How I Spent My Summer Vacation


This is actually a sequel to my first story but that be frank....sucked! This is 100% fictional! It never happened! I am in no way associated with Jive Records nor do I know the Backstreet Boys. It's a story for entertainment purposes only. It is a little farfetched at times. is COPYRIGHTED! Do not steal it.....PLEASE!

In my last story, the two main characters, Megan(long brown hair, brown eyes) and Angie(long brown hair, blue eyes), met up with their little hearthrobs......the BSB! Megan and Brian kissed and Angie and Nick kissed. However, they've never quite defined their relationship! Brian has now had his operation. For the past 6 months or so...the two couples have kept in touch. The rest of the BSB are working on their live act for the upcoming US tour. All of the Boys are in Orlando, Florida.

~At The Hospital: Brian's Room~

Dear Meg,
I miss you. It's seems so weird that even though we only met for a few days, I can't get you out of my head. The operation went fine. Now comes the hard part, recovering and getting back in shape. I have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks and then I have to make sure I can still keep up with the guys. Nick visits me everyday but I'm still really lonely.......

"You are pathetic, you know that?" Brian looked up startled, and saw AJ had entered the room with a big grin on his face. AJ continued to say:

"Writing love letters again, Bri? Oh Meg, I love you, I can't live without you!!!!!!" AJ loves teasing Brian about Meg. Just then Nick entered the room. AJ pointed at Nick and laughed:

"He's just as bad! Today he messed up the dance moves about 50 times b/c he was up all night on the phone talking to that Angie girl."

Nick's face turned bright red. AJ glanced at the two best friends and smiled an evil grin:

"Besides, those two probably got boyfriends up on GA!"

"THEY DO NOT!" yelled Brian and Nick together. AJ continued on:

"OK, OK! Calm down! Just tell me this.....when are you two planning on seeing those two again?" Nick thought about it and then said:

"Oh man! I won't see Ang for a least a month or two when we do GA again. I can't wait that long!" Brian agreed...nodding his head sadly and saying; "Me neither. I can't wait that long to see Meg again!" AJ looked at the usually happy pair....who now looked so depressed, it was depressing AJ!

AJ then said; "Look, if you're that desperate to see your women, here's what we can do. Megan and Angie are out of school now, right? And they're almost 17 years old by now. They're old enough to hop a flight down here and hang out for a few weeks."

Brian and Nick grew happy at the thought, but then Nick's face darkened as he said; "Yeah, but where are they gonna stay? Not here with Bri and not with me. My mom wouldn't let two girls she didn't know stay at our house."

"Calm down, Nicky! They can crash at my place if it will keep you two happy," AJ said hurridly.

"Perfect! I'm calling Meg right now." said Brian smiling. He reached over and dialed the digits quickly. After listening a moment, he hung up and said; "She's not home."

"Then she must be at Angie's! Give me the phone," said Nick. He dialed Angie's number and then listened.

~In Georgia: At Angie's House~

Meg and Angie are sitting outside talking. Angie's busy telling Meg about last night's phone conversation with Nick:

"And then he was like, 'I miss you' and I was SO happy! And then he said he'd call me today.......Oh Meg! He's sooooooo HOT!"

"Mmmmmmm....that's great Ang. I hope Brian's ok."

"Don't worry Meg! MTV News said he was fine!"


Just then the phone rang.


"Where's the phone, Meg?"


"Find it! Find it! It's probably Nick!"


"Ang, you're sitting on it!"


", oops.......hello?"


"Nick! Hey!"

"Wassup Ang?"

"Nothin are you?"

"Not bad.......I'm here with Brian."

"Oh, how is he?"

"The operation went perfect. He's doin fine!"

"Good, tell him Meg sends her love."

"I will....I miss you Ang."

"I miss you too. Tell Brian Meg misses him."

"Ok, tell her he misses her."


"Ang.........what are you doing this summer?"

"Nothing. Just working on my basketball game I guess."

"What about Megan?"

"She isn't doing anything."

"Great! Ok......oh man.....this is perfect. Oh geez, this is so great!"


"Oh man.......ok. Me and Bri were wondering if you and Megan could come down here for a few weeks."



"Oh cool....oh this is the ultimate in coolness. But wait, where would we stay?"

"With can you come?"

"Yeah, I mean I think so. If my parents will let me. But they will. And if they let me go, Meg can come too."

"Ok.....let me talk to your parents."

"K! Hold on a sec!"



"I can't wait to see you!"

"I can't wait to see you, either!"

Ang went to go find her mom and dad. Meg sat there staring at the phone and finally picked it up.



"It's Meg, what's going on?"

"Wwweeeeelllllll........we're trying to get Ang's parents to let you and her come down for a visit."

