Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 15

The next morning, Cassie and Howie woke up early to make breakfast for everyone. They went down to the town, and they bought some eggs, and stuff like that. They went back to the room, and they made breakfast on the little kitchenette that was in their room. Howie had left a plastic spoon right next to the burner, and it began to melt.

“Howie!!!” Cassie yelled. Howie spun around and saw the spoon. Being the genius that he is, he poured a bunch of cold water on it. A huge cloud of steam came up from the burner.

“Oups...” Howie shut off the stove, hoping that no one had woken up, but it was too late, everyone was awake.

A.J. waqlked over to the kitchenette rubbing his eyes. “What the hell is that nasty smell?” He looked over at the stove. “Aw, Howie... Not again...” A.J. just lowerd his head and shook it. Everyone laugehd it up, while Brian went to go get Amanda. Everyone sat down and ate breakfast, asking what they should do today.

“Why don’t we go out today? It is Christmas after all, and we don’t want this day to be a flop. Let’s make it special.” Nick said this and looked at Lisa.

“You know, you guys don’t have to do anything for us, we just want to spend time with you, even if it’s here or out on the town.” Lisa said to him.

“No, we want to take you out, so why don’t you guys go and get ready...” A.J. said, and the girls all listend to him. They got up and got ready. They were to meet the guys in half an hour. As the girls went to get ready, the guys cleaned up their room. While they were doing this, there was a knock at the door, and Howie answerd it.

“Oh no, you really shouldn’t be here...”


“I’m so glad that Brian and I are okay now. I couldn’t stand him and me being... you know, not being... us.” Amanda said.

“So what are you going to do with Eric?” Cassie asked.

“Well, I’m going to tell him that I can’t see him anymore, I have to do it in person though, it’s kinda rough over the phone...”

“Well, at least it’s not as bad as doing it over an answering machine...” Chriatine looked over at Lisa.

“Oh come on... It was during the summer, and I only did it once...” Lisa whined.

“So when are you going to do it?” Caroline asked.

“Proboly today...”

“Nice Christmas gift.” Christine said.

“Shut up, I feel bad enough as it is. I’ve never actually done this to a guy before.”

“Well, as someone once told me, all good things must come to an end...” There goes Lisa, trying to sound phylosical again...


“What do you mean that we sshouldn’t here? We came to see you guys. It is Christmas...” Howie tried to stop them, but they came in anyways.



“Nicky baby...” These three girls came into the room and jumped into Brian’s, Nick’s and Kevin’s arms. Brian pulled away from the girl.

“What are you doing here Karen?”

“What else, I came to see my boyfriend.”

“Karen, I’m not your boyfriend. We weren’t even seeing each other. We went out on one date, and I told you nothing would come of it.” Brian pushe the girl off his lap, and Kev and Nick did the same.

“Kristy, you guys really shouldn’t be here...” Nick said to one of the girls.

“But why not, I missed you.” The girl whimperd.

“I really don’t care, we told you guys it was over, is it that hard to understand?” Nick backed away from the girl, and stood next to Brian and Kevin.

“Natalie, you guys should really leave. To tell you the honest truth, we’re here with other girls. Girls we really like, so please, don’t mess this up.” Kevin was being very stern with the way he talked.

“Other girls... What are you talking about?” Natalie said. Then there was a knock at the door.

“Shit man, it’s them...” A.J. said.

“Hmm... Why don’t we let them in.” Natalie said.

“Not with you girls here...” Brian said, but I was too late. Karen had already opend the door.

“Hi,” Karen said.

“Hi... Who are you?” Caroline asked. The girls just stood there confused. We’re Brian, Nick and Kevin’s girlfriends., respectivly.” She smiled. Caroline pushed her over, and barged in the room with the other four.

“Um, what the hell is going on here?” Caroline looked at Kevin.

“Are you guys like really trying to mess with our minds? Didn’t you say we meant something to you? Who the hell are these... These girls?” Amanda aasked raising her voice. The guys tried to answer, but Caroline cut them off.

“Who are these girls?” She was pissed...

“They’re people we went out with before, but they somehow found us..” Kevin said.

“Oh, somehow found you, that’s a good one...” Caroline rolled her eyes. Her and Amanda stormed out of the room.

“Amanda, wait.” Brian tried to stop her. Amanda spun around.

“I gave up a great guy for you, thinking that I actually meant something. Why was I so stupid. I don’t want to see your face again!” Amanda stormed out of the room. Lisa just stared at Nick.

“Lisa... I...” Nick started.

“Don’t talk to me... I, I can’t believe you. I just can’t. I gotta get outa here.” Lisa walked out of the room crying. Cassie and Christine were left there in the guys room.

“Howie, A.J., we’ll go see them, we’ll call you later.” Christine said. As they left, Christine flashed a IF-YOU-EVER-COME-NEAR-ME-YOUR-ASS-IS-AS-GOOD-AS-DEAD kind look to the girls. The tow of them closed the door behind them. When the two of them got into the girls room, they saw Caroline crying on the couch, and Lisa and Amanda crying in each others arms. Cassie went to hug Caro, while Christine hugged The other two. They cried for a bit, but soon let up on the tears.

Caroline sniffeld. “Why are we crying? Remember what the Spice Girls said, GIRL POWER?” Caroline wiped her eyes.

“Pardon my language, but fuck girl power. Those girls can have which ever guy they want. When I finally get the guy who means something to me, I lose him.” Amanda got up and grabbed her coat.

“Where are you going?” Lisa asked with a sniffle.

“To see someone who cares.” Amanda slamed the door on her way out.

“Oh God, please don’t let her do anything stupid, please...” Christine said.


“We just came to see you. That’s all.” Karen replied.

“Um hello!?! We aren’t yours, we aren’t together. What is so hard to understand about that???” Nick yelled.

“Come on, don’t deny the facts, we know that you’re just denying the fact that you still want us.” Kristy said. Natalie tried to cuddle up to Kevin, but he pushed her away.

“Listen. Those girls in the other room are the girls we want. We really love them, and we plan to spend as much time with them as possible. THEM not YOU.” Kevin walked off, and went to a room.

“Ok,” A.J. got up and walked over to the girls. “Let me put this to you clearly now. Brian, Nick and Kevin, do not like you guys anymore. They went on a date with you once. They told you that nothing could or would come of it, and you all know that. Who gave you three the right to come here and ruin the great things that they had?!? If you truly care for them, you’d leave them alone.” A.J. walked over to the door, and opend it. “Now, I think ou better leave before I call the front desk...” He stood there waiting for them to leave. The girls slowly moved out of the room. Karen turned around to say something, but A.J. slamed the door in her face.

“Thanks Bone, now that they’re gone, maybe I can go and talk to Lisa. Wanna go talk to Amanda Rok?” Nick asked.

“No, not now, I think I’ll gve her as much time as she needs. I’ll see her later...” Brian said to Nick, then went and turned on the t.v.

“Well, I’ll see you guys later.” Nick said this, then walked out the door.

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