Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 22

Amanda and Brian left the bathroom (don't worry, no one saw them...), and went back into the cafe. They then decided to go to a mall. Seemings that I was roughly 8 pm, there weren't many people in the mall, so the bodyguard let them to roam on their own, until 9 o'clock. The two of them headed off in the mall. Brian did get stopped a few times by fans, but they were all realy nice about it, so he didn't mind. When he was done, they headed for the elevator to get upstairs. While they were waiting for an elevator to come down, Amanda asked Brian a question.

"How long does it take for someone to notice an elevator has stopped?" Amanda asked with a mischievious smile.

"I don't know, about 10 minutes? Why?"

*Ding* The elevator doors opend, and Amanda walked in, leaving Brian outside with a look of confusion.

"Why did you want to know that?" Brian asked carefully walking into the elevator. The doors closed, and it began to lift up.

"This is why..." Amanda hit the emergrncy button, and the elevator jerked to a stop. Amanda walked over to Brian and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You know," she whisperd, "It's got to be something about you, me, and closed off small places..." She kissed his neck, from one ear, across his adam's apple, all the way to the other ear. Brian then took hold of her face, and he pulled her face to his, and he kissed her. His lips were dry against hers, but she didn't seem to care. Brian lifted Amanda onto the railing in the corner of the elevator. Her arms were still around his neck, her lips kissing his, while his hands slowly made their way up her thighs, and under her skirt...


Caroline and Kevin were getting tierd (I wonder why??? Hehehe...) so they decided to go back to the hotel, and order in. They orderd enough for six people, they had a feeling that the others hadn't eaten yet. They got in the girls room, and saw Christine and A.J. in the same place they were when they left, in front of the couch, watching t.v..

"So how was your evening?" Caroline asked.

"It was great. I enjoyed it." Christine answerd, telling Caroline what really happend with her eyes (It's a girl thing...). Caroline got the picture right away.

"Well, we brought some food over, should I call Nick and Lisa?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure they're fine with comming over now." A.J. answerd. Kevin went and called the two of them over. Nick and Lisa arrived about 10 minutes later.

"Could you have taken any longer? The food is getting cold." Caroline said to Lisa.

"Geez, you're starting to sound like my mother..."


Cassie and Howie had finished their dinner, and left the restaurant. Before they put on thier jackets, Cassie fixed her shirt (she had forgotten two buttons) and she fixed Howie's collar. They left the restaurant and headed back to the hotel. It was almost 9:30. They got into their cab and went back to the hotel. They arrived there at the same time as Amanda and Brian.

"Hey," Howie called out. "how was supper?" Amanda and Brian looked at each other and smiled.

"Pretty good..." Brian said.

"Yeah, I enjoyed it." Amanda added. "How 'bout you guys?"

"It was great. The food was great, and there was this piano, and I showed Howie a bit of what I can do..." She laughed to herself, as they all headed for the girls room.


There was a knock at the room door. Caroline got up and opend the door.

"Hey, you guys are back." She said.

"Yeah, we're here." Cassie replied. The four of them walked in the room, took off their coats, and went to sit with the others. Everyone sat there in silence, they were all tierd.

"Maybe we'll leave you guys alone. You know, so you can rest. Do you want us to call you tommorrow?" Kevin asked.

"No, this time, why don't you just show up at around, um, 10?" Caroline said.

"Okay then, we'll see you tommorrow." The guys kissed them good night, and went to their room. The girls got their p.j.'s on, and went back to the couch to have one of their girl talks.

"So..." Caroline started. "Did you all enjoy your evenings?"

"Oh God, did I ever, hehehe...." Amanda giggled to herself.

"What's that sopose to mean?!?" Lisa asked.

"Nothing that you should know..."

"Oh come on, tell us what happend... It's just us." Christine whinned.

"Ok, not like you need to know the details, but what I will tell you, is that I can never look at a bathroom stall or a elevator the same way... Actualy, it's more like all small spaces..." Everyone's mouth dropped.

"Well, at least you could try to have some class... Like a LIMO would have been better..." Caroline said.

"A limo?!?" Amanda replied.

"Ah well, I try..."

"I still believe that my fantasy is still the best way you can go. A grand piano..." Cassie replied. Everyone was in shock.

"What can I say, I love pianos..."

"Well, Lisa, how did your evening go?"

"Well.. Thanks to CHRISTINE walking in on me and Nick, I got a nice little surprise when I was in the bath." Lisa said.

"A.J. is so, so, well, I love him no matter what he is... Oh, and just to let you all know, the shower IS the best spot..." With that Christine got up and went into a bed room. The other girls followed in her lead. Lisa and Amanda went in one room. Cassie went with Christine, and Caroline went and fell asleep on the couch, thinking about how retarded we girls are to talk about what we do with guys...

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