"Omigod! Really?!?!?!?!?!"


"Wait, when?"

"In a week or so"

"Oh cool! That's when I was supposed to stay with Ang anyways."

"For how long?"

"A couple of weeks"

"Well, me and Brian were hoping you'd stay here for like a month or so."

"With who?"


"Who would we be staying with?"

"Oh! AJ!"

"Ok, wait! I gotta go. Ang's parent's are hre and they want to talk to you and AJ."


Ang and Meg watched nervously as Ang's parents talked to Nick and AJ. They talked and talked. Finally Ang's dad hung up.

"I don't like it at all but I guess you can go. They seem like decent young men."

Ang and Meg hugged each other and started jumping up and down and screaming!

~5 Days Later At The Orlando Airport~

Nick, AJ, and Kevin waited for the plane to land. Nick was very hyper. He kept grinning and laughing. Kevin kept giving him a you-are-embarassing-me- how-could-you-be-so-immature look, while AJ was checking out a few girls looking at some magazines. Finally, the loudspeaker boomed:

"Flight 227....Atlanta to Orlando is now landing." Nick looked around wildly.

"Omigod, that's them!!! OMIGOD! you see them???" Kevin gave Nick an annoyed older brother look and said; "CALM DOWN NICK! No I don't see them. I haven't even met them before so just...."

Nick interrupted him saying; "OMIGOD THERE'S ANG!" Angie was walking off the plane. Nick had told her to look for him, AJ, and Kevin but that they'd be wearing hats. Megan just wanted to go to the hospital and see Brian. Just then Meg spotted a tall blond boy in a Nike hat pointing at Ang. The boy looked like Nick but he was having what looked like to be an anxiety attack. Meg grabbed Ang and pointed at the boy, saying; "Hey Ang, there's your loverboy." Then she watched as Ang dropped all her bags and started running right at Nick. She saw them embrace, kiss, embrace, and then blush slightly at AJ and Kev, who were laughing at them. Meg sighed, grabbed Ang's stuff, and walked over there. Nick had his arms wrapped around Ang's waist and they were talking to one another and laughing. Meg dumped all of Ang's stuff on the ground and turned to Kevin and AJ.

"Hi, I'm Megan. You can call me Meg. That crazed girl clinging to Nick is my friend, Angie. You can call her Ang." Kevin looked at the girl standing in front of him. She was about 17 but she acted mature. And she was pretty, but Kev shook his head. 'Remember Kev, she's Bri's,' Kevin thought over and over.

He extended his hand and smiled.

"Hey, I'm Kevin. Call me Kev. And this is AJ, you're gonna be staying with us for awhile." Meg looked a little surprised:

"Oh, I didn't know you lived with AJ too. That's cool though." Then AJ said; "We've got to be going now. Howie's hanging with Bri but Howie's got a date tonight."

The Kev, AJ, and Meg turned to look at Ang and Nick. The three of them shrugged and went to go get their luggage. This took awhile. Meg and Ang had practically packed their whole closets. Finally, they returned. They had packed their car and Kev was in the car waiting for them. AJ and Meg seperated Nick and Ang. Nick shook his head and looked at little dazed. Then he spotted Meg. He gave her a quick little hug and then wrapped his arms around Ang; "Ang, this is AJ. AJ, this is Ang. Hey Meg, how ya doin? Hey...where'd Kev go?" AJ laughed; "Nick, Kev's waiting in the car. We already put all the luggage in the car. Meg here wants to go see Brian and then we have to rehearse some more. Then you and Angie can talk all you want." They all went to the car. Meg sat up front with Kevin. AJ, Ang, and Nick sat in the back. Meg liked talking to Kevin and AJ.....which is a good thing. Nick and Ang were in deep conversation. Nick was whispering to Ang:

"I, uh, I got you something."


"Close your eyes."


Nick then reached into his pocket and brought out a ring He slipped it on Ang's finger. He whispered in Ang's ear; "It's a promise ring. Brian got Megan one too. It can mean a lot of things but our promise ring means that I promise to never forget you and you promise to never forget me, ok?"

"Ok" Ang answered softly. Nick leaned over and gave Ang a soft kiss on the lips. This left Ang's mind whirling. Ang didn't know what to think. She really likes Nick and Nick must really like her but they had never really defined their status. Like whether they were a couple or not. She decided that she would have to talk to Nick later about this. Suddenly something pierced her thoughts; "AAAAWWWWWWWWWWW! Isn't that cute?" Said Meg, Kev, and AJ with big cheesy grins on their faces. Nick blushed and then said:

"Shut up, you guys!!!! I wouldn't be laughing if I was you Meg. You know you and Brian are going to be ten times worse!"

