Unseen Possibility

Abigail woke up at about five in the morning. She couldn't sleep. She was way too excited. To day was the day that she was going to meet the guys of her dreams, the guy she had been in love with for three years. Today, she was going to get to meet Brian of the BSB. She was able to get a hold of one backstage pass for herself. She was paceing all around the house. After a while, Abigail's mother was going crazy.

"Abigail, stop and relax. You're driving me crazy!!!" Abigail sat down on a chair.

"But I'm so excited..." Abigail took a deep breath, and then let it out.

"So are you still going alone?" Her mom asked.

"Yeah, I'm still going alone. I can't believe that everyone backed out on me. But lucky for me, when I went to get my ticket, they gave me a backstage pass. Hehehe..."

"So what time are you leaving? When are you going to be back?"

"Well the whole backstage thing starts at um, 6. I'm stuck taking the bus and the train there, so I'm leaving at 2. I'm going to chill out at the Center a bit before I go. I'm proboly going to be homa at around 1. Do you mind?"

"No, just lock the door when you get in."


The rest of the day was spent by Abigail trying to figuar out what to wear. She finally decided to just go comfortable. She left her home at 2, like she said, and she arrived at the Center at about 4.

"Shit, I'm a little too early..." Abigail went into the Center, and waited a bit. At around 4:30, she decided to go for a walk. She realized that after about an hour of walking, and going around in circles, that she was lost.

"Great, this is real good..." She turned a corner, and smaked into a guy, and fell to the ground.

"Hello?!? Could you please watch where you're going?" Abigail got up and brushed off her pants. She didn't look up once. She looked from side to side, all the corridors looked the same to her.

"By any chance, do you know how to get back to the main entrance?" The guy looked at his watch.

"Yeah, but we better hurry, these halls will be filled with people later." So the two of them walked through the corridor together. Abigail still looked at the floor. All she knew about this guys, was that he had a real nice pair of Nike running shoes and silver rip-aways.

"Here you go." They had arrived to the main entrance, and just as Abigail was about to turn around to thank him, a bunch of girls came running, and pushed her out of the way. Abigail turned around to see what they were running after, and she was in shock. She saw Nick. She looked down at his legs, and saw the same silver Nikes and shoes that were on the guy she was walking with. She looked up at him, and smiled. He smiled back. She walked into the Center, having someone take her pass, and leading her to the backstage area.

When she got there, there were a bunch of giddy little nine year olds.

"Geez, I guess I'm the only 16 year old here... Great." Abigail looked at her watch. It was only 5:40. Great... Abigail started to walk around, and walked around a few corners, and she came across a basket ball net and basket ball.

"Hmm... I guess this'll pass the time rather well." She picked up the basket ball, and started to dribble it and shoot it at the net. She didn't realize it but it became 6:15. She looked at her watch.

"Shit, I'm late." She went for one more basket, but she missed it.

"You need more spin on the ball..." Abigail spinned around to see who said that. It was Nick. Abigail looked down at the ground, and smiled. Nick picked up the ball as it rolled towards him. He walked over to her.

"Here, lemme show you what I mean." He got ready, and he sunk the ball.

"Nice," Abigail said.

"Hey, aren't you that girl who was lost in the halls earlier?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I didn't really have time to say thanks..."

"It's ok. Just doing my duty to help a fellow person... Hey, would you like me to lead you back to the backstage thing?"

"Sure..." Nick showed Abigail the way, and when they got in the room, no one noticed that they came in together. Nick went around signing autographs and taking peoples gifts. Abigail waited for the guys to come around to her. She got A.J.'s, Howie's and Kevin's signature. Then he was comming, Brian. Abigail got all these butterflies in her stomach, she was finally going to meet him.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," Abigail couldn't help but smile. He held out his hand, and he took the piece of paper she held ou to him.

"What's your name?"

"It's Abigail." He signed the paper, not looking up once. When he was done, he looked up, smiled then walked away. 'That was it' Abigail thought to herself. She always thought it would be different. She had waited three years for that?!? Disapointed, Abigail sat down and sulked. When it was time to go, she got up, and was the last one to go out the door. But seconds before she was out the door, someone grabbed her hand.

"I never got to give you an autograph." It was Nick. She gave him a piece of paper.

"And your name is?"

