Unique Part I:
Unique and So Much More

Before you start reading:

This story is a bit of a love story, and a bit of a dream. For a while now, I've dreamed of singing. It's all I think of. I mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. It is the most important thing in my life right now, and I'd drop anything to persue my dream. Singing is in my destiny, and I have to get it. If writing this story is a start, then so be it...

Now... Like you always see in fictional stories, here is another disclaimer. I, am in no way connected to anyone of the characters in this story. The only people I know anything about, is Amanda, because she is the main character who shares the physical and other qualities like meand Lisa, becuase she is described after my best friend. The other characters are either made up, or real. You figuare it out. The events that take place in this story are all fictional, but many of them have been dreamed of.

Another thing. This story is COPYWRITED. If you take it with out my consent, I sue. I'm dead serious. Some of the story may have been inspierd from other readings I've read, but I've recieved full consent of those authors, as you should do if you want one of mine.

Lastly, all the song titles and lyrics that are sung, other than the real ones, are COPYWRITTEN. The name Unique also. They are being used by me, but if you, by some chance, are interested in using them, we could discuss it furthur. If any of you know of someone who is looning for new talent, please, pass them the word...

Now, for what you've all been waiting for, the story.


Amanda is your typical teenage girl. Well, maybe not typical but, well, actually, she was anything but typical. While all her friends were into guys and dating, Amanda preferd to be single. While all her friends were into looking good and make-up, Amanda didn't care how she looked. While all her friends like owning and wearing "in-style" clothing, Amanda preferd to be comfortable. Her favorite type of outfit, a pair of big pants and a tiny shirt.

As you can see, Amanda was a person all of her own. So, when Amanda moved to California, she had a lot of trouble making friends. Honestly, she had only 1. Her name was Lisa. Even though the two girls were miles apart "personality/style" wise, they instantly hit it off. Now, they're "this-close".


Amanda moved to California when she was 16. Not because of her family or anythign like that, but because she was persuing a singing career. She had been saving up her money for her graduation year for her whole high school life, but realized, that her "destiny" wanted her to go down a different path. It didn't want her to go into the field of computers (which was what Amanda planned on doing with her life), but to go and do what her heart is telling her to. To sing.

Amanda had it bad for singing. She dreamed about it all the time. She had been practicing for her "destiny" for over a year now, and she realized that keeping herself in Montreal, wouldn't get her noticed at all. She told her parents about her decision, and they didn't take it really well. They wanted her to stay in school, but they said that they couldn't stop her. They knew Amanda would leave if they liked it or not. They just told her, that they weren't going to help her out at all. She had to do everything on her own. Amanda was up to it.

They put all her money she owned and had saved up, into one account, and they bought her ticket (that was their only contribution). The minute that was done, Amanda left. She didn't even bother saying good-bye to anyone, she just had to get out of that dead-end place she used to call home.

Since Amanda was pretty good with computers, she was able to find herself an apartement right in the middle of L.A., and buy it, via the internet. She got herself a car that way also. When Amanda landed in L.A., she got her car, and headed to her apartement. She finally believed that things were going to get better for her.


Her first week there was terrible. She went to the mall and was actually able to find herself a job at Sam Goody. She got to know the other workers there and, even though they were all in their twenties, Amanda got along with them. That wasn't the bad part.

Everyday, Amanda's lunch break was at the exact same time as a bunch of high school students lunch hour. They would always hang out at the mall. They were always commenting on her. Saying things like how her family must have been poor, or how she must be too stupid for school. Everyday she had to go through this. Not once did those students go up to her and say things to her face. One day, they hit Amanda's last nerve.

"Look at her. Her clothes, big pants, small shirt... Like, that's so last season..."

"Yeah, and look at her hair. She wears it like that everyday."

"Maybe it's because she doesn't wash it..." A quarell of laughters broke out. Amanda couldn't take it anymore. She had to speak her mine.

