The Elevator

Elevator - Hellevator - Dreamevator by Aphy

Description: Lara Creft boarded the elevator, expecting a normal ride. What she got was something else altogether . . .

Disclaimer: Duh! Of course this story isn't true (but I wouldn't tell you even if it was!)! And of course I don't know the BSB (then again, I wouldn't tell you if I did . . .)! So don't take this seriously, and don't send me thousands of elimes (aka emails) asking me for their email addresses, phone numbers, autographs, etc, etc - I don't have anything to do with them! If you would, however, like to write me regarding a different matter, altogether un-BSB related, then you may do so at You may also forward poetry for my site, which can be found at (please don't be too judgmental; it is currently in a state of disrepair) .

A small part of this story was inspired by a piece of X-Files Fan Fic. (I'm not sure of the title, but if you are the writer of this inspiring piece, I would be glad to give you credit for it)

This story is rated R - for indelicate language and sexually oriented scenes.

So now that the boring stuff is over with - here's the story: ***

Lara Creft walked through the crowded lobby, making her way to the elevator. She had just been shopping through the mall in Caesar's Palace and her feet were beginning to get sore. It was time to head up to her hotel room and catch some afternoon television.

Lara loved Las Vegas. It was one of her favorite holiday spots. She'd only been here three days. She still had another week before heading to her home in White Rock, BC, Canada. Lara boarded the fancy, mirror plated elevator and pressed the eleven button. One of her favorite things about this place was how dazzling it was. Everything seemed so classy.

Just as the doors began to slide shut, she heard a voice call out, "Wait! Hold that elevator!" Quickly, Lara pushed the ‘door open' button and the doors began to open again. A tall, blonde, about eighteen-year-old and very cute looking guy stepped into to the elevator. "Thanks!" He said happily.

"No problem," She replied, "What floor?"

"Top . . . Whatever that one is . . ." The guy told her, searching the numbers.

Lara pressed the top button. Penthouse, She thought to herself, Must be nice . . .

Lara smiled at him. "Top floor - top button - makes sense."

He looked a little embarrassed. "Yeah, I guess it does."

There was a slightly uncomfortable pause, which Lara decided she should break, immediately.

"So, is this your first time in Vegas?" She asked, hoping to start a conversation.

"Uh - no - I've been here a few times," He nodded.

Lara bit her lip, not knowing what to say. "Do you always stay here?" She inquired.

"No, sometimes we stay other places," He replied.

She gave him a weird look, and decided not to pursue conversation any further. He obviously didn't want to chat with her. She didn't really resent it though, he was probably just having a rough day. Besides, she was almost at her floor.

Suddenly the elevator came to a crashing halt. The lights flickered, then went out. Lara's knees buckled and she lost her a balance. The guy grabbed her and they held unto each other for support. Then everything stopped.

Slowly Lara and the guy with her, stood up cautiously. There were still no lights.

"What happened?" Lara asked.

"I don't know," he answered helplessly.

Lara thought back to her survival and life saving training. "Are you hurt?" She asked quietly, but firmly.

"No - I'm fine - Are you alright?" He responded

"Yes, I'm fine. Do you have any medical conditions? I don't," She continued.

"No . . . I think we should be fine, but it's so dark. I can't see anything!" He still had his arms around her.

"Neither can I, but I think you can let go of me now . . ."

"Oh sorry."

"Gotta light?"

She could hear the guy check his pockets. "Uh no. I don't smoke."

"I think I might have some matches," Lara said checking her own pockets. "Ah ha! I collect match books from all the hotels I visit. Just got this one today from the MGM Grand."

Lara struck the match and a flame twinkled before her eyes. "Yes!" She said, feeling very relived.

Lara bent down to examine the elevator's control panel. She hit the ‘emergency stop' button. Nothing happened. She succeeded in opening the tiny box under the control panel and tried the phone inside. "I can't get a dail tone."

"Here, let me try," He suggested.

Lara stepped aside, but as she'd suspected, he couldn't do anything more than she. "What made you think that somehow you could get a dial tone, when I couldn't?" She inquired of him.

He sighed, "I don't know - I just thought I'd try."

The match extinguished. "I probably shouldn't light another . . . It would waste the air in here."

They stood in silence for a while.

"Maybe we should sit down," the guy suggested.

"Yeah," Lara agreed, "Sooooo, What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't," He replied.

"Okay then," She rolled her eyes, "I'm Lara Creft. May I ask who you are?"

The guy took a second. "My name is Jeff Matthews . . ."

An instinct Lara had kicked in. "You're lying!" She accused. Lara bit her tongue and cursed every instinct she had. She was stuck in a metal box, with a man almost twice her size, who obviously wasn't very friendly, and she had just accused him of lying. Lara moved away from him and waited for his response. It was an unexpected one.

He sighed, "I'm sorry. I've had a bad day and - well - I'm Nick Carter - I just didn't feel like having fans for a while . . . I just wanted to be alone."

Lara relaxed and contemplated his words. "Erm - I'm not sure what you mean about fans, but it's nice to meet you Nick Carter."

Now it was Nick's turn to bite his tongue. He should have just told Lara his name and not mentioned anything else. He thought for a moment about this girl. She seemed nice and was very pretty, now that he actually thought about her. Maybe he should just be straight with her. "You probably don't know me personally by name. I'm a member of a music group - The Backstreet Boys."

