Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 8

Back in the room, everything was almost done. Eveerything was put up, and the music was fianlly decideed. Kevin and Caroline dacided on a evening of slow jams.

"Why don't we call Brian now? This way we'll know how much time we'll have to clean up." A.J. suggested.

"Good idea.""Christine said. A.J. picked up the phone and dialed Brian's number.

"Hey Rok, it's Bone. Get you butt and Amanda's over here now. We're ready." A.J. hung up the phone.

"Everybody, they're on their way here right now. They'll proboly be here in 20 minutes. Let's get this place cleaned up." A.J. said this, then everyone stared to clean up. They threw the garbage out, and hide the extra stuff under the couches. When they were done, they all got changed. They sat on the couches, watching t.v. waiting for them to arrive. Christine decided to go and get the drinks, which were in the snow out on the balcony. She tried to pick up all 6 of the 2 liter bottles at once. She was successful in this attempt, but she slipped on a patch of ice, sending the bottles over the edge.

"Oh, shit la merde!" She got up and wipped off all the snow form her pants. She went back inside empty handed."

"Hey Chris, where are the drinks?" Caroline asked.

"Somewhere on the first floor..." Everyone stared at her funny.

"See, I picked up all 6 bottles at the same time, them I slipped, and they fell over the edge." Everyone started to laugh.

"I know, I know, blond momment..."


Brian had just gotten off the phone, and he was starting to get up. Amanda slowly got up too.

"Do we have to go, everything is so perfect..." She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close.

"That was A.J., they made reservations, and they don't want to be late. Besides, I don't want to hog you on your birthday..."

"Believe me, I really don't mind." She pulled him over kissing his lips one last time before he pulled away.

"Come on let's go." He said taking hold of her hand and leading her to a cab which was waiting for them. They went right back to the hotel. Brian payed the driver, and the two of them got out of the car. They headed up the stairs and into the hotel very slowly, trying to make every minute of being alone together last. They headed for the guys room. Brian went to knock, but turned to Amanda.

"Do me a favor. Remember this day for the rest of your life."

"How could I ever forget it?" Amanda replied. Brian kissed her forehead. He knocked on the door, and the two of them waited for someone to open it.


"They're here." Lisa said loud enough so everyone in the room could hear, but quiet enough so Amanda and Brian couldn't. Everyone got up and placed themsleves.

"Come in!" Lisa yelled. Amanda opend the door and stepped inside.

"SURPRISE!!!" Everyone jumped out and yelled.

"Oh my God..." Amanda's face went all red. She tried to bury it in Brian's arms, but he turne her to face everyone.

"Happy Birthday Pooky." Christine said.

"You guys, you didn't have to do all this..." Amanda looked around the room. "Aw... Thank you so much." She went around and hugged everyone. They then laed her to the couch, where she sat down.

"Now you just sit there and don't move, we'll be back soon." Kevin said this, and then all the guys left the room.

"What are they doing?" Amanda asked.

"Nothing... Here, open your gift while we wait." Caroline said tossing her a box. Amanda opend it. The first thing she got was a silver ID bracelet that was engraved. It said Amanda Black on one side, and Love Us on the other. "It's beautiful." Amanda then opend the rest of the gift. Her mouth dropped. It was the red dress by Ralph Lauren that she had been dreaming about since grade 9. "I can't believe that you guys got me this. I- I don't know what to say? Thank you... Come here." She opend her arms, and they all came in for a hug. Just as they were sitting back down, the guys came in.

Each one was dressed in a black jacket and pants ensemble, with a different colored shirt underneath. Kevin, blue. Nick, green. Howie, purple. A.J., yellow. Brian, red. They pulled out five chairs, and they sat down.

"What are you guys doing?" Amanda asked.

"Hush, just wait." Brian told her.

Kevin stood up from his chair. "Amanda, this is our gift to you. Hope you enjoy it." He said this in hei deep voice, then he sat down. They counted off, then they began to sing accapella. They sung Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart), All I Have To Give, If You Stay, and Amanda's personal favorite, Darlin'.

When they finished, Amanda had tears in her eyes. She hugged each one of them, thanking them as she did. The last one she thanked was Brian.

"That was too sweet. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day." She smiled giveing him a loving hug.

"End? The night isn't over yet. Why don't you go and change. The guys and I are taking you girls danceing at this club. Now go. I'll be waiting right here..." Amanda nodded, and she went into her room and she changed, wondering where this club could be.

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