As if on cue, Kevin then said; "There's the hospital!!!" Meg's face turned pale:


~In Brian's Hospital Room~

Brian is lying in his hospital bed wearing actual clothes for the first time this week. There was no way that he was going to let Meg see him in a hospital gown.

Meanwhile, Howie was sitting there going on and on about this girl he was going to see tonight: "Bri, man, she is gorgeous. She is so fine! I'm thinking a nice little restuarant, table for two, and then maybe......"

Brian interuppted Howie with: "When did Kevin say he was going to get here by?"

Howie stopped his plans for a second and answered Brian: "He said they'd get here as soon as possible. So anyways, I was thinking after dinner I'd take her out dancing and then........"

Brian interuppted Howie again: "Do you think Meg likes to dance?"

Howie stopped and then answered: "Uh, sure Bri. I mean, who doesn't? So like I was saying, then me and my gal will probably go for a moonlight walk on the beach and then......"

Brian again interruppted Howie: "You think Meg likes the beach?"

Howie laughed a little and then smiled:

"Brian, man, you got it bad!!!"

"Got what?"

"You're in L-O-V-E!!!"

"I don't know Howie. How can I be in love? I've only met her once!"

"Love at first sight! This Meg girl must be a knockout!"

"Oh, Howie, she's beautiful but it's more than that....." Brian is interuppted by voices in the hall.

He hears a girl's voice calling his name and then turns to Howie in panic: "IT'S MEG! Do I look ok? Do I look ok?"

Suddenly in burst Nick laughing with Angie on his arm. Angie smiles at Brian and walks over to the side of his bed. She leans over and gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

'Whoa........Angie has grown up,' thought Brian, 'She looks good.' But then at the doorway appeared a girl who shoved all thoughts of Angie out of his head. Meg stood in the doorway and ran to his side. She gave him a big bear hug. Brian was so thrilled to see her that he physically lifted her off the floor and she ended up lying beside him on the hospital bed.

Meg giggled at him: "Obviously the surgery hasn't weakened you at all!" Brian stared at her: she was prettier than he remembered! She was more mature looking or something like that.

Brian smiled at her: "It's great to see you Meg." He gives her another hug, and then they kiss each other softly-this kiss seems to go on forever as Ang and Nick look on smiling. Nick wraps his arms around Ang from behind and they stand there together.

Then AJ and Kevin enter the room. They look at Howie with raised eyebrows. Then the three of them look at Ang and Nick. As if this was rehearsed, all three of them leave the room in sync. On the way out, AJ sticks his tongue out: "It is just too damn lovey-dovey in there!!!" Kevin, AJ, and Howie stand out in the hall for a few awkward seconds. Finally Howie breaks the silence saying:

"I gotta go guys. I got a date tonight. Oh, I don't think I'll be making rehearsal tonight."

Kevin adn AJ say "Good-Bye" to Howie and then AJ looks at Kev and says: "Let's just cancel rehearsal tonight."

"Sounds good to me......Nick wouldn't be able to concentrate anyway."

"I can see why."


"Angie's hot for a 17 year old."

"Too young for you AJ, perfect for Nick though."

"Yeah but how come Meg's not too young for Brian?"

"Megan is more mature than Angie."

"How's that?"

"I don't know. Angie's cute but Megan is more like beautiful....." Kevin sighed softly.

AJ looked at him slightly alarmed: "Kev, you don't have a thing for Meg, do you?"

"NO! OF COURSE NOT! At least, I don't think so. No, I don't! She's Brian's! She's too young for me! Kevin sounded like he was trying to convince himself. Before AJ could question him any farther, though, Nick and Ang stepped out into the hall.

Ang smiled at them and said: "Um....I think Brian and Meg want to be alone for awhile. AJ, would you mind driving me to your house so I can unpack and stuff?"

AJ responded: "Sure, you too Nick?"

"Actually, drop me off at my place."

"Ok, Nick. What about you Kev?"

"Drop me off at Howie's place. Left my car there."

Nick, Ang, Kev, and AJ walked down the hall and out the door.

~In The Car~

AJ watched, with some jealousy, as Nick and Ang said their good-byes. They hugged, kissed, hugged, kissed and finally Nick left, promising to "call her."

Ang climbed into the front seat next to AJ. AJ couldn't help but check out her legs. She turned to him with a smile on her face and pretended not to notice to gawking expression: "AJ, thank you so much for taking me and Meg in. We REALLY appreciate it."

"No problem."

"So, what are the sleeping arrangements?"

"Kev will be in his room, and one of you can take Brian's bed. The other can take on of the beds in my room or you can both sleep in my room and I'll take Brian's bed."