Lara's voice caught in her throat. She jumped to her feet. "ohmygod - HELP! Somebody Please! Help M - I'm mean - Help Us!" She screamed as loud as she could.

Lara waited for a response, but hearing nothing, threw herself back down on the floor.

"Sorry - I thought I heard a noise . . ."

"Now look who's lying!"

Lara gulped, "I just panicked - I'm sorry . . ."

"It's alright, I'm used to it."

"Is someone a little fond of themselves?"

That remark really stung him. "No! I just - Uhg never mind!"

"I was just joking! Geez, you really have had a bad day . . ."

"Yes! I have! And right now I'm missing my only time off - stuck in here!"

"Grrrr . . ." Lara growled playfully. She could almost hear him scowling. "Is it hot in here - or is it just me?"

"It's hot in here," He replied, "Maybe they had an electrical outage or something . . ."

Lara needed to do something. She needed to act. "Let's do something . . ." She suggested

"Like what?!?" He asked incredulously.

"Hmm . . . we could play a word game?" She suggested.

Nick sighed. "Yeah, yeah, alright. Whatever . . ."

Soon the two were in a heated battle of twenty questions. After about half an hour, they were both in tears laughing. She felt like she'd known this guy forever.

"God! You Canadians with your sick minds! Every word you've used so far has been sexually oriented!" He teased her. In actually fact he hadn't minded her words at all . . .

"Olive oil had almost nothing to do with sex!" Lara snippily replied, "Besides! I may be more open about sex, but it has nothing to do with being Canadian!"

"Fine! Fine! Wanna have sex, eh?" Nick laughed. "Ow!" He cried as she hit his arm. He could hear Lara laughing at him.

"Oh yeah?" He said reaching out to grab her. It was still pitch black in the elevator. They couldn't see a thing. Nick's hands met Lara's body and he began tickling her. She started laughing, "Ah! Nick! Stop! This tickles!" Lara drew a quick breath , "Nick! Watch your hands!"

"Sorry - Can't see!"

"Erm- That's a little hard to believe considering where you've put them!"

"Hmm . . . Actually I don't think this is such a bad place!"

"Nick," Lara managed to get out, "Move your hands!"

Lara gasped, "Nick!!!"

"You said move them!"

"Away! Move them away!"

"Oh sorry . . ."

Lara gave a shaky cough. "I'm getting hungry." She stated, "I think I might have some food here in my bag . . ."

"Sounds good to me . . ."

"Who said I'd give you any?"

"Do you want me to touch you there again?"

"Fine here you go!" She said tossing a chocolate bar in his direction.

"Thank you!"

"Nick . . . .?"

"Yes . . . ?"

"Are you - are you attracted to me?"

"Wow! Canadians really are more open about sex!" He paused, "Uh - yeah - I think so . . ."

"You think so?!?"

"I've been on tour for a long time . . ." He admitted.

"Well - I think I'm attracted to you too!"

"Oh - that's good. Would you like to go out sometime?"

"Sure! If you ever get out to BC, that would be nice. But I was thinking since were alone and bored in this elevator. And fuck - I am getting a bit bored!"

"Are you suggesting we-?"

"It would appear so- yes."

"Won't that just make it hotter in here?"

"Maybe - but it's a good hot and it's better than being bored."

"Do you know how many men would pay good money to hear a woman say that?"

"You Americans and your sick minds! I don't want to have sex - let's just -mmm- have some fun . . ."

Nick need no more encouragement. He shuffled over to wear Lara was sitting and re-placed his hands.

"Oh my!"

"Shhh . . ." Nick whispered as he placed his mouth over hers. Their tongues met in a heated duel, exploring the soft curves of each other's mouths. He rolled over on top of her, pinning her to the floor of the elevator. Nick began placing a trial of kisses down her neck, pausing at her shirt. "Uh - Lara?"

"Mmmm . . . Yes Nick?"

"Your shirt?"

"Is a button up - which means that - yes - ladies and gents it can also button down!"

Nick laughed softly and began carefully unbuttoning her shirt with his teeth.

"Wow! Nick that's amazing! That really takes talent!"

"Well then . . . it must come naturally to me ‘cos I don't get much practice!"

"Well then let me show you a little of what I can do!"

Lara pushed him back and rolled on top of him, switching their positions. She slid her body down his, until her head was level with his fly. "Hang on here we go!" She sang softly.

Lara delicately undid the fly of his jeans with her teeth and tongue.

"Impressed yet?"

"Oh my g- yeeeeeah . . ."

Lara laughed, "You're pretty easy!" She joked, "I was just getting started!"

All of sudden - the lights came back on.

Lara let out a cry of surprise and jumped to her feet

"Wholly Shit!" Nick yelled as the elevator started again. He stood quickly and zipped up his fly.

Lara quickly buttoned her shirt. She pulled her hair out of her face and ran her fingers through it. Picking up her bag off the floor, she glanced at Nick. "You look good," she assured him

"You too," he nodded to her.

"And did this ever happen?" She asked.

"No - But I'd like to see you again . . . How ‘bout that famous buffet at the Rio - my treat."

"Uh uh, that buffet sucks," she informed him, "There's a buffet at the Flamingo Hilton which is fabulous! Let's meet there at 6 pm. I ‘d prefer dutch . . ."

Nick smiled, "Sounds awesome to me!"

The elevator stopped at Lara's floor. Not looking at him, she walked out of the elevator. "And maybe we can head back to your room after . . ." She called to him. The elevator doors shut.

Nick smiled.


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