Backstreet Boys Poems

This part of the marvelous fan fiction page is dedicated to those heavenly five. These are all poems that you've written, either to one of the guys or all of them. If you have any poems that you want to be seen, send them on over...

Written by suebee

May life has changed since Easter '97
I think of you, and feel like I'm in Heaven
You mean SO much to me, Brian
I'd pay any price
To hold you in my arms
Just once or twice
And although you're off in a far-away place
I love you for you, and not just your face

Love's Obsession
Written by Chaos Dragon

This poem was written about Nick, but if you read the words, it can be about anyone of the guys...

I dream of you
Night after restless night
Why do you toture me so
Every thought, every heartbeat
I can see you before me
Beckoning to me, calling my name
And as I reach for you
You disapear
Gone, like a dream torn
To pieces and drifting
In the wind
My heart breaks each time
Shatterd into a million
Shards of misbegotten love
Ill chosen in whom I
Should give it to
Everytime it's the same
Again and again
Over and over
The pain rips through me
Leaving me speechless
And emotionless to the
Feelings echoing in my mind
Pain st my loss
Hopelessness that it wasn't
Even a loss beacuse you
Were never mine
Anger at you for being you
And never knowing my
Sorrow for what you will never be
Passion because of the
Fantasies I've played in
My head, time and time
Love, that you will never
Know I give, but I give
I don't pity myself for
Keeping these false dreams
But I pity myself for
Having no chance with you
You will never know that
I exist
My name is anonymus
To you, maybe a word that
You've heard, but hey
Millions of others have
It so who is she
You sing of never breaking
Hearts or making some
Unseen woman never cry
But you lied
It'f my heart you destroyed
They're my tears on the
The words you utter are so
Different from reality
Don't make promises you
Can't keep
Your broken promises kill
A piece of me each time
One is destroyed
You say such beautiful
Things, such tender words
And with each one
I die a little more

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