She abruptly turned to their table. "Ok. Listen. If you little shits have something to say about me, say it to my face." They just laughed at her.

"Ou... The music store girl is getting mad..." A blond girl said.

"Alright, that's enough." Amanda got up from her seat, and went over to the blond, grabed her by her collar and pulled her up.

"I've have just about enough your stupidity. You guys come here everyday, and all you do is sit and insult me. Don't you have anything better to do with you pathetic little lives?"

The girl didn't answer her. She was too much in shock, as were all her friends.

"Why am I even wasting my time... Ugh..." Amanda dropped the girl, went back to her table, and picked up her bag. She began to leave the food court. She stopped in front of the girl's table.

"Now, if I come here tomorrow and hear you talking about me again, you're going to get more than just a simple yank on the collar..." Amanda walked away from the table, not looking back.


"Um, excuse me..." Amanda was on her way back to work, when someone tapped her on the shoulder. Amanda stopped an turned around.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Um, are you the girl who just messed around with Miranda over there." The unfamiliar girl pointed to the blond at the table.

"Yeah, who wants to know?" Amanda replied, slightly rude.

"Well, my names Lisa, and well, you're actually the first person who's ever really stood up to Miranda. She's sorta like "untouchable", well, until now that it." Amanda and Lisa began to walk to Sam Goody.

"I haven't seen you around school? You new here? What's your name?"

"My name's Amanda. And, actually, I've been here for only a week, and no, I really don't think you've seen me in school."

"Why's that?"

"Well, because I don't go to school..." Amanda replied bluntly.

"Why not?"

"Geez, what is this the third degree?" Amanda looked over at Lisa, who seemd to have taken Amanda's remark the wrong way. "I was being sarcastic..."

"Oh, got it..." Amanda chucled to herself. "I'm a blond, give me a break.." Lisa said jokingly.

"Well, this may sound a bit like a fantasy dream, but, who cares? See," Amanda stopped at a bench, and sat down, motioning Lisa to sit next to her. "I used to live in Montreal, and I was going to school, but I left. I'm here all alone. My family is back in Montreal. I moved here, because, well, this sounds a little wierd, but, I moved her because my heart told me too."

"Hun? What do you mean?" Lisa asked a bit confused.

"Well, my family was telling me to stay in school and get an education. I couldn't care less about school right now." Amanda turned to Lisa and looked at her. "All I want to do is sing. My heart is telling me to pursue this dream, and sing. So I came here, hoping to get a better chance at it then back in Montreal." Amanda waited for Lisa to give her the expression everyone gave her when she told them that, that they thought Amanda was crazy. But she didn't, she actually smiled.

"I thought I was the only one in Cali who wanted to sing. Finally, I've found someone who understands me." Lisa looked up at Amanda, and they both smiled at each other.

Amanda glanced at her watch. "Aw man... I'm going to be late for work. I gotta go," she said standing up. "Why don't you meet me after my shift is over. We could talk some more and get to know each other better."

"Ok, what time you finished at?"

"5, too late?"

"Nope, I'll meet you at work at five to."

"Ok, bye."

"Bye." Amanda walked off in the direction of in the direction of Sam Goody, and Lisa went back to the food court. Both of them happy that they made a new friend.

Chapter 1

That was four months ago. Now, Amanda and Lisa's lives had changed dramaticly. Every single day, they met each other after Amanda's shifts, at Lisa's lunches and they practiced singing. They did all sorts of songs, from all sorts of artists. They mainly sung songs off of artists such as All Saints, Solid Harmonie, Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, Wild Orchid and many other pop/r&b type groups. They were never really interested in real r&b, because pop is what got both of them interested in singing, and that they didn't really have those kind of vocals.

Anyways... Everything changed all so sudden. One day, the two of them were in a park after Amanda's shift, and they were singing accapella to a song that the two of them had written called Here We Are. They were going over a few notes after a quick run through of the song, when this man interupted them.

