"A little bit about myself..."

-Joey from 'N Sync, during an interview on Much Music

Full Name: Pooks (Think I'm crazy enough to actually tell you?!?)

Nicknames: Pooky, Dumbass, that's about it...

Age: 16 (Birthday is December 22nd. EXACTLY one and a half years after Eric... :) )

Color: RED!!! (I am crazy 'bout that color...)
Sport: Football and Basket-Ball
Food: Cheese Pizza and Chocolate Ice Cream
Music: Pop/R&B, R&B, some Alternative (OLP, Bush, Prodigy...)
Musical artists: Robyn, Bryan McNight
Musical groups: No Authority (I wonder why...), Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync (and NO, they are not BSB wannabes...), Lyte Funkie Ones, All Saints, Solid Harmonie, Boyz II Men, Wild Orchid, 112, 702, many, many more...
Movie: ANYTHING Harrison Ford (for a 50 year old man, he is way good looking...)
Tv show: Dawson's Creek (used to be Push, but no, why would they keep it on the air, no, let's cancel it instead...)
Cartoon: South Park ("I'm not fat, I'm big bonned."Yeah right Cartman... Hehehe...)

Pastimes: Singing, dancing, drawing, and writing. The arts as you can tell. These are the only things I really like to do, oh, and chill with my peeps (Hey guys!!! Blah!!!)

Ambition: Hopefully (*crossing fingers*) to sing and dance for a living. My life revolves around those two things, if I can't do either of those in the future, I wanna be a writter. I'm pretty good. Honest. I don't lie... Much... :) )

Extra tidbits: I'm pretty much a fun loving kinda person. I luv to party. If I could, I'd do it all my life. I want to stay young forever. We teens think we have it tough, but really, we have the easy life. Take advantage of it while you still can...

I am pretty good with computers. A lot of my time is spent on the net, reading/answering e-mails from my many friends across the wonderful world of cyber space. I also am CONSTANTLY updateing a site I own. It can get pretty tiering at times, really.

I live in Montreal. Yeah, I know, this place sucks. I'm never going to get noticed here. I gotta get out of this place. Maybe I'll go down to Cali and check out what's there... (Hint hint: Eric... Hehehe...) Hey, if any of you have any conections to managers/producers and heard that they are looking for new talent (*crossing fingers & praying*) PLEASE tell me...

I have brown hair and brown eyes (anyone know if Eric like brunettes???), I'm 5'6", but I wish I was two inches taller (Eric is about 6', I'm just a little short...). I guess I'm you could say I'm fit. I like doing sports (of all kinds... Hehehe...) to keep in shape, but I still believe that laughing is THE best way to get abs. Why? Because when you laugh, you're flexing your abs (so from now on, laugh at EVERYTHING, and soon you can flaunt your beautiful stomach... :) )

As you can see, I love quoting people. I find it a way of flattery in a way. If you think about it, you can't think up anything on your own, so you use someone elses words, and everything works out. Doesn't that make any sence?

As you may (or maybe not) be able to tell, I am very, um, what's the word... I don't know. I'm just me.

Hey, if you wanna see some of my work, I mean writting wise, why don't you go and read a story I wrote about a girl who seeks to find a singing career. I based the main girl on me, and her friend, on my best friend.

Click here to go to my story... You'll like it, I hope...

If you're interested in Pop/R&B groups... I have one for you. They go by the name Unique, and they are new... If you check out their site, just keep in mind that NONE of the site is finished. They are still in the mist of making it!!!

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"Ride, ride, ride..."
-'N Sync's "Giddy Up"
*Inside Joke*