Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 18

Amanda closed the door to Eric's hotel room. She couldn't believe she had just done that. She got in a cab, and left, heading strait to her hotel. She went strait to the guys room. She had to tallBrian what just happend. She just had to. She was nervous again.

"How am I going to tell him? Will he understand? What's he going to say?" Amanda had all these thoughts running though her head. She couldn't answer any of them, she had already knocked on the door. Nick answerd.

"Hi Nick, I need to talk to Brian."

"He's over in that bedroom."Nick pointed, and Amanda went to the room. She opend to door and went in. Brian was lying on his back on the bed, with his arms covering his eyes. She looked at him. He looked so adorable sleeping, like a child. She tried to close the door quietky, but it wasn't quiet enough. Brian stired a bit, and then he woke up. He opend his eyes, saw Amanda, and stretched.

"I was sure that you would never talk to me again." He said.

"Brian," she said, "I have to tell you something. It's about Eric..." Brian sat up, and Amanda sat next to him. "Ok, I don't know how to say this. I, I, I..." She took a deep breath and started.


Lisa and Caroline were having their little party. At this point, they were dancing and singing to all of thier favorite songs. The both of them listend to the song "I wanna be with you", and they were trying to do the dance. There was someone knocking on the door, but neither of them heard it, because their music was so loud. Nick, and Kevin were the ones knocking, and they opend the door, to see what all the noise was. The, girls had their back to the door, so they didn't see the guys staring at them. When the song was over, the guys stood there clapping. Caroline and Lisa turned around, and the two of them got embaressed. Lisa slowly went to turn off their music.

"Uh, hey guys... What are you doing here?" Caroline asked while her eyes shifted from one side of the room to the other.

"Well, we heard all this noise, and we came to see what it was." Nick answerd. "By the way, what were you guys doing?"

"We, um, wait..." Lisa took a pause, looking at Caroline hoping she'd help her out. Caroline gave Lisa a don't-look-at-me look. Lisa turned back to Nick and Kevin. "We used to have these little parties, and well, we'd dance to some of our favorite songs, well, we tried to dance to them." Her face was all red. "We called them our BSB parties..." She couldn't believe she had told them that...

"That's, kinda cute..." Kevin said.

"Really?!?" Caroline said.

"Yeah, you guys looked really cute." Nick said, they all then went to sit down on the couch.

"So the only reason you came here was to see what all the noise was about?" Caroline asked.

"No, also because Amanda is over talking with Brian, so we didn't want to intrude." Nick replied.

"I wonder what's hapenning..." Lisa said.


Cassie and Howie had just gotten off the elevator, and they headed for the guys room. They went inside, and Howie put away his stuff. They were just about to leave, when they headr talking comming from a bedroom.

"It sounds like Amanda and Brian," Howie said.

"Shh!" Cassie coverd his mouth, and the two of them stood in the middle of the room, listening. They were trying to make something out, but they were unable to even make out a single word. Then, they heard the door nob turn, and they ran for the kitchen, trying to make it look like they were doing something constructive. Amanda walked out of the bedroom... alone. She headed for the door.

"Where are you going Amanda?" Cassie asked.

"I have to get something. I'll be back later..." She left the room. Howie walked over to the bedroom, and looked in. Brian was lying on the bed, with his hands over his face.

"Hey, you okay Brian?" Howie asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine..." Brian answerd. Howie walked away from the room. Him and Cassie decided to go to the other room. When they got to the other room, they sta down with everyone, and told them eveything that they just witnessed.

"We were just in the toher room, and we heard Brian and Amanda talking. We couldn't make out any thing they were saying, but amanda left the room, and Brian was left in the room, with his hands over his face." Howie told everyone.

"So what do you think that means..." Lisa said concerned.

"It doesn't look good from what we saw..." Howie replied. Everyone sat there in silence.


A.J. and Christine had left the store, and they were on their way bakc to the hotel. For some reason, A.J. had a bad feeling, like something bad had happend. Christine tried to get him to realx, but he still had the bad felling in his stomach. They waited for the cab to pick them up. When it finally came, they headed straight for the hotel. They reached the hotel, and they headed into the hotel. They got in the elevator and headed straight for the room.

"Are you felling better?" Christine asked.

"No, I just have this really bad feeling that something went wrong while we were gone. That's all." A.J. told her.

"Well, nothing could have gone wrong. Believe me, I know the feeling, but I really don't think anything could have possibly gone wrong."

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