Help Us!!!

Your help will be greatly apreciated...

Unique is need of your help... We need people to help us get a manager to work with us. We have only begun to persue our singing career, and we are still in store for a long ride. Seemings as we are fairly new, we have not been able to get hold of management. Please, if you in any way know how we can get some, or if you know of someone who is interested in new talent, please, your help would be greatly apreciated.

We would also like the word get around to many record lables that "Unique" is here. Helping us spread the word, by writting to them, telling them about us, and giving one of our e-mails to them, would help trmendously.

Also, if one of you is willing to host us, as in, we would be greatful. If that is done, we will give you excellent seats for our shows, when we have them, and we will pretty much do anythign for you.

Mostly, we just want the word to get around that there is a group looking for someone to help them out. We would very much apreciate this.

Thank you, Unique

Amanda Black

Christine Baillargeon

Lisa Schmidt

If you are interested in helping, please contact Amanda, Christine, or Lisa. Thank you.

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