"Um, excuse ladies... But, what are you singing?" They were both a little startled by this strange man standing in front of them. He was about 6 foot tall, dark hair and eyes, well built, and was dressed like he was some sort of a buisnessman. They didn't know what to think.

"Uh, we're just singing a song we wrote..." Lisa said hesitantly, looking over at Amanda, slightly worried.

"Would you mind singing it for me?" He asked. He seemed quite interested in what they had to show.

"Okay..." Amanda said, still a little edgy. What was she sopose to think? This man who pops out of nowhere is asking to hear them sing. They both shrugged off their negative vibes, and begun.

Lisa counted off, and the two of them began. Their vocals were perfectly on key, as if they'd been practicing this song forever. When they were done, they both sat there shyishly.

"That was wonderful." He said reaching into his pocket, pulling out a cell phone.

"Thanks. Um, we sorta have to go now, but it was nice meeting you..." Lisa started to get up.

"No, please, wait a second." The man dialed a number and waited for someone to answer. Lisa and Amanda stared at each other, thinking the man was crazy.

"Yes hello? ... Hi, it's me ... I'm calling because I think I've found something you'd like ... Yeah ... Would you like to hear what I've found? ... Okay hold on ..." The man turned back to the two girls who were now, royally confused.

"Would you girls mind singing your song again. I have someone here who would like to listen." Amand and Lisa didn't want to refuse, because they weren't sure if this guy was serious, or if he was some looney who didn't take his pills this morning.

"Sure, whatever..." Amanda replied.

"Okay great." The man turned back to his phone. "They said they'd do it. Ok... Girls, you can go."

Once again, Lisa countd it off, and they sang. And once again, their voices blended together almost too perfectly. When they were done, the guy turned back to his phone.

"So what did you think? ... I thought you would say that ... Okay, I'll tell them ... Hold on a sec ..." The man, covering up the mouth piece of the phone, began to talk to the girls.

"Well, if you girls haven't already realized this, I'm a manager for a big record company. What I've just heard from you two, is better than some things I've heard in years. My boss thinks so too, he's the one on the phone. So would you two girls be interested in having a record contract?" He looked at the two girls. Neither of them could speak. They both were there in shock.

"So... Are you interested? My boss would like to know..."

Lisa shook out of the daze, and managed to answer him. "Yeah, of course we would... But how do we know this isn't phony or something, you know, just a plot to get our money?"

The guy laughed to himself. "Would you like a bit more proof?" The girls nooded. "Ok, just hold on." The guy began to talk on his phone again. "Yeah, the girls are a littie edgy, so they would like a bit of proof. Would you like to talk to them?... Okay, here you are ..." The man handed Amanda the phone.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hi..." Amanda's mouth dropped. She reconised the voice instantly. It was Michael Jackson.

"Oh my God..."

He laughed. "I get that a lot. So are you two girls interested?"

"Uh, we, uh, yeah, of course, we so are interested..." Amanda was still trying to grasp the thought that she was on the phone with him. Lisa was giving her the "who-is-it" look. Amanda mouthed "Michael Jackson" and Lisa's mouth dropped also. She coverd it so she wouldn't scream.

"Well, James, the guy who called me, seems very interested in you. He hasn't let me down yet. If you girls really are interested, he'll go and talk with your parents about this, and we'll work things out."

"Ok, whatever works..."

"Well, it was nice talking to you,"

"You too, honest."

"So I guess you can give the phone back to James..."

"Yeah, bye."

"Bye." Amanda handed the phone to James, and turned to Lisa. The two of them began to jump up and down, trying not to make a scene. James hung up the phone and went back to Amanda and Lisa.

"So why don't I drive you two to your homes, and we can discuss this with your family?"

"Uh..." Amanda just rememberd. "My family is, uh, all the way in Montreal." She smiled weekly at him.

