Too Much Prologue

{{Hello. Anybody out there?}} Emily typed into her computer. "I swear, you'd think somebody would be in the chat!"

{{Nobody?}} She typed again, tapping her fingers on the key board. Emily waited impatiently for a response and was about to log off when she saw a name pop onto the screen.

{{Hey! Don't go. I checked the other chats to see if you were in one of them before coming here. Wzup?}}

Emily smiled to herslef. One of her chat buddies had found her. {{Hi Dragon. Nothing much here, but my spring break trip is coming up.}}

They'd been talking in chat rooms for a little more than a year now, and had become very good friends.

{{Trip? What trip? You never told *me* about any trip.}}

{{I didn't?}} Emily's fingers flew across the keyboard. {{It's a five day trip to Europe. Spain, France, England. I leave on the 14th. A week!}}

{{Cool! You know, I'm going to be in Spain on the 14th and 15th. Maybe we could hook up. What do you think, Chaos?}}

Emily hesitated, she wasn't quite sure if she wanted to put a face to her friend, but she decided she did want to meet him. {{Ummm, okay.}}

{{Great! Tell me where you're staying, and I'll show up at an apointed time. If you're not an old skanky man, I won't split.}}

Emily stifled a giggle. {{You know I'm not a skanky old man.}} She contemplated the possibilities of meeting. {{Okay, but if I don't like you, or if YOU turn out to be an old skanky man, I'm the one who's spiltting. You just can't be too safe in this day. I'm at The Hyatt in Madrid.}}

{{I understand the saftey issue... More than you know. How will I know you?}}

{{I'll wear cream color pants and a black baby tee with 'chaos' on it in silver... An I'll have my hair in pig tail braids, kay?}}

{{See you then, bye.}}


'Log off' appeared on the screen and Emily turned her PC off all the while whistleing a Backstreet tune to herself. "Time to pack," she said aloud, and off she went to pack her bags.

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