"Love is wonderful thing..."

-Michael Bolton's "Love Is A Wonderful Thing"

Love isn't something I say just because...

Though most of may say "I love Eric" or "I love Danny", but do any of us know what LOVE really means?

Personally, everyones definition of love will be different. I can't make you think of it the way I do, but I can tell you waht MY definition is.

1st of all, LOVE is a connection that two people have. You have to have met to understand this part. I have NEVER met Eric, so I don't know if we even share this "connection".

2nd point. LOVE is a big commitment. When you say that you love someone, you're practically saying that you want to only be with that person for the rest of your life. I believe that love is the strongest word you can use in your vocabulary. I also believe that love can be one of the words that hurts you the most. When it's said, your most often on your way to a disapointment.

3rd. When you LOVE someone, and that someone loves you back, there's no need to say it. Get it? It's like, you two are sitting together, all cuddled up, being all wrapped up in each other. You got turn to your sweetie, and open your mouth to say "I love you", but he stops you before you have a chance, and says "I know... I know..." Now if that isn't true love, nothing is.

Lastly, love is something you'll take to the grave. If you REALLY TRULY LOVE each other, you'd die for each other (some of you may NOT agree with this one). It's like in the movie Titanic, when Jack is talking to Rose; "I jump, you jump". Love is not something you say just because, it's comitment.

Like most teenage girls, I have got a "teeny-bopper" obsession with a boy band. At least I am honest enough to admit that I really don't LOVE anyone of these boys. I also know that I MOST PROBABLY will never get a chance with Eric. Doesn't bug me. I just love to dream and fantasize... All the time... Hehehe...

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"A dream is a whis your heart makes..."