"Abigail..." Nick started to write her something. When he was done, he handed it back to her and he walked off. Abigail went out the door, and began to read the paper. She stopped dead in her tracks. The paper read as follows:

Abigail, Please meet me at the Westin at 12:00 tonight. I'd really like to see you there, hope you come. Nick

Abigail was in shock. Nick had invited her to a hotel. Ahh!!! She walked off to her seat in a daze. She wasn't sure if he meant it or if he was messing with her mind. She decided to go anyways. Through out the whole concert, she forgot all about Brian, and was just looking at Nick. She never really thought of him as a possiblity. But the more she watched him, the more she saw it. Hey, millions of other girls agree with her, where could she go wrong? When the concert was over, she sat and waited 'til mostly everyone was gone, then she decided to leave. When she got outside, I was already 11:30. She first called her mom, and said that she was invited out, and that she'd be home a bit later. All her mom wanted was that she be home at a reasonable hour. She promised she would be. Abigail headed to the hotel, when she was almost there, a white van pulled up, and out came three body guards with the five backstreet boys.

"I guess Nick'll be a little late..." Abigail made her way into the hotel, and she sat and waited for Nick on a couch in the lobby. She waited for half an hour, and then she bagan to think that he wasn't going to show up. She was about to get up and leave, when the elevator opend up, and out came those five hot guys. All of them headed for the bar area, while Nick spotted Abigail and headed straight for her. He must have taken a shower, because his hair looked towel dried, and it was partialy slicked back. He was wearing black pants, and an open green shirt exposing his white undershirt. Abigail's heart skipped a beat. 'He looks real good, why haven't I ever seen this before' Abigail thought to herself.

"Hi," he sat down next to her on the couch. "I'm glad you decided to come, I wasn't sure if you would... I am fairly new to this stuff?" He seemed a little embaressed by that.

"Really? I've always seen you as the guy who gets all the girls, and the other guys are asking you for tips... You know, I thought you were the big player of the group." Nick laughed.

"I wish, this is really the first time I've asked a girl to meet with me. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm learning as I go along. I'm usually up in my room after the concerts sleeping or watching a movie. The other guys are the party animals, picking up girls..."

"Picking up girls?"

"I'm not sopose to tell people this, but yeah they do pick up girls every now and then. I find it cruel. I don't like messing with peoples emotions..." There was a long pause.

"So, can I ask, why did you pick me? There are many other girls who would love to be in my position right now..."

"Yeah, but you didn't seem like them. Right off the bat, you seemed so natural, so down to earth, I don't know... Not fake. And well, it was also your eyes. When you looked at me for the first time, I was like, wow..." Nick got up, "Come on, let's go join the others..." He held out his hand, and Abigail took hold of it. Neither of them made any effore to let go, so neither of them did. They went into the bar area, and all the other guys were talking to these chicks (ugly skanks... you know what I mean...) Brian saw them, and he yelled over at Nick.

"Hey, the little one ha decided to join us!!!" Nick gave him a look, and he brought Abigail to a table in the corner of the room.

"Want domething to drink?" Nick asked.

"No, I'm not much of a drinker."

"Me neither." Then ther was this moment of silence. During this time, Abigail stared at Brian. She watched as this ugly girl threw herself all over him, and she watched as he did nothing to stop her. Abigail lowerd her head. When she lifted it up, Nick was looking at her.

"Is something wrong?" He asked softly.

"Well, It's just... Things never turn out the way you want them to. But you realize that everything happens for a reason." She smiled at Nick. "And mostly always, what you never thought you wanted, is all you end up thinking of. Do you understand?" Nick pushed his hair out of his face.

"Yeah, I understand." The two of them went on talking forever. When Abigail next checked her watch, it was 3:00. Everyone else was already out of the bar.

"Great, I told my mom that I would be home at a decent hour... She's going to have my head..." The two of them got up and began to head for the front door.

"Wait..." Nick pulled a piece of paper off the front desk and wrote down his cell number on it. He passed it to Abigail.

"Call me sometime. Don't be afraid. I'd like to hear from you again. Call whenever. Day or night. I don't care, just promise you'll call."

"I promise. And here..." She did the same, but she gave him her personal line & beeper number. She slipped it in a shirt pocket.

"You can call me now too. But I won't be mad if you don't call..." She kissed him on the cheek, and she went out the door. She was in heaven. When she got to the train station, she rememberd that the last train left at 11:00. She ended up taking a bunch of buses and metros to get home. She got in the door at 5:00 in the morning.

The next moring, her mother had her head. She grounded her for life (but we all know that never lasts...), but Abigail couldn't care less. She just had the greatest time of her life...

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