Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 3

We really weren't in the mood to go out to dinner with a bunch of other guys, but we did anyways. We all got dressed up in our dresses, and we headed for the lobby. We got there, then we went outside to wait for the limo. When we got outside, it was waiting for us. We started to walk for it, when the doors opend and out came five guys. When we got closer to the limo, we realized that thoses five guys were none other than the Backstreet Boys. Kevin walked up to Caroline.

"Isn't this perfect? Now we will get to know you guys better..." She smiled up at him. He took her hand and lead her to the limo. The other guys followed his lead, and escorted the girls into the limo. The restaurant that we went to had the most enchanting ora to it. There was a ballroom floor, chandeliers, a live band playing soft music,and each table was by candle light. We all sat together at this huge round table, which was excluded from the rest of the place. They didn't have to worry about fans, because this was a place where older people went, so we were all the youngest ones there. A waitor came around, gave us our menus, and we all ordered.

"Since it's going to take a while before the food comes, would you lovely ladies care to dance?" Nick asked.

"We'd love too." Lisa answerd. We all got up and headed for the dance floor. The guys took us in their arms, and we took them in ours.

"You look beautiful in that color, red definatly suits you." Brian said to me.

"Thanks, it's sorta my favorite."

"So what are you guys doing for the next little while here in London?"

"I don't know, I'm taking it one day at a time."

"Well, the night is youg, and there is so much we can do. I hope that we can spend every minute with you guys. You're wonderful." I looked at him and I smiled. Then I turned to the floor. Brian took his hand and lifted up my chin, I was blushing.

"You know, that color even looks good on your face." He slowly took hold of my face and pulled it to his, and gently he kissed my lips.


Lisa and Nick were enjoying their time together. Lisa had her head rested on Nick's shoulder, and his head was rested on hers.

"So how's your evening so far?" He asked her.

"Better than I've ever imagined it could be. I've always dreamed of this, being in your arms, and here I am, living the dream." She replied.

She lifted her head and she looked up at him, and she smiled. He ran his hands through her curly blond hair, then he placed it back on her waist.

"You're more beautiful than I've evr dreamed. This night is better than any night I've had before. I'll honestly remember it forever." Nick said. He looked at her, and as if they were being pulled together by some force, the two of them kissed. Everything that went on around them was forgotten.


Christine and A.J. were dancing up a storm. A.J. was spining and dipping her, they were both having the time of their life. When he spun her for the last time, she wound up her back pressed up against his body, his arms wrapped around her waist.

"I like this feeling, being all wrapped up by you." Christine gently whisperd.

"I like it too, but I think you'll like this one better..." He un-spun Christine, and slowly took her hands and put it around his neck. A.J. took the back of his hand, and ran it across her face. She took hold of his hand, and she held it. She kissed his hand, and then she kissed his lips. He held her closer, whishing he never had to let go.


Kevin and Caroline were getting hot in the restaurant, so they went out on to this balcony that was at the back of the place. The night was perfect out side, a little chilly, but being so close to Kevin, Caroline completely ignored the temperature.

"Are you cold?" Kevin asked, seeing Caroline begin to rub her arms.

"A little," she said quietly.

Well here," Kevin pulled her over and wrapped his arms around her.

"There, I don't want to get you cold, now do I?" He said.

"Thanks, you're so sweet. Did you know, that the moomment I got that rose, even thought I had no clue who it was from, I had fallen hard..." She turned around in Kevin's arms, and she looked into his green-grey eyes. Her arms slowly moved up to his neck, and they were both slowly leaning in. Their lips had almost brushed up against each other, when Caroline pulled away, and pointed to the sky.

"Oh my God?!? Look, a shooting star! I've never in my whole life seen one of those!" Kevin grabed her hands, which made her turn to him again.

"Let's make a wish. I wish that we could spend as much time with you a we can."

Caroline smiled, "I wish that too." this time, they truly did gaze at each other, for a much longer time. They drew themselves closer, and when they were so close, they took one last look at each other, then they slowly indulged in each other's kiss.


"So how long have you been learning spanish?" Howie and Cassie got into this long discussion about school, when Cassie brought up the fact that she had spanish as a class.

"Well, for about four years now, but don't expect me to be any good. Some of the techers I've had... Whoa. Those were a waste of my life..." Cassie said as she rolled her eyes about the teachers.

"You know, I really do love it when an attractive lady talks to me in spanish, I find it so romantic. To me, spanish is the language of love." Howie replied.

"Oh really... What would you do if I said tu es muy guapo?" Cassie asked.

"I'd do this," Howie kaissed Cassie's neck.

"How about if I said, tu es mervellosa?"this time he kissed her cheek.

"And how about this," Casiie back away a bit, and looked at him, "Me te quiero?" He looked at her, then he held her face i his hands, and he slowly drew her face towards his, and he gently rested his lips opon hers. She kissed him back, and they both got lost in their own world...


After about a half an hour of dancing, the band called for a dinner break.

"We're just gonna take a short break, but we'll be back in 20 minutes."

So we all went back to our table. Just as we were arriving, so was our food. We all had our meal, we talked a bit, and we went out on the floor for one more dance before we decided to go back to the hotel. The banc played the song "Truly, Madly, Deeply". After the song was over, we all got our coats and headed back.

When we were walking outside, it began to snow lightly. The guys held our hands, and we decided to walk back to the hotel rather than take the limo. The night was so beautiful. The light from the street lamps almost made the snow look like little crytals falling from the sky. The air was crisp and it smelt like some of the residence of the town had their fireplaces on. It took us about 20 minutes to get back to our hotel. The guys walked us to our room, and they kissed us good-night. We headed inside, took off our coats, went to the couches, and we all ploped onto them, each letting out a sigh as we sat down.

"Can you believe this?" Caroline asked.

"Nope, it still feels like a dream." Lisa answerd.

"If it is, I hope I never wake up." Cassie relied. There was a sudden silence, but was soon broken by Christine.

"Did you guys see A.J.? I mean talk about hot..." We all picked up a pillow and through it at her.

"So I'm taking it you guys saw?" We all laughed and decided that we need to get some sleep. So that's what we did. We all went to bed with a picture of the guys in our heads.

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