Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 24

The other six were all at the table, and they had been talking about what they were going to do for the next few days, when all of a sudden, Howie sneezed.

"Bless you," Cassie said.

"Thanks," but once again, Howie sneezed. He sniffed, and rubbed his eyes. Then he put his hands on his head.

"Howie, are you okay?" A.J. asked concerned.

"Well, actually, ever since last night, I haven't been feeling the greatest. My head hurts a lot. I think that it might have been something I ate yesterday." He put his hand on his stomach. "My stomach has been bothering me too. I think I'm sick." Cassie rubbed his shoudlers.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you, so you'll get better very soon." She went to kiss him, when he sneezed again. "Maybe you should go and lie down..." Cassie helped him up, and lead him to an empty bedroom.

"I hope Howie isn't that sick, becuase if he is, we can't go out until he's better. We all wanted to spend time with you guys together for the next few days. If Howie is sick, I don't want to leave him here all alone, while we go out and have fun." Kevin said.

"I don't mind staying here. As long as I'm spending time with you, it doesn't matter where we are." Caroline said, hugging onto Kevin's arm.

Cassie came back out of the room.

"He has a fever, and he's already asleep. I don't think he's going to be up going out for the next few days." Cassie said, ploping down on the couch, picking up the remote at the same time. She flicked the channel, and started to watch some music videos.

"So I guess it's settled then. We're going to spend the next few days here, in the hotel. At least we don't have to worry about our fans..." A.J. said. Everyone joined Cassie on the couch, and they all watched the music channel. While in the middle of the video "All My Life" by Ka-ci and Jojo, Brian and Amanda came out from the bathroom. Both of them were soaked, and everyone was staring at them.

"What?!?" Amanda said defensivly.

"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all..." Christine said, staring at the two of them, trying not to laugh.

"What happend to you two? Did a pipe break in there or something?" A.J. joked.

"Ha ha, very funny..." Brian grabbed Amanda's hand, and lead her into the other bedroom.

"Don't get the bed wet!!! I'm the one sleeping there tonight!" Christine yelled as Brian slamed the door shut. Everyone laughed at the two of them, and went back to watching t.v.


Nick had given Lisa a pair of pants, and a small undershirt that he had. She picked up one of his many hats that he had on tour with him, and fixed it to her head size, and put it on. She tilted it to the aide a bit.

"What do you think?" She said with her arms open. She looked (in my personal words, since I love the big pants small shirt style) wicked.

"Hey, you look pretty good." Nick said. Lisa walked on over to him, and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled his head down to her lips, and she whisper in his ear.

"Your clothes almost look better on me..." She said, then she ran away from him. Nick started to chase her around the room, and he finally caught up to her, and he pinned her down on the couch. She giggled a bit, but then she stoped. She fell into a trance staring in his eyes.

"You've got the sexiest eyes I have ever seen in my life..." She said to him, running her hands through his hair. She pulled his face to hers, and she kissed him. Then she got up.

"Come on, the others are proboly waiting... Let's go back." She helped Nick off the couch, who was whimpering and trying to convince Lisa to saty, but she ignored him and the two of them went back to the girls room.


When Nick and Lisa arrived, everyone was sitting around on the couch, looking like a bunch of bums.

"Why's everyone sitting down?" Lisa asked. Kevin went into explaining everything to her and Nick, and about how they had to spend the next few days stuck in the hotel.

The rest of the day was spent doing nothing what-so-ever. The mostly just talked, and every now and then, a couple would go off into a corne, to get away from the rest of the gang. They all orderd in, Howie finally woke up, and he ate a bit, he was still sorta sick. So all in all, the day was really slow...

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