Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 7

Brian and Amanda were walking through the store looking for the other two, when Brian's phone rang.


"Hey Brian, it's Howie."

"Hey, what's up?"

"Here's the story, be back at the hotel with Amanda no earlier than 5."

"Why?" Howie explaind the whole idea of the gift to Brian, he told him to tell Nick.

"Ok, that sounds good. See ya then." Brian hung up his phone and put it back in his jacket.

"Who was that?" Amanda asked.

"It was Howie. He told me that we should only get back at 5 instead of 4. They're getting back at 4:30, and they don't want you to walk in on them when they're wraping your gift."

"Ok, whatever, doesn't bug me."

"Now, let's go find Nick and Lisa." The two of them searched the store once again.


A.J. and Chirstne were still lying in the snow when Kevin called. He explained everything to him. When A.J. hung up th phone he explained it all to Christine.

"I guess we should start to head back, it's already 3:30." The two of them got up from the snow, and they slowly left the park, only to remember this park as theirs.


"Hey Nick! Where have you guys been?" Brian asked calling out to the two of them as they were turning a corner.

"We were just looking around..." Nick looked at Lisa, and they just smiled.

"Nick, I gotta ask you something..." Brian pulled Amanda over and her started to explain everything about her gift. Nick kept on looking over at Amanda.

"Are they talking about me or something?" Amanda asked Lisa.

"I don't think so, why don't you come with me to the cash. I want to pay for this Tickle- Me-Elmo." So Amanda went with Lisa to the cash, and then they waited for the guys outside. When the guys caught up, Brian took Amanda for a walk, and Nick brought Lisa back to the hotel.


Everyone else, except for Nick and Lisa, were all back at the hotel setting up the guys room. They decided to also make it a surprise party too. Christine was getting help form A.J. with the streamers. They were red and blue (note: Amanda and Brian's fav colors...). Cassie and Howie were deciding what everyone would eat. Caroline and Kevin were decieding what music to listen to. Caroline wanted to listen to 98 degrees, but Kevin wanted to listen to Spice Girls.

"Why do all guys have this crazy obbessions with THOSE girls..." Caroline asked.

"The same reason girls are obsessed with us." He replied.

"Oh yeah, and why's that?"

"Because we're so irrestiable."

"You think so eh?"

"Are you going to try to argue with me?" He laughed

"Yes.. Well, no. But that's only because you're so irresitable."

"Same as you..." Kevin pulled Caroline into his arms, and he whisperd into her ears, "But I still want to listen to the Spice Girls." Caroline reached for the closest thing, which was a pillow, and she hit him over the head.

"Urghh! Men..." She laughed before she hit him again.


Brian and Amanda were walking hand in hand through this small quiet little park. Everything was so calm, Amanda was in heaven (well, almost). They saw a bench and they went to sit sown.

"So how's your birthday so far?" Brian asked.

"It couldn't be more perfect. This is something I've dreamed of for so long..." She looked up and smiled at him.

"You do know it's far from over, you just wait..."

"What's that sopose to mean?" she asked.

Brian leaned towards her, his eyes never leaving hers for a second. "Well, for one thing..." He didn't bother to finish what he had to say, his kiss said it all.


Nick was leading Lisa back to the hotel, trying very hard not to run into any fans, but we all know how hard that it... They haf almost made it into the hotel, when one of the more crazier fans ran up to Nick begging him for his autograph. Being the sweetheart that he is, he signed the autograph, hugged the fan, then grabbed Lisa's hand and they went into the hotel, and headed to the guys room.

"Hey, why are we going to your room?" Lisa saked.

"Because we're getting Amanda's gift ready." He looked at her funny.

"Oh we are are we? Well no one told me this..."

"I'm sorry Lis, I thought the girls might have told you." He looked at her with his puppy dog eyes.

"Ok, I believe you," she smiled, "Now let's go help." She was about to open the door, when Nick stopped her.

"Wait, I have to do something first."

"And what's that?" Lisa asked.

"This," Nick softly kissed her lips...


On the other side of the door, the others were starting to wonder where Nick and Lisa could be.

"I hope they're ok. I mean it's been almost 45 minutes since we called." Cassie started.

"Calm down Cassie. They're not babies anymore... Well, they are but you know what I mean." Christine said.

Howie hugged Cassie from behind. "You know, she's right. I'm sure they're perfectly fine." Cassie tries to smile, but she's such a worry wort, that she still was uncertain.

"I'm sure that they'll be her any minute, so let's try to finish this, kay?" A.J. said, and with that, they all put the finishing touches on the surprise.

"Hey did you hear that?" Christine asked.

"Hear what?" A.J. asked giving her a funny look.

"Shh... That!" She motioned for everyone to be quiet.

"It sounds like a Tickle-Me-Elmo." Cassie said.

"You're right, and it sounds like it's comming fron the door." Howie said. A.J. walked over to the door and swung it open.

"Damn.. uh..." Stunned, A.J. stood there. Startled, Nick and Lisa came back to reality.

"Um... Hi..." Nick said. Lisa's face was all red.

"So you finally got hat Tickle-Me-Elmo, hun Lis?" Christine said.

"Uh, yeah..." Lisa said this just as her Elmo went off again. Everyone laughed.

"Come on, we're almost done. Let's get back to work." Cassie said. Lisa and Nick were pulled in the room, and put to work.


Back in the park, Amanda and Brian were very occupied. Amanda had never been so happy in her life. Suddenly she pulled away from Brian.

"What's wrong?" He asked, concerned.

"Uh... nothing..." She looked at the ground.

"I know somethig's bothering you, come on, you can tell me." Brian said in a reasuring voice.

"It's just that, well...." She started to play with her hair.

"Am I going to fast... What is it?" He lifted her chin with his hand.

"No, it's nothing like that."

"Then what is it?" He looked at her inquieringly.

"It because everything is so perfect, it's a dream come true, but..." She started to trail off.

"But what?"

"It's all going to be over in a few days, and I'll never see you again." A tear trickled down her cheek.

"Don't talk like that." He brought his mouth to her cheek, and he kissed away her tear. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

"You know why?" He whisperd.

"Why?" Amanda loved his eyes, she couldn't look away.

"Because I love you." Amanda could feel her heart melting."

"Brian... I love you too." She wrapped her arms around him, and she never wanted to let go. Brian himself, felt like he was holding an angel in his arms.

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