Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 10

"Iím getting a little hot," A.J. said. "Iím going to go outside for awhile, Iíll check and see if Amandaís out there for you Rok." A.J. got up and headed for the door to the club. He got out and the first thing he saw was Amanda kissing "this guy". He turned back around the corner and went back into the entrance. He stood there contemplating what to do. He decided that all he would do would be to tell Christine, then think about telling Brian. He walked inside, and walked right back to the table, not saying a thing. He grabbed Christineís arm, an pulled her to the dance floor. As they were walking away, Brian called out to A.J. "Hey A.J., did you see Amanda?" "Nope, she wasnít out there." He said, walking as fast as he could. "A.J., why are we in a rush?" Christine asked. "Well, I have something to tell you, and well, you canít tell anyone." "A.J. you can count on me. What is it." A.J. explained everything to her, about him going outside and seeing Amanda. Christine was in shock. "Amanda? Thatís not lik her... Did you tell Brian?" "No, and Iím not going to. Not now. Please, just talk to her. Try to find ou some stuff... After that, we can figure out what to do." "Ok... But for now, could we just dance?" "Sure can." A.J. pulled Christine over and they danced together. -------------------- Amanda and Eric pulled away from each other, smiling. Amanda was a little imbaressed that she was actually kissing Eric. He rubbed her face. "I think I should get back to them. I donít want them to come and find me." "Ok, but please, call me. I want to see you again. Remember, Iím going to be waitnig by the phone until you call." "Ok. Iíll call, I want to see you again too." "So call me." "I will." He kissed her cheek, and she went back in the club. She walked up to the table, and Brian walked right up to her. "Where have you been?" He asked with a voice of concern. "I was outside. I needed some air." "But A.J. went outside and said that you werenít out there..." Brian was confused. "Well... There were a lot of people out there. I didnít even see him come out." Amanda smiled at him. He couldnít not smile back. He pulled her over in his arms. "Whenís the last time I held you in my arms?" He asked. "I donít know, how Ďbout now?" Brian held on to her a little tighter. Jus then Eric walked into the club. Amandaís eyes followed him as he walked across the room, to a table with his peeps. He winked at Amanda. She then let go of Brianís embrace. "How Ďbout we go back to the hotel? Iím geting a little bit tierd." Everyone got up and headed out. They took a few cabs and went back to the hotel. Since most of the girls were tierd, they guys simply kissed th girls goodnight, and everyone went to thier proper rooms. Lisa, Cassie and Caroline all went to bed right away, while Amanda and Lisa went to watch South Park. Halfway through the show, Christine started to talk. "Amanda, were you really all alone outside, or were you with someone?" She asked. "How did..." Amanda started to trail off. "A.J. saw you, he sorta saw when he went outside. No one else knows but us two." "God, I never meant for anyone to find out. Please donít tell Brian." "Donít worry, we wonít tell. So who was this guys? Was it Eric?" "Well, yeah I was. He was... I mean, wow." ďAmanda, youíre so crazy...Ē ďAlways was, always will be...Ē -------------------- ďA.J., when you went outside, was there a lot of people out there?Ē ďNo, there was no one outside.Ē He replied. ďOk, just wondering.Ē Brian went outside on the balcony and stared at the stars. He leaned on the railway. He buried his head in his hands. ďWhy did she lie to me? Some perfect evening, hun?Ē Brian lifted his head, took a deep breath and went back inside. He was mad and confused all at once. He walked strait to his room, and he shut the door. Nick and A.J. watched as Brian went in and shut the door. ďWhatís wrong with Rok?Ē Nick asked. ďI donít know...Ē A.J. answerd, but he thought in his head if it had anything to do with earlier...

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