Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 19

It has been half an hour since Howie and Cassie had arrived in the room. Everyone was still very worried. Christine and A.J. had come back, and were told everything. They were surprised. So everyone was trying to think about ways to get them back together, realising that everyone they came up with was way un-realistic. They were starting to give up, when the door opened. Amanda and Brina stood in the doorway, hand in hand. Everyone looked confused.

"What's this?" Caroline asked.

"What do you mean 'what's this'? I am aloud to be here right?" Amanda asked. "I do share this room with you guys, don't I?"

"Yeah, but she meant what's this?" Lisa pointed to their hands.

"What's wrong with it? I'm here with Brian, and?!?" Amanda looked confused.

"Well, we all thought that you two, you know, we done for?" Howie said.

"Why would you guys think that?" Brina asked.

"Well, we saw Amanda leave in a rush, you were lying in the room, with your haneds on your face, what else are we sopose to think?" Howie asked.

Amanda sighed. She sat down and explained everything to everyone. "I know this may sound funny, but it's true. I wne to see Eric this mornig, and I told him that we had to break it off. He was real briken up about it, but he was fine with everything. I left, and came back to tell Brian everything. We worked things out, and then, Brian got this really bad headache. So he asked me to go and get him some asprins. He didn't have any in his bag, so I had to go and get him some in the lobby."

"The reason I had my hands on hy face, was because my head really hurt. That's all." Brian added. Everyone gave Cassie and Howie glares.

"I guess we made a small mistake..." Cassie smiled

"Well, now that we've straightend everything out, we could figuare out if we're going to do anything for this Christmas evening." Caroline said.

"Well, I'd just like to stay here tonight." Lisa said.

"Me too. I'm real tierd from this after noon." Christine said.

"We'll stay here with the girls, the rest of you could go out if you want." A.J. said, talking for him and Nick.

"Well, I was sort of plaing more a one-on-one dinner..." Cassie said.

"Why don't we all just split up for the evening? That way we could all do what we want." Kevin suggested. Kevin, he always knows what to say to make things work out right. So everyone went to get ready for their great evenings out on the town, or, well, in the hotel.

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