Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 12

The girls met up with the guys at the same club as the previous day. When they got in the club, Amanda spotted Eric near the bar. She walked over to him, and put her arms around his waits from behind.

"Hey," she whisperd into his ear. He turned around and put her arms on his shoulders.

"You're late..." He said.

"Only by a few minutes, besides, we had to look good." She smiled up at him.

"Well, let me be the first to say that you lokk absolutly gorgeous. Where are your friends?" Amanda waved Lis and Christine over. Whe they got htere, they were intorduced to the guys.

"Lisa, Christine, I'd like you two to meet Danny and Ric. Josh is at the hotel. He's sick."

"Would you two ladies like to dance?" Ric asked.

"We'd love to." Christine followed Ric, while Lisa followed Danny.

"Why don't you and I go and steal the show from everyone. I know we can do it." Eric whisperd these words gently into Amanda's ears. She pulled him into the center of the floor and the two of them were in each others arms dancing away. When the D.J. changed the music to slow jams, Amanda and Eric slowed down and just stood there, staring deep into each other's eyes. Amanda ran her hand through his hair, going all the way down to his neck. He held onto her body tighter, pulling her so close, that he could feel the heat from her body on his. She pulled his head closer to hers. The two of them began to kiss.

Lisa looked over at Amanda and stared at her with discust. She turned her head away. She could only think of how hurt Brian would be if he saw what was going on right now. She felt bad enough as it was just dancing with Danny, but she was keeping her distance.

Christine and Ric were haing this converstaion abou past girlfriends and boyfriends. Christine expalined to Ric about A.J.

"That's ok. I wasn't looking to get something outa this. I just wanna have a fun evening."

"Ok, I'm glad that we feel the same way. You know we can be friends. I'm not saying we can't, I just don't want to ruin what I have." Christine was so glad that he understood.

"Amanda and Eric sure do look cute together. Finally Eric found a good girl. Most girls have been real bad to him. He' s finally getting what he deserves." Ric was happy for his freind, Christine only wished she felt the same way. She was now really worried about Amanda. She didn't want Brian to find out, and she didn't want Amanda to hurt Eric. Ethics... These are things Christine hated more than anything else in the world...


After about four more hours of being in the club, everyone decided to go back to the hotel. The guys drove the girls back to their hotel. The guys walked them to their room. Christine and Lisa kisse Ric and Danny on the cheek and thanked them for the wonderful evening. The girls went inside the room. Ric and Danny went to the elevator to wait for Eric.

"I had a great time tonight. Honestly." He said.

"It doesn't have to end you know. You could spend the night? We have a second suite, you and I could stay there..." Amanda said tugging on his collar a bit.

"No, I have this promo thing to do tommorrow. But I will take a reign check on that on." He kissed her good bye. He walked to the elevator, and left the hotel. Amanda went in the room and went right to bed. She fell asleep right away, dreaming of her man...

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