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Backstreet Boys Dreams

Ah, what's the best way to wake up in the morning? Waking up with the memory of a dream. Not just any kind of dream, a dream about the Backstreet Boys. Who could ask for anything more? Just for fun, I've put up this section for all you people out there who don't mind shareing your dreams with the public. This let's you see what other people have on their minds at night...

Dream about Brian: Anonymous

Me and my five friends won a contest to go and see the Backstreet Boys and spend the day (well, half an hour, but that's long enough) with them. We all had to fly over to London, England to see them. When we got there, we all got dressed, and ready to go. We were all excited, and really nervous. We went to this studio where they were doing an interview, and when they were done, we went into this small room, where we talked. Aftre 15 minutes, I had to leave, because everyone was acting so fake. I didn't notice, but Brian had followed me, I only noticed when I was outside on this balcony, and turned around. I jumped.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you... Why did you leave like that in there?" Brian said.

"I didn't feel right in there, no one was acting like themselves. They're all putting on an act." I began to shake because I was nervous. I was after all, next to Brian.

"So you came out here to get away from it all?"

"Yeah, and just out of curiosity, why did you follow me?"

"Well," he leaned on the railing of the balcony, "I wasn't about the let a gorgeous girl like you get away..." I smiled, blushed, and then began to shiver, I was getting cold.

"You cold?" He asked.

"Yeah, a bit..."

"Here, take my sweater..." He took off his sweater, and handed it to me, and I put it on. He then began to rub my ams so I would warm up faster. I turned to him.

"Are you always this sweet, or is this just an act you put on?" I asked.

"No, it's the real thing, but I just do it for girls like you..."

"So how many has that been so far?"

"Up to date," he counted on his fingers, "Just you." Then I went to hug him, and I woke up. No fair...