Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 6

"So that's what you think she'd like for a gift?" Howie said.

"Yeah, well, she's never asked for one, but I know she'd love it." Cassie answerd. Just then, Brian and Amanda walked in, and both Cassie and Howie stoped talking.

"What were you guys talking about?" Amanda asked.

"Just about what we did last night afet the big misunderstanding." Cassie replied.

"Do you guys have any idea when the others will get back?" Amanda asked.


"Come on you guys, we gotta get back. Let's find some food and go." Caroline started.

"What's the rush? I don't think that the others are really waiting up." Nick said.

"Yeah, I figure that too... But I'm hungry, if I don't eat soon, I'll go crazy..." Caroline said.

"You see, when Caroline's hungry, you get her food, or you're in for living hell." Lisa said.

They all headed to the restaurant, got the food, and headed back up to the room. They got in the elevator, went to thier floor, got out of the elevator, and went strait for the girls room. Caroline opend the door.

"Food's here!" A.J. anounced.

"Thank God, I was starving!" Cassie said.

Kevin brought the food to the table, and he placeed it all out, and they all picked and chose what they wanted. Nick (being the growing young man that he is) ate the most.

"Nick, you think you can eat anymore?" Brian asked.

"Actualy, I think I could... Anyone not going to finish thier food?" Lisa gave Nick a look, "I was kidding..." When everyone was done, they cleaned up everything. They then talked about what they would do during the day.

"So what does everyone want ot do today?" A.J. asked.

"I just want to take a long walk trough out the city and relax for tonight." Christine said.

"Well, Nick and I wanted to go see some stores that we've heard about." Brian said.

"Cassie and I want to go and get Amanda her gift..." Caroline added.

"Well why don't we all just split up and be back here for, let's say 4?" Amanda suggested.

"Fine with me," Brian said.

"Ok, then that's settled," Kevin said, "We're just going to go get our jackets, you girls meet us in the lobby in ten minutes." The guys left the room, and the girls started to run around the room looking for clothes to wear.

"So... What are you going to do with A.J. today? You guys are going to be all alone..." Amanda asked with a teasing voice.

Christine smirked. "Whatever I want... No really, I just hope to find out about the real A.J., you know the poetic sensitive guy you always read about." She picked up her jacket. "Catch up with you guys later!" She left the room.

"Cassie, I think we should get going too. I don't want to make the guys wait." Caroline said.

"Ok,ok, let's go." The two of them grabbed their jackets and the left.

"Come on Lisa, you're so slow..." Amanda whined. Lisa was in the bathroom fixing her hair.

"Geez, I'm comming. I have to look good." Amanda rolled her eyes, and the two of them left the room, locking the door behind them.


Christine got to the lobby first. All the guys were already waitng.

"Ready?" A.J. asked.

"Yeah, let's go." A.J. put ou his arm, and Christine took hold of it. the two of them walked out of the hotel. A.J. waved over a cab. He opend the door for Christine, and he got in on the other side.

"Could you please take us to the nicest park around my good man?"

"Sure thing..." They pulled away from the hotel and they were off. They pulled up to a large garden park. The snow had lightly fallen on the trees and bushes. It was beautiful.

"That'll be 7.50." A.J. passed him a 10.

"Um, would you mind if I asked you for your autograph? My niece is a die hard fan of yours and she'd love me if I did this for her." The driver asked.

"Sure," A.J. signed a piece of paper that the drive gave him. Then the two of them gotout of the taxi, and they headed into the park. Th weather outside was perfect. It was snowing lightly, and i was a bit warm. Christine stared in aw at the park that faced her. With A.J. by her side, they enterd the park.


Cassie and Caroline caught with Kevin and Howie, and they all went through a bunch of stores, looking for a the "perfect gift" for Amanda.

"Amanda is sooo hard to buy for. Hey, I got it... How 'bout we wrap up Brian and give him to her. I know she'd love that!" Caroline suggested.

"That could be a possibility, but let's be serious." Howie said.

"I was being serious. You don't know Amanda that well..." Caroline replied.

"Maybe we could get her a dress or something. Do you remember what she likes?" Cassie asked.

"I have ideas..." Caroline said.

"Well, what's her favorite color?" Kevin asked.

"RED!" Both Caroline and Cassie answerd.

"Well, how about that one?" Howie pointed to a dress.

"Oh my God, it's perfect..." Cassie started.


Brian and Nick impatienly waited for Amanda and Lisa. After another 10 minutes of waiting, they finaly showed up.

"What took you guys so long?" Nick asked.

"Nothing really," Amanda gave Lisa a look.

"What?!?" Lisa said.

"Well, Nick and I have a really cool store to show you guys. Come on." They grabbed the girls hands and lead them out of the hotel. They got in a cab, three in the back, one in the front. The driver drove off, and droped them off in fron of a store. They got out of the car, and the guys coverd Amanda and Lisa's eyes. They lead them into the store, and they uncoverd their yes.

"Here we are." Brian said. Lisa and Amanda realized that the guys had broughten them into a toy store. The stroe was huge! It seemed like it went for ever.

"Come on!" Brian and Nick to their hands. They brought them all over the store. The four of them played hide-and-seek, tag and all these little kid games. During thid time, the guys signed a few autographs, but everyone was pretty much nice abou it. No big crouds. When that was all over, Amanda and Brian split up from Nick and Lisa, who went and sat on a giant teddy bear.

"Psst." Nick said.

"Yeah?" Lisa said.

"No, when I say "psst" you're sopose to say what."

"Oh, ok."

"Ok, psst..."


Nick took a long pause, and he held Lisa's hand. "I think I'm falling for you..."

"I think I'm falling for you too." Lisa smiled at him. They leaned over and kissed. They started to really kiss, when a little kid interupted.

"Ew!!! You guys are so grross!!!" Lisa and Nick pulled away from each other and they laughed. They got ip and headed to find Brian and Amanda.


Christine and A.J. were walking hand in hand in the park. No one was there except for them. They walked all the way to the middle of the park, where a giant fountain was, but wasn't working (well it's winter...). The snow was falling lightly on them and thier faces.

"Let us dance." A.J. said, and the two of them were dancing in the snow. They spun, they danced, and when they were done, Christine ploped down backwards into the snow.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Making snow angels." A.J fell back also, and they both mad snow angels together. When they stopped, A.J. stared at Christine.

"You know what?" He asked.

"What?" She answerd.

"To me, you're an angel." She leaned over and gave him a sweet kiss.


Caroline and Cassie purchased the dress, while Howie talked to Kevin about Cassie's idea for a gift for Amanda.

"So what do you think?" Howie asked.

"Pretty good, pretty good. I think she'd really like it. Have you talked to the other guys about this yet?"

"No, not yet."

"Ok, how 'bout it if you call Brian, and I'll call A.J.?" Kevin suggested.

"Ok." They both took out thier phones and they dialed the guys numbers.

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