Terror To The Heart : A Shot Rang Out
Backstreet Boys Lead Singer Hospitalized

22-year-old Brian Litrell is shot before a press conference The lead singer of the popular boy band, the Backstreet Boys, was hospitalized this afternoon for two gunshot wounds to the chest.   Reports state the 22-year-old Brian Litrell and his fellow band mates were enroute to a press conference at Jive Records when they took seperate routes to the record company.  Litrell and fellow band mate, 17 year-old- Nick Carter, took a seperate vehicle with two of their bodyguards.  One of the bodygurads had informed offiicials that a group of boys approached the car from a darkened alley way.  Litrell was the first to step from the car, an converse with the group.  One of the boys pulled a gun, and fired twice.  Both bullets struck Litrell in the chest.  The boys then scarttered as the drivers called for help on a cellular phone.  Litrell was hospitalized at Cox General Hospital in downtown Winnebego.  His band mate, Carter, has not been available for comment.  Sources say that while Carter is in shock and his fellow band mates pray for their friend, Litrell remains at Cox Generel in critical condition.  Officials are asking for anyone with any information on possible suspects at call Cox General Country Police Department at 555-0914. - Editor Judy Tran from the Daily Tribune.

Chapter 1

"Why are we taking seperate cars?  This is nuts!," Nick cried.  The bodyguards and Brian laughed at him.  

"Safety reasons, Frack.  This way, we won't be attacked by a mob of girls!," Brian joked, smacking his friend on the back of the head.  

"This is a long way. isn't it?  We're going to be late!." Nick answered.  Brian rolled his eyes.  "Just chill out.  We won't be late!  Besides, if we are, we'll be waited on.  They won't start without you, pretty boy!,"  Brian laughed again.  

Nick sat back, and sighed.  He wasn't feeling too well that day.  His stomach was tied in a thousand knots, and he didn't know why.  He felt uneasy as they turned down a quiet street.

"Is it really necessary to go this way?  It's giving me the creeps," Nick asked meekly.  

"Nick, please!," Brian cried," You've been acting crazy all day,  What's the matter with you?"  

"I don't know.  I just don't feel good ," Nick replied, staring out the window.  

"Are you nervous?  You don't still get nervous, do you?," Brian asked, truly concerned.  

Nick knew he was being sincere, and that was one of many reasons his friendship with Brian meant the world to him.  "I'm not nervous.  I'm having really bad stomach cramps.  Like something bad is gonna happen," he answered.

"Stop worrying.  Everything is fine," Brian told him.  He wanted to believe that.  But he couldn't.  

They turned down another street, and Nick noticed how the houses and buildings around them were run down and in need of repairs.  Few people walked the streets, and most of the stores were closed. Just as they came to a stop so the driver could check the map he had, Nick saw a group of boys approaching from a darkened alley way.

"Randy, look," Nick called to his badyguard.  Randy turned and saw the boys cocoming their way. 

"Maybe they can help us out," Brian said, pushing open the door to the car.  

"Brian, don't," Nick shouted.  But his friend didn't hear him.  He heard Brian asking the boys for direction.  Brian walked around to stand near the trunk of the car.   NIck kept his eyes on the boys.  Then he heard one of the boys shout something.  Randy and the driver were bent over the map.  Eric, Brian bodyguard, was reading a magazine in the seat across from Nick.  Nick turned his eyes back to the group just as the boy pulled a gun from under his jacket.  

"BRIAN!," Nick shouted.  Eric, Randy and the driver looked up just as the gun exploded twice.  Nick saw Brian fall, and Radny lept from the car.  The boys took off.  It seemed like the whole world went into slow motion.  Nick pushed open the door, getting out with Eric at his heels.  He felt his stomach lurch when he reached the back if the car,  Brian was lying on the ground, blood forming in two spots on his blue sweater.  

"Eric, call for help!," Randy ordred.  Eric handed the driver the cellular phone, informing him to call Johny Wright.  Nick fought back tears as fluttered closed.

"Brian! Brian, talk to me!," Nick screamed.  His tears spilled as Eric screamed at the driver to hurry up.  Randy took out his own cell phone and called the other bodyguards.  

"Brian! Brian, wake up!," Nick continued to scream.  His voice was growing weak as tears spilled down his cheeks.  He squeezed his eyes closed as he heard the sounds of sirens in the distance.  When he opened them again, Eric's face began to blur in front of him.  Then he blacked out.

What happens next? Who was the boy that pulled the trigger? If you want to know what happened to Brian. then stay toon of the next chapter!!!!

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