little thing, I think that call it a V.I.P. pass. or something like that, and we get to spend like, uh, 20 minutes with them before their concert." She turned around and saw everyones mouth was open.

"Please, close your mouthes, you don't look pretty like that."

"S-S-So, you're telling us," I took a deep breath, "That we're going to get to meet the BSB???"

"Well, yeah." Caroline said as if it was no big deal.

"How could you not tell us?!? You, you, you... Oh my God... I'm going to get to see Nick Carter... Oh my God.." Lisa started to get all excited.

"You guys, maybe we should calm down, I think this is the reason that she did not tell us in the first place." Cassie said.

"Thank you Cassie. That's exactly why I didn't tell you guys, I knew you'd get all worked up about it. So let's just stay relaxed. Calm. Cool. You know, like a cucumber..." We all looked a Caolinr with a look of confusion.

"Uh, never mind..." We all got into the elevator and headed for our room. We were on the 18th floor. Caroline opend the door, and we were faced with another surprise. Our room had been filled with flowers. We all put down our bags and we went to look at them. Caroline picked up a little card, and opend it.

"Hey guys, my dad sent us these flowers... Isn't he so sweet?"

"Caroline, you are rich..." Lisa said.

"Oh yeah, there's more about tommorrow, why don't we all sit down, and I'll tell you all about it." So we all went to the couches, and sat down. She explaind how that after the concert tommorrow, we were to come back to the hotel, and get ready, because we were going to get picked up for a dinner out. We would get picked up in a limo, which had a dtea for each of us in it. He dad said that the guys were people he's met before, and he said that they would be perfect gentlemen.

"My dad also purchased a dress for each of us, with the help of yours truly... They're in the closet. Kiki, could you get them for me?" Caroline asked. So Christine got up and headed over to the closet. There were 5 garment bags in the closet, each one addressed to one of us. She passed them out and we opend them. Christine got a tight fitting long leopard patternd dress, that was sleeveless and had a cut in the back. Lisa got a forest green slender dress that went down to her ankles, that he spaghetti straps. I got a long slim fitting red dress, which had one sleeve and a slit on the left side. Cassie got a simple brown drees that almost reache the ground, that had a V-neck collar. And finally, Caroline got a length dark blue dress, that was sleeveless with a low rising back.

We all tried on the dresses and took pictures. We then chilled for the rest of the day. We ordered in, and we watched t.v. (soaps, I hate them, but my friends can't live a day without seening them). At around 10 oçlock, Cassie and Caroline went to bed. Lisa, Christine and I stayed up for a bit longer. At around 11, there were these noises comming from the room next door. We tried to get to sleep, but the people were talking so luod, that it was very hard. We decided to ask them to shut up.

We left the room, and we headed next door. I was just about to knock on the door, when Lisa grabbed my hand.

"What?!?" I said loudly.

"Shh... Listen, we can hear what they're saying." she said. The three of us stood there in silence listening to their conversation. "Did you see those five FINE girls who came into the hotel earlier today?"

"Yeah I sure did, wish I knew where their room is..."

"What would you do if you did Romeo?"

"Well, I'd proboly go over there, and sweep them, weel, one of them, off her feet."

"Guys, c'mon here. We can't do this, not now. We got a big day ahead of us, and not to be mean, but you guys know we have arrangements with other girls..."

"Yeah, you're right. If only it were those girls..."

"Yeah, if only..." Christine. Lisa and I all headed back to our room. They went back to the couches, and they talked.

"Do you guys think that those are the guys from this morning???" Lisa asked.

"Most proboly, and I think that they were talking 'bout us." Christine replid.

"You guys heard what they said. They're busy, adn they already have other girls. What can we do about that?" I asked.

"Well, first thing tommorrow, we can all go over there and talk to them, you know introduce oursleves. That way, we could at least spend some thim with them while we're here." Christine replied.

"Hmm... Sounds good to me. Now, do you think that we could get some sleep???" I asked in my whinning voice. Both of them threw a pillow in my face. From then on, we all slowly drifted asleep...

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