Dreams Do Come True: Chapter 9

The guys took the girls to a dance/clup place for the rest of the evening. The momment that they got there, Amanda, Lisa and Christine were on the floor striking moves. Brian, Nick and A.J. joined them. Cassie, Howie, Caroline and Kevin were dancing, but after an hour, they went to sit down and orderd some drinks. Brian, Nick and A.J. got caught by some fans, and they ended up singing autographs at the bar.

So, the three of them (Amanda, Lisa and Christine) kept on dancing. They were dancing up a storm. While they were dancing, Lisa noticed someone. She kept looking over, and it started to bug Amanda.

"Lisa, who are you looking at?!?"

"See for yourself... Lisa pointed over Amanda's shoulder. Amanda turned around and looked at who it was. Her mouth dropped. She was face-to-face with Eric of No Authority. He turned around and saw her.

"Well, hello there," Eric said. Amanda closed her mouth.

"Hi," she answerd.

"I see you and your two friends here like to dance. Why don't you show me what you've got?" He asked.

"Ok," Amanda got Lisa and Christine, thay talked a bit, then counted off, and did a coreographed routine. Whe they were done, the croud was cheerin for them. Amanda walked up to Eric, who was very attentive to her every move, and she said, "Now how 'bout I see what you can do."

Eric accepted. He went and got his NA buds (Ricky, Josh and Danny) and they to did a coerographed routine. The croud cheered once again when the guys finished. The three girls clapped for the guys. Eric came up to Amanda.

"You're good, I must admit it." Amanda said.

"You're not so bad yourself," he said back. "Here, call me sometime. I mean it. I'm going o be waiting next to the phone until you call."

He gave her a piece of paper with his cell number on it and he smiled. He then walked out of the club. Amanda slipped the number into her pocket. She looked over at Brian. He gave her a "I-hate-doing-this-but-I-have-to" look. Amanda smiled. Then she turned her head to the door, to catch a last glance of Eric, before he left the club. Amanda looked back at Brian, he was still loaded with fans. Amanda slowly walked towards the exit of the club...


"Caroline, Cassie, Kevin and Howie were sitting at a table in the back. The guys were laughing st the other guys.

"Ha ha. They're stuck signing autographs... Well, I don't mind signing them, but when I'm trying to relax, they do become a bit of a hassle." Howie said.

"Thank God they don't know where we're sitting..." Kevin said.

"Hey, by the way, who was that guy Amanda was talking to on the dance floor?" Howie asked.

"I don't know, Amanda is a very friendly person. Hey, where is Amanda?" Caroline asked. Just then, Christine and Lisa came to the table.

"Hey have you guys seen Amanda?" Lisa asked.

"We thought she was with you..." Cassie said.

"Nope, she ditched us a while ago." Christine said.

"Maybe she's outside. You know how she is when it come to hot places, she needs to get fresh air." Lisa said.

"You know, she's gonna have problems when her and Brian..." Christine said, but she decided to stop herself. Then, the other guys showed up.

"Where's Amanda?" Brian asked, sounding concerned.

"She's proboly just outside taking a breather, just let her be, she'll be fine." Lisa said.

"Ok..." Brian said, but his eyes searched the club for Amanda anyways...


Amanda turned the corner to see Eric leaning against the brick wall of the club.

"You know, I really prefer to talk to people other call, phone conversations are so impersonal, don't you find?" Amanda said as she walked right in front of him.

"Yeah, I do." Eric circled around Amanda, checking out every single angle of hers. "So what's a beautiful girl like you doing in a club like this?"

"Proboly the same thing any girl is doing in there, I'm dancing."

"Well, me and the guys are here to check out some of the neew dance moves, and to do some promotional stuff. Any other reason that your here?"

"Well, I'm celebrating my birthday with my friends and the Back-" Amanda stoped.

"The Backstreet Boys right? I saw them. They didn't seem to be paying much attention to you."

"Autographs... It's not their fault..."

"If I were with a girl as beautiful as you, I wouldn't care how many autographs wanted to be singed. I'd be too busy doing other things."

"Other things? Like what?"

"Like this..." Eric pinned Amanda to the wall, and he looked deep into her eyes. Slowly, both of their faces moved towards each other's, and their lips touched, and they began to kiss. Amanda put her arms around his neck, and he slowly moved his around her waist. They leaned against the wall. Amanda completely forgot about Brian, and was too wrapped up into this kiss.

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