Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 21

Nick and Lisa were still sitting on the bed. They hadn't moved since the intrusion, that was over half an hour ago.

"How 'bout we go out for some supper or something? That's another way we could celebrate X-Mas." Nick suggested.

"Sure, bu before we go, could I just take a bath? I'd use our, but Chris and A.J...."

"Sure, I think it's better to use this one too." Lisa got up off the bed and headed for the bathroom. The tub was one of those ones that has like those four little legs and it was big and white with gold hadles. She blocked the drain and turned on the water. She made sure that it was perfect, hot, but not too hot. She then poured some bubble bath stuff that the hotel had, vanilla scent. When the tub was almost full, she stoped the water. She got in and let out a sigh. Finally she could relax. She began to vision whta could have happend if Christine didn't interupt them. While she was dreaming to herslef, Nick open the door. Lisa sunk in the water a bit.

"What are you doing here?" Lisa asked starteld.

"Well, I was thinking. Since we were interupted before," he locked the door, "I've decided to give you your Christmas gift now..." He sat on the egde of the tub.

"Oh, and what might that be?" Lisa said mischeviously.

"This..." Nick let himself fall into the tub. He went under and came back up, hi whole body soaked. He took off his wet shirt, and threw it on the floor. The tub over flowed, sending water crashing onto the tile floor of the washroom. He kissed Lisa, and the two of them slowly slipped lower into the water...


Christine lay in A.J.'s arms. He was asleeep. She wasn't able to sleep (it was only like 8 o'clock), so she decided to go and take a shower. She slowly got up out of the bed, wrapping on of the sheet around her. She carefully stepped over the clothes that were thrown across the floor, and headed to the connected bathroom of the bedroom.

She quietly closed the door behind her. She turned on the shower, and made sure that the temperature was just the way she liked it. When she got that "perfect" temperature, she got int. She let the warmth of the water wrap around her. She stood there, in the heat, thinking about wahat had just happend.

"I was just with A.J., we... I can't believe it. I just can't..." She let out a sigh, then put her head under the water. She let the water run through her hair, then she heard something. It was the door opening. Then the curtains opend, and there stood A.J.. Christine turned around, and coverd her body. A.J. stepped in.

"What, you're getting shy now?" A.J. wrapped his arms around Christine from behind. Christine relaxed, and turned around. She moved her mouth close to his face.

"I've always wondered if the shower was the best place, you know." She said.

"Well, let's see if it's true..." A.J. began to kiss her neck, and Christine wonderd, what was hotter, the shower... or thier kisses...


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