"You have two beds in your room?"


"So, uh, where do YOU want us to sleep?"

"Doesn't matter."

"Yeah it does, tell me." AJ gave Ang his trademark sexy stare over his sunglasses. If she wasn't with Nick, he'd make a pass at her. AJ thought for a second, 'A little flirting never hurt anything. Besides, it's not as if her and Nick are an actual couple!' Remember-AJ is the biggest flirt of the BSB!

He smiled at Angie, who was looking at him innocently: "Well, I'd perfer it if I could stay in my own room. Waterbeds kinda make me sick."

"Same here. Meg will want Brian's bed anyways so I guess we're rooming together."

Ang smiled warmly at AJ and then laughed a little. 'God....she's got a nice smile. And I love her laugh,' AJ thought.

~At AJ's House~

CLUMP! Ang threw Meg's bags down. She decided that Meg could unpack herself. Ang wandered around the house. It was a large ranch stlye house......a little messy, but not too bad. It had three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Then Ang dragged her own bags to AJ's room. She glanced around. It was a big room, two double beds and its own bathroom. Ang could hear AJ in the shower. She began to unpack and was about finished when she heard the shower turn off.

She was hanging up her last shirt when she heard the door open. Ang turned around to see AJ wearing only a towel. She said softly: " This is awkward."

~Back In Brian's Room~

Brian and Meg lay nest to each other talking and talking. Brian was telling Meg about all the places in the world and all of the people he had met: "But Meg, of all the girls I saw, you're the most beautiful."

"Brian! You're just saying that!"

"No I'm not. I mean it. You're even more beaustiful now than you ever were."

Brian slipped his arms around Meg's waist and muzzled her neck. He breathed in her scent and sighed softly: "I really missed you, Meg."



"Cuz you're making me fall in love with you and soon I'm going to have to fly back to GA and you're going to start touring and all these girls are going to be flinging themselves at you and you're going to forget all about little old Meg from GA."

"Meg! I'd never do that!" Brian laid his hand on Meg's cheek and turned her face towards him. His blue eyes began to search her brown ones. He took a ring out of his pocket and whispered softly:

"Here, I got you a promise ring. It's to remind you that no matter what, I will always remember you. And it's to remind you to remember me......promise that with this ring that we're never forget one another....ok? Ok, Meg?"

"I promise. Forever." Brian leaned towards Meg and covered her lips with his warm ones. They finally had to break apart when the doctor came in saying that Brian needed his rest. Meg walked over to the phone and asked Brian for AJ's number.

~Back At AJ's House~

Angie couldn't help but stare at AJ. He was skinny but he had a great body. 'Remember Nick!,' Ang kept reminding herself. She twisted her promise ring on her finger. AJ cleared his throat: "Oh, uh, um, sorry, for uh, yeah and uh....." Ang interuppted him:

"No, um, uh don't uh worry about it or um anything......."

RING! The phone in AJ's room rang, breaking the awkward silence. AJ picked it up: "Hey, this is AJ!..........yeah, sure..........right, no problem..........Later." *Click* AJ turned to Ang:

"That was Megan, she wants me to come pick her up."

"Oh, ok......I'll come with you."

"You want me to drop you off at Nick's?"

"Uh.......I don't know. He was supposed to call me."

"Wait! He said he was coming over later."

"Yeah, I remember......"

"Well, guess we should go get Megan."

"Uh-huh........." AJ's hands went down to the towel around his waist. Angie turned her back quickly, blushing slightly. She moved over to the closet and found some clothes to change into. Then she went into the bathroom, not once looking at AJ.

~Back At AJ's House:An Hour Later~

By now Meg has been picked up and Kevin had returned home. Nick just came over. Things were a little strained between AJ and Ang but Meg didn't notice.

She was too busy thinking of Brian......she felt horrible thinking about him all alone in the hospital room. They all decided to stayin tonight b/c Meg and Ang are tired from their trip. AJ had ordered some pizza. Ang stood in front of Nick, who was sitting down in a big armchair, flipping the channels on the TV. She comes across an Atlanta Braves game. She grins: "Yes!!!! I love baseball!!!!"

Ang sat on the arm on the chair where Nick was sitting: "The Braves thrid baseman is so hot. What's his name?? Chipper or something??" Nick sticks out his bottom lip and pulls Ang into his lap: "Hotter than me?" Ang wraps her arms around Nick:

"Course not, Nick. No one's hotter than you........except Leonardio DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Ethan Hawke, Jared Leto......."

"HEY!" Nick started tickling Ang until she was begging him to stop. AJ looked on unhappily. He glanced at Kev, who appeared to be in deep conversation with Meg. 'Everyone's got someone but me,' he thought sadly.

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