Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 14

It was 11:00pm. Amanda had ran from the hotel, and she started to run around the city, looking for somewhere to rest. She ended up in the park where her and Brian first shared thier "I love you's". Amanda slowly walked into the park, sitting on the same bench as they sat on. She replayed the momment in her mind. She smiled to herself. They were so happy. She missed that feeling. Her smile was cut short. Her mind started to flash thoughts.

"You're too young for him... You're 16, he's 23... How many girls do you think he's said I love you too before... You're a big dreamer..." These were some of the things that people have said to her in the past. She took a deep breath.

"I guess I'll have to face reality now. All those people were right. Some great way to spend Christmas." Just then, it started to snow lightly. Amanda let the snowflkes fall onto her face. She closed her eyes and let the cold snowflakes touch her lips. Then suddenly, she felt a warm feeling on her lips. She opend her eyes, and saw Brian standing in front of her. He had kissed her and now he sat next to her.

"What do you want?" Amanda asked.

"I wanna say I'm sorry."

"I'm the one who should be sorry. I'm the one who cheated, not you."

"I'm sorry for getting mad at you before."

"Brian," she looked up at him, "I really don't deserve you, or your love."

"What?!? Why not?!?"

"Many reasons..."

"Like what?"

"Like I'm only 16!!! Hello?!? That's almost seven years difference. Another reason... I broke the trust we had. I cheated... And finally, I don't know if you honestly love me." Tears began to trickle down Amanda's face. She could no longer hold them back.

"Amanda," Brian held her hands, and kept them warm. "I love you. I thank God for having us meet, I love every minute I spend with you. You're like an angel to me... Honestly. Now how do I know you really mean it?"

"I've been in love with you from the very first second I saw you. It was love at first sight. Then when I bought the cd, I fell in love with your voice. After every interview I saw about you guys, I began to realize that you and I were meant to be. The only thing that was bringing me down, was the fact of our ages."

"Amanda, age doesn't matter. It means nothing to me if it's true love."

"That's what I think too."

Amanda stared into Brian's deep blue eyes, and she could see that he meant what he said. The tow of them slowly moved their faces towards one an other. When their lips were inches away from each other, Brian stoped.

"Merrry Christmas," he said, then without waiting another second, he kissed her.


"Where can they be?" Caroline was worried. It was already 12 o'clock, and they two of them still weren't back yet.

"I'm sure they'll be back soon." Cassie said.

"Yeah, chill already." Christine added.

"Ok, ok, I'll calm down. Hey, aren't you two worried that Amanda is going to hate you because you told Brian about Eric?" Caroline asked.

"No, we aren't worried. If Brian find her, and they make up-" Nick cut Lisa off.

"Make ou is more like it... Everyone gave him a glare. "Sorry..."

"And if they make up, I'm sure that they will, we'll definatly be friends again."

"Oh, I'm sure that you'll be friend again, actually, I'm positive." Cassie said.

"What makes you so sure of yourself?" Lisa asked.

"Well, for one reason, Brian and Amanda just pulled up to the hotel in a cab, and they're walking out hand in hand." Everyone flocked to the window. What they saw, made them all relieved.


Amanda and Brian reached the floor, and they walked into the guys room. Everyone stared at them. Amanda smiled.

"Everything's fine," she said. Looking at the others, she saw their looks. They were smiling, but they didn't look sincere. She knew they were all still worried that she would do it again. Her smile faded. She looke at Brian.

"I'm... I'm tierd. I'm goint to go to sleep."

"Ok, sweet dreams, I'll see you tommorrow." He kissed her forehead, and she went to bed. The others went to bed later that night.

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