Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 4

The next day, we woke up at around 8:30. The last one of us to get up was Lisa, and threason she woke up from her slumber, was because we all attacked her. We had this massive pillow fight. While we were right in the middle of the fight, the telephone rang. Christine jumped to get it.


"Oh hey Christine, it's Kev. Hold on a sec..."

"Hey sweetie, how are you?" A.J. asked her.

"I'm fine, and you?"

"Great, but I'd be a lot better if you were here with me. Do you think that you guys could come over for breakfast? We orderd enough for ten, and the food'll be here in ten minutes..."

"Ok, we'll be there. Bye." She hung up the phone. She turned to tell us, but before she had a chance to, Lisa was doing an impersonation of Christine.

"Ok, we'll be there. Bye!!!" Lisa said, then she flung her hair off her soulders.

"Up your Miss 'Oh Nick, you're sooo hot'!" Christine ploped herself onto the bed. Lisa attacked her, and once again, we had another stupid pillow fight.


At 8:45, we went over to the guys room. Even though they told us to be there in 10 minutes, the guys did not seem to be ready at all. Each and every one of them were still in their boxers.

"Uh, sorry girls. We thought that you would take a little bit longer." A.J. said.

"Don't worry, we REALLY don't mind," she said, not taking her eyes off him once.

I walked over to Brian, and saw that he was wearing red boxers.

"Hey... That color even looks good on you..." I smiled at him. Lisa had noticed that Nick was NOT wearing a shirt, so she just had to comment.

"Well, I guess I was right." Lisa said to him. He looked confused.

"Right about what?" He inquierd.

Lisa bent over and whisperd into his ear. "Well, even though you've always looked good with a shirt on, I've always know that you look much sexier with out on." These words sent chills up and down Nick's spine. At the same time as all this, Cassie was sitting on Howie's lap. They were whispering into each others ears. Everytime he said something to her, she would giggle.

"Tu es muy guapo," she said, kissing his neck when she was done. "Tu tambien muchacha," he said back, this time he being the one to kiss the others neck. Cassie giggled to herself. Caroline leaned over to Christine and mouthed something to her. Christine turned to Lisa and I.

"Here we go again," she mutterd. Both of us smiled, trying hard to hold back our laughter. Nick and Brian turned to us.

"What"did you guys say?" Nick asked.

"Nothing..."Christine said, then she made her way over to A.J. The guys just looked at each other. Then, Lisa and I started to laugh. We couldn't hold it in any longer. Cassie turned her head to ours.

"What's so funny?" She asked.

"Um... We were just talking about... um... The pillow fight we had this morning." I said, hoping Cassie would just leave it at that. She did, and once again focused her attention on Howie. Breakfast arrived, and we all dug in. When we were finished, the guys asked us about our birthdays.

"Well, we just want to know when they are, so we could, you know, maybe call you guys or something." A.J. asked. Christine started.

"Well, I'm the oldest, and my birthday is November 2nd."

"I'm the baby out of the 5 of us. My birthday is Sept 7th." Lisa said.

"I'm the second youngest," Caroline started, "But I believe one of the more mature. My birthday is April 16th."

"Well, I'm the middle child, My b'day is January 3rd." Cassie said.

"That's right around the corner." Howie said.

"Yeah, but not as close as Amanda's..." Lisa started.

"Really? When's your birthday?" Brian asked.

"Well, if you guys REALLY need to know, it's tommorrow. December 22nd." I replied.

"Too bad for you, you're stuck celebrating your birthday with us..." A.J said.

"Oh I'm SO disapointed..." I smiled at them.

"So what do you guys want to do to-" Kevin was interupted by the telephone. He picked it up. "Hello?- Oh hey Donna- Yeah, we're all up- Now?!?- I guess so, ok, ok, yeah, we'll be there- Ok- Yeah, bye." Kevin hung up the phone.

"Bad news. Donna just told me that we have to go do this interview for this magazine. We have to be there, like, soon."

"So does this mean our day is gone?" Nick looked at Kevin with desperation.

"Yeah," he replied.

"Great, everytime we start to relax, we have to do these interviews." A.J said.

"Come on, Donna only said it would be today. She wont call us anymore. We have the rest of these 8 days to our selves." Kevin tried to convince them.

"Well, live. Come on let's get ready."Brian said this, and he go up and started to get ready.

"We're real sorry. We don't usually get last minute calls like this. We're real sorry." Nick told us.

"Don't worry, it's okay. Now we can go out to downtown or something." Lisa replied.

The guys got up and rummaged through their clothes, got dressed, and started to leave.

"Well, you guys can stay here if you want, here's a key for if you leave, and we'll call you around 4 if we can, and see what we can do later." The guys hugged us good-bye, and they left for the interview. They left the room and we all just sat ther for a while.

"So what do we do know?" I questioned.

"Well, why don't we go and get ready for a day of touring... or maybe we could just go shopping..." Lisa said contemplating her our ideas.

"Ok, let's get ready. Let's just be back by 3, I don't want to miss their call." Christine said.

We started to leave, but before we were all out, I grabbed one of Brian's sweaters. 'He won't mind...'


We left the hotel and we headed for downtown (again) so we could go shopping (again) for another night out (again) for my birthday tommorrow. By the time we had our luch, bought our outfits, and relaxed from all the walking. It was a quarter to 3. So we decieded to head back to the hotel. When we got back, we went to the guys room and waited for their call. We got bored of waiting, so we (being the curious ones we are) went throught their clothes. We started to try them on. Caroline put some music on in a radio they had, and we did this little fashion show thing. We were just goofing around, when there was a knock at the door. Caroline jumped to get it. She opend it, and her mouth dropped. The guys walked in the room.

"What are you guys doing?" Kevin asked them with a stern voice.

"Uh... We were just..." Lisa cut Caroline off.

"Waiting fo your call, yeah and see, we were bored, so we put on a mini fashion show... Um, with your clothes..." Lisa smiled up at Nick, but he didn't smile back.

"We gave you guys permission to stay in our room, trusting you not to go snooping around." A.J. started.

"Geez, we were just goofing off, give us a break." I said. We took off their clothes and put it in their arms.

"You want you clothes back so badly, here you go. We'll be going now." Caroline said.

"If you want our clothes, ask." Nick said, in a strait forward voice.

"We're outa her," Lisa said as we all walked out. She said one last thing before we left. "Is this the way you guys are with all the girls? Sweethearts one day, mean morons the next?" and with that she left the room closing the door behind her. We went to our room and orderd a bunch of chocolate ice cream, so we could sulk.

"How could we be so stupid?" Lisa said.

"I always thought they would be different from what most stars are. I guess I was wrong..." I said.

"Come on guys, let's not get put down by this. We're here in London, there a hot guys WITH accents here. And we still have 8 days a head of us. So let's smile. Please. I'm tierd, so I'm just gonna go lay down. Remember what I said." Caroline got up and Christine went also, because she was tired too. The two of them were laying on the bed, staring at the celing.

"Caroline, did you really mean all that about forgetting all this?" Christine asked. Caroline rolled over and faced Christine.

"How could I forget the greatest time of my life?"

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