"That's okay... We'll work something out. Conference call or something." Amanda's face lit up again. The three of them walked over to his black Miata, and headed to Lisa's house first.


Everything went well at Lisa's that night. They conferenced called Amanda's parents, and discussed it with them too. Both families agreed, and signed the contract. Because Amanda's parents weren't there, they agreed to have James sign as her legal guardian. The contract said that they were intitled to at least 3 cd's with the lable, and if more were nessasary, they would re-write the contract. There was all this other legal stuff said, but Amanda and Lisa were too busy being all excited.

They were in Lisa's living room, on a double couch, still in awe.

"Our dream is finally comming true. I can't believe this..." Lisa said.

"I know. Life sure can be good..." After that, they both grew silent. They just sat there and thought silently to each other.

Chapter 2

Okay, fast forward six months later. Amanda and Lisa were now living together in a flat in downtown L.A. They had recored nine out of thirteen songs for their debut album. It was going to be self titiled (they called themselves Unique), and most of the songs, they wrote themselves. They were very lucky, in the sence that they got to work with some excelent producers, writers and artists. They worked with such people as Denise Pop and Max Martin, Babyface, Backstreet Boys' A.J McLean (he wrote them a song) and Kevin Richarson (he too wrote them a song), Full Force and Robyn, who sang with them in their first song. Their first single, which was the one recorded with Robyn, was going to be released before they finished their album, so the people would get a feel of their music before they were truly, "out there". The fact that Robyn was singing with them would proboly get them some recognition too.

Over the past few months, while they recorded their songs, they learnt a lot of the how's of the music industry. Amanda and Lisa became very serious about their work. They learnt how to produce and create songs. They learnt so much so fast, that they were actually able to produce three songs on their own. Singing was life to them, so it wasn't to be taken as a joke. They got down to buisness.

When they had to record a song, they did it well, and in as small amount of time as possible. They were really good for their age. Their producer/mamager, James, was very impressed, and he even began to ask them if they would be interested in producing a younger group. He knew that these girls had talent, but this was more than he imagined.


This was the day that Lisa and Amanda had to record a duet with this other group from their record lable. Lisa and Amanda had never heard of them. This duet, entitled Run & Hide, was going to go on the girls album, but it was also going to be this other groups first single off their second album.

Amanda and Lisa had been practicing their parts for the past few days, since they only got them last week. They pretty much had everything down. First, Lisa sang a bit, then one of the guys from the group sang, then the chorus came on, then Amanda sang a bit, then another guy sang, and then the chorus again, then two of the other members did this little rap thing, and then it was the chorus out.


When Amanda and Lisa got to the recording studio, they were surpirsed with what faced them. In the lounge outside the recording room, were these four guys, all off them goofing off on the couches. Lisa let out a faint groan, as did Amanda when they came apon this sight.

The guys, noticing the girls, sat up and did away with their laughter. Amanda and Lisa headed over to James. Amanda gave him a pleading look.

"James... Why do we have to work with them? They seem so..." Amanda said quietly so the guys wouldn't hear her.

"Immature." Lisa finished for her.

"Come on girls. These guys aren't that bad. Now, they aren't as advanced as you are, but they sound great."

Lisa looked over at them, and the four guys were talking and continously looking over at them. "Who are they anyways?" Lisa asked, looking over at the guys once again.

"What? You've never heard of these guys? They're getting big all over the States, and in Europe. Even Canada is beginning to catch on. These guys are even on your record lable. How could you not know them?"

"Sorry... Geez, we've been really busy. I mean, we ARE trying to put out an album here. We don't have much time to consentrate on other groups if we're working on our own stuff. We take this very seriously. You know that..." Amanda said.

"I know you girls do. I've never seen people your age act so mature about this. You really make me proud." Both girls smiled. "Anyways, this group is called No Authority." Amanda and Lisa both snickerd. "Very funny... Anyways, this song is going to be the first single of theirs off their second album."

"I thought you said they weren't as advanced as us?" Lisa said, cutting him off.

"Oh, I meant work wise. You girls do a lot more than they do. You girls write, sing, find tunes, and now, are starting to produce. That's a lot for two girlsyour age to be doing."

Amanda looked over at the guys, who were now laughing and acting stupid again. She rolled her eyes. "Do you think this time it's going to take longer to record the song?"

"I'm thinking, compared to your regular half a day, this song is going to take two days." Amanda and Lisa groaned.

"James..." They whined. "You said we got tomorrow off..." Lisa said.

"Yeah... I was looking forward to relaxing..." Amanda continued.

"Girls it's not that bad. You're not going to be in the recording room as often. You'll get more breaks. It won't be that bad. And if it is, you can have two days off next week." He looked at them, hoping they'd give in.

"The things we do for you..." Amanda mumbled.

"Ah, I knew you girls would understand. Come here, the two of you." James gave the two of them a big hug, and they went to sit down on a near by couch as they waited for the recording room to get prepared.

Chapter 3

"So how long have you girls been working for James?" One of the guys asked. He had brown hair that had blondish highlights in the front. He had a very softspoken voice.

"About 6 months... Give or take a few weeks..." Amanda replied.

"So you guys haven't done much yet then, right?" Another one of the guys asked. He looked like the oldest one, he had a nice deepish voice, it reminded Amanda of a character from her favorite Disney movie, Hercules.

"No, not exactly. We've recorded nine of our thirteen songs, this'll be number ten, and three of the songs we've produced on our own, and our first single, was written by us." Lisa answerd. The guys stared at them in disbelief.

"Wow, you girls are pretty good..." The brunette said. "I guess you girls have worked hard."

"You do what you gotta when you want something bad enough." Lisa said.

"So how long have you guys been around, because, not to be mean, we've never heard of you." Amanda said, not trying to sound rude. But she realized that that's how it came out anyways. Amanda sometimes lets rude remarks slip out.

"Well, it's been a bit over a year now. Our first album is finally getting somewhere, and now, we're starting our second album. James told you this is going to be the first single right?" One of the other guys answerd this one. He had brown hair, but it was partially dyed a blondish shade. He also had an earing in his eyebrow.

"Yeah, he told us. So..." Amanda was cut of by James.

"It's time to start. Lisa, Ric, you two are first." Lisa and Ric, the brunette, got up and headed into the sound room, leaveing Amanda alone with the other guys.

"This better not be too long..." Amanda prayed to herself, glancing over at the guys.


An hour later, Lisa and Ric came out of the room, smiling.

"Went well?" Amanda asked, Lisa simply nodded in return. James stuck his head out of the sound room's door.

"Josh, Amanda, your up next." Amanda and Josh, the oldest one with the Hercules voice, headed into the sound room.

When they got there, they both put on the head phones, and waited for their cue. James played the song, and they got to hear Ric and Lisa's part. "Pretty good," Amanda thought to herself. "Their voices go nice together..." Amanda's cue was coming up. James counted it down with his fingers.

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." Amanda began to sing her lines.

"Though the way that you avoid me boy, makes me feel so sad, "

"Oh so sad..." Josh said in the background.

"I know that deep inside your heart, your needing me so bad..."

Josh began to sing his lines; "The attraction is so real girl, I can see it in your eyes."

"In your eyes..." Amanda sang background.

"So tell me how you feel sweet lady, Stop wearing your disguise..."

They both looked at each other, and sang the last line together. "So baybee don't you... Run and hide..."

Then they went into the chorus, blending their voices with Lisa's and Ric's. Amanda was pretty surprised at how nice Josh's voice was. He really sounded good with her. Lisa and Ric has more falsetto voices, while Amanda and Josh were more baratones.

When Amanda and Josh did it once, James congradulated them.

"Guys, that was beautiful. It's almost like your voices were made for each other. I can tell this one is going all the way... Now, let's try it a few more times..."

Amanda and Josh agreed. The comment James made, made Amanda blush a bit. She never really did a duet before, and getting the compliments that she did, made her feel a bit embaressed. She wasn't used to them.


While Amanda and Josh were in the sound room, Lisa got to know the guys a bit better. The guys told the Lisa how they were going to be going to the European MTV Music Awards, and the guys invited the girls to come. Eric and Ric were already bring dates, actually, it was their mothers, but they didn't care. They wanted to do something sweet for the. Danny invited Lisa, so they all figuared that Amanda would go with Josh. But everyone decided it was simply going to be a "friends" kinda date.


Forty-five minutes after their first try, Amanda and Josh went back into the lounge, and sat on a couch, together. This time, Eric and Danny, the other two members, went in the sound room to do this little rap that was at the end of the song, and to add their vocals to the chorus.


When Danny and Eric were done, they came out of the room, laughing. They ploped themselves down on a couch, letting out big sighs. James came out of the room.

"Guys, this day went better than I exspected. You guys did a really good job. I'm amazed. So, the day is over, but you have to come in tomorrow to hear the rough final version. And if it's needed, we're going to re-do some parts, just to make the harmonies sound better. But other than that, the song is down."

Everyone cheered, making each other laugh.

"So, when do you think we'll get to release this single?" Eric asked.

"Well, if all goes well, for the Eurpean MTV Music Awards." Everyone stoped what they were doing, and all their heads turned to James.

"Wha?" Ric said.

"You guys heard me. I know, it's three weeks away, but we talked to the producers of the show, and you guys would proboly be one of the acts, most proboly the finaly. So that means, you're going to have to learn a bit of a dance, but you all learn fast, right?"

Everyone looked around and nodded.

"Good, 'cause we have the coreographer coming in next week." After James anounced that, he left the group in the lounge, everyone with expressions of shock on their faces.

Chapter 5

The music blasted as the six of them danced on the stage itself. They had been able to reserve an hour on the stage to practice. The Awards were tonight, and they were all really nervous. Some of the other artists were in the audiance either waiting for their turn on the stage, or practcing their lines, trying on costumes, or simply watching the other groups.

Amanda was incredibly nervous. Her and Lisa have never done a REAL show before. They never had a chance to sing for anyone actually. They we so busy recording songs, that they never did anything live. Two of Amanda’s favorite groups were in the audiance watching them practice. Solid Harmonie, and the Backstreet Boys. Amanda was practically shitting in her pants.

Lisa, on the other hand, loved every moment of this. She had done a few shows in her life before, so she wasn’t that nervous. She liked the fact that these other groups were staring at her. It made her confidence sky rocket. She gave a few of them litlle flirty smiles.

Amanda watched as everyone kept their cool. She wished she could be like that. The music stopeed after their first trial, and there were a few claps coming from the audiance. A.J. McLean and Kevin Richardson walked up to her.

“You girls are really good.” A.J. said.

“Thanks. I was so nervous...” Amanda replied.

“Well you didn’t show it. I hope you girls sing our songs that good...” Kevin added, smiling at her.

“Don’t worry. We did.” She glanced over at their other members. “So how are things with you guys? What are you doing for the show?”

“We’re just doing a small song. Nothing much. Well, nothing like you guys. I think your act is so wicked. Honestly.” A.J. told her.

“Yeah, it’s really good. What are you guys going to wear?” Kevin asked.

“Ah, that’s my litlle secret...” She looked over at Ocean, and she motioned for Amanda to come back on the stage. “Well, I’m sorry to cut this short, but I have to go back and do it again. Maybe we can talk after the rehersal?”

“Sure. We’ll wait for you here.” Kevin replied. Amanda smiled, and ran up on the stage.

Josh looked at her when she arrived. “What?!?” She asked defensivly.

“Nothing... Just wondering why you were talking to them...” He said, trying to act like nothing was wrong.

“Well, they wrote two songs for us. I was just having a nice conversation... Are you jelous?” She asked him with a smile.

“No!” He snapped back. “Why would I be jelous?”

Amanda rolled her eyes at him. “Let’s just shut up and dance.” Ocean turned on the music once again, and the whole group did their routine again.

Whe it cam time for Amanda and Josh to sing and free-style, Amanda took this opertunity too mess around a bit. On her line “I know that deep inside your heart, you’re needing me so bad,” she ran her hand across Josh’s chest and around his neck, pulling him inches away from her face, and then shrugged him off.

There were a few cheers comming from the guys in the audiance. Josh was partially in shock from this move of hers, but he managed to say his lines.

When the song was over, Ocean went over to Amanda. “Amanda, that was great. I loved your little move you did. Do that tonight. It’ll drive the croud wild.”

“Just another one of the things I do...” She smirked.

“I don’t think you guys need anymore practice. That’ll be it for today.” Ocean said.

“Thanks.” Amanda walked over to her bag, and packed away her water bottle. While she was doing this, Josh came up to her.

“You really took me by surprise when you did that, you know...” Amanda looked up at him.

“Just doing my job.”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“It’s my duty to turn all the guys in the audience on, and if doing those things to you, make them cheer, than I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to do them.” She got up and put her bags strap over her shoulder. “And, I’m guessing you don’t really mind, now do you?”

Josh turned away. “I thought so,” she said. She kissed his cheek, and began to walk away. “I’ll be back in time for tonight. Remember, pick us up at around 7. Bye.” Amanda walked off the stage and over to A.J. and Kevin. The three of them got Lisa, and then they all went out for a quick bite to eat before they had to get ready for the show.

Chapter 6

Lisa and Amanda came back from their little dinner, walking into their hotel room laughin.

“Aren’t those guys so fun?” Amanda asked, while she took off her jacket and put down her practice bag.

“Yeah. Kevin is so much fun! People probably think he’s all serious because of his age, but man, he knows how to have a good time.”

“We have to hang with them more often.”

Lisa looked at her watch. “We better get ready. Josh and Danny will be here soon to pick us up.” Amanda nodded, and they began to get ready.


The guys showed up at the girls hotel door at exactly 7 o’ clock, just like they said they would.

“You girls look great.” Josh said, taking a nice glance at what the girls were wearing.

“Shall we go?” Danny asked, puting his arm out to Lisa.

“Definately,” she replied, hooking her arm with his. Josh smiled at Amanda. She smiled back at him, and took hold of his hand. The four of them headed for the limo and to the show.


When they got to the show, the girls ran into a bunch of people they knew from working with.

“Hey Robyn! How’s it going?” Amanda asked, huggin her friend.

“Pretty good, I just started to work on my second album. Promise me that you two will come and do something on it? You owe me...” She said, smiling with her adorable smile she owned.

“Promise.” Lisa said. The two of them walked to their seats with the guys.

During the show, the guys won two awards. The Select Award, and Best Pop/R&B Video for “Don’t Stop”. The Backstreet Boys also won two awards. Solid Harmonie got one for best new female Pop/R&B group. Amanda and Lisa cheered on all of them. They were happy and proud all at the same time.


The show began to reach the end, so the six of them started to head backstage. As they were hading backstage, the Backstreet Boys were coming out.

“Hey, great preformance guys.” Amanda said, going up to A.J., doing a little handshake they made up earlier that day.

“Yeah, thanks. You guys give a good preformance too. We’ll be watching...” Kev said, giving the two of them a hug each.

Everyone then proceded to the changing rooms. Amanda and Lisa were both wearing short slited jean skirts, with a white halter top each. They both had had their hair straightend, and it was given a deep side part, covering one of their eyes. They both had on a pair of white chunky heals on.

The guys, they were in nice big jeans, with white undershirt. They all had on blue shirts over that. They all had a pair of white Nikes, and some wiked goggles.

Everyone was pumped and ready to go. They waited backstage, and Amanda was pacing back and forth, mumbling to herself.

“Man... I am so nervous... I can’t do this... Aw man...” Eric went up to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

“You have to calm down Amanda. You’re starting to make me nervous. We can’t do this thing if you’re stressing out...” She looked up at him, and he gave her one of his goofy grins. Amanda laughed.

“Okay, okay. I won’t stress out... I’ll be fine.”

“Good, ‘cause there is going to be this awsome After Party after the show, and you’ve gotta come.”

“I don’t know...”

“Come on! It’ll be wicked. All the really famous people are going to be there. We get to party all night, dance ‘til we get kicked out. You gotta say yes.”

Amanda sighed. “Fine, I’ll be there.”

The stage director came over to them. “You’re on.”

Everyone took a deep breath, and had a big group hug. Then, they all walked over to the door, and waited for the cue.


“Our final act for the night is a duet. The first group is the our winner of two awards tonight, No Authority.” The croud began to cheer. “Our second group, is a group of two girls, who have yet to release their first single. You may think that they’re amatures, but they are far from it. Once you see them, you won’t forget them. Their name describes them all. Unique.” The croud seemed to have gotten louder. “The song is, Run & Hide...”

The lights turned off, and the place went dark. The croud got quiet. Smoke began to fill up the stage, and strobe lights went off. Everyone beagn to cheer as they saw the six figuars walk onto the stage.

Amanda spoke into her mic, preping the coud up. “Everyone ready? Better be. No Authority’s here... And Unique... And we’re taking over.”

BOOM! There was a loud crash, and the stage lit up, revealing everyone in a different position. The music started and the croud went wild and beagn to scream. Everyone danced while waiting for Lisa and Ric’s part to start.

The two of them moved towards the front of the stage.

“I want to tell you how you make me feel inside boy,” Lisa sang.

“Oh yeah.” Ric added.

“ I think you need to know how much pain you’ve given to me...”

“Everytime I open up to you, girl you try to turn away.” Ric sang

“Away baby..” Lisa put in.

“What are you afraid of love? You know I’m here to stay.”

They back up into the group, and they all sang the chorus as they danced.

“Run & Hide. Oh no can’t let you. Leave me so easily. Run & Hide. Please don’t do it. I need you right here with me.”

Now Amanda and Josh began to move towards the front and the cheers got louder.

“Though the way that you avaoid me, makes me feel so sad.” “Oh so sad...” Josh sang, smiling a bit, because he knew what Amanda was going to do next. He too had a surprise for her. Amanda walked over to him.

“I know that deep inside your heart, you’re needing me so bad.” Amanda did her little move, where she went across his chest, around his neck, pulled him close, and pushed him away. The croud went mad! They loved that!

“The atraction is so real girl, I can see it in your eyes.” Josh began to walk over to Amanda now.

“In your eyes...” Amanda sang, wondering what Josh was doing.

“So tell me how you feel sweet lady, stop wearing your discuise.” While he sang this, he put his arm around her waist, and pulled her over, pressing her bady up against his. When he finished his line, he kissed her cheek. Another thing that drove the croud wild.

The two of them went back into the group, and did the chorus again, and danced. Now Eric and Danny went up in front and did their little rap thing.

While they did that, the other four did a dance. Amanda looked over at Josh and mouthed; “What was that for?”

Josh looked at her, and simply smiled. Amanda laughed to herself.

“So baby don’t you run and hide.” Danny and Eric finished off.

“Whoa. Baby don’t you run and hide.” Lisa sang, leading them all into the chorus. They all did the chorus three times in a row, and the music ended with another boom. Everyone in the audience stood up yelling and screaming. Amanda and Lisa looked out at the people, and smiled. They had finally “